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"African children placards" advertising children can only get snacks or a few dollars, Taobao will be investigated

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"I love you," I love you, "" Happy birthday, "or" buy a product, find a certain, Africans know "ralph lauren pas cher, Of the words, then, more than 10 African children, followed by the screen outside the photographer remembered the words on the blackboard. In recent days, such a length of 20 seconds or less, African children to give up the blessing or advertising ads, in the circle of friends hot.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found that the "African children placards" in the form of production of advertising products, and through social media communication, has formed an industrial chain. Most of the video shooters in the non-Chinese, after the production, sold by the Taobao sellers price, for each paragraph about 200 yuan. Although the African children can get more reward, but responsible for promoting the video of the agency admitted: "Most of the money or photographers and businesses took away." & Rdquo;

Yesterday, Taobao customer service on the part of the business may be suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the new advertising law, said its violation of Taobao's normal order of transactions, etc., will be punished accordingly.


African children placards advertising

"African children placards video & rdquo; content mostly for advertising

African children placards to send blessings, advertising video, in recent days in the WeChat, microblogging and other social media quickly take the heat.

This type of heat-pass video, most of the time in 20 seconds or less, usually there will be more than 10 African children, gathered around a small blackboard, followed by the photographer remembered the Chinese on the blackboard, the contents of the birthday of most of the birthday, Advertising to the product, the blackboard on the phone or micro-signal contact.

This kind of video exposure, triggering hot friends. There are friends who asked the video is synthesized or real shot, and said the video "novel" and "interesting" and "ralph lauren pas cher," and want to try, but there are users questioned, if the video is true, that video in the command of Africa Children to read the slogan & quot; advertising & rdquo; the photographer, whether to pay the children, some unsuitable lines to the children read, and their faces exposed, is appropriate.

Subsequently, the Beiqing reporter in Taobao search found that there are a number of shops began to sell this kind of "African children to give birth to blessing, birthday, brand, advertising and video", one of the shops of goods The page shows that its monthly sales of 3584 pen.

In the product details page, business introduction, this type of video and photos are "real shot" and the length of not more than 20 seconds, to ensure that the number of children out of Africa for 5 to 10 people, but the words or advertising Limited to "within 20 words" and "write what to say" and "1" to 4 days delivery & rdquo ;.


Flowers 150 yuan to 220 yuan can be customized

Beiqing newspaper reporter noted that Taobao page on the "African children placards" goods, priced from 10 yuan to 220 yuan range. In this regard, more than businessmen explained that 10 yuan is only marked out of the photo price, if the video, charges from 150 yuan to 220 yuan range.

Asked the video how to "baked", more than businessmen said that they have friends in African countries, so think of shooting such a video, the beginning of confession, apology, blessing class video received much, but now a variety of advertising The proportion of video promotion is much higher than other types.

Beiying reporter also noted that recently, with this type of video hot, the production of video prices have risen, the original price of 150 yuan video, has been some businesses to increase the price of more than 200 yuan.

Beiqing newspaper reporter asked a price of 220 yuan for the business, pricing is not "a little expensive" and get a reply said: "We only take 30 dollars, all the other to them & lsquo; African baby & rsquo ;. "This is a love from the children's placards, (is a) public welfare projects & rdquo ;. There are also businesses that, after shooting the video, usually to the video in the appearance of the children, "eat" rssquo; buy stationery & rdquo ;.


Children can only get snacks or a few dollars

Business commissioned "friends & rdquo; production advertising video, public welfare is the purpose? Beiqing newspaper reporter survey found that as early as Taobao business sales of such placards before the video, there are many fast on the platform in the non-Chinese anchor, began making and selling such video.

August 6, Beiqing reporter repeatedly contacted more than in Africa, in the "works" published in the "African children placards advertising" and the video of the anchor, asked whether it can cooperate. One of the Chinese workers working in Zambia replied that the Beiqing newspaper reporter can do her agent in the country, and several Taobao businesses are my agent, every day can take more than 100 single, after the order, compiled serial number And each video of the text sent to me, I get after the focus to shoot. & Rdquo;

She said, each video, to ensure that there are 15 African children, usually within 24 hours will be able to shoot to send the agent to the hands of the video in the "rave" content, & ldquo; as long as not curse words can & rdquo ;

Asked about the cost of each video, she said that if the one-time offer no more than 10 orders, then each charge 100 yuan, if more than 10, the price will drop to 90 yuan a. "I would also like to drive to slums, oil costs, buy blackboards, chalk money are included in the inside. Are making money each other Well, you pick up a single more natural to earn more. "But she said that every time you shoot a group of video, will give the children to buy some snacks or to each person (about RMB) a few dollars, as compensation.

A child "African children placards" video, the appearance of the children get snacks or a few dollars, shooting video in the non-Chinese access to 90 yuan, but turn to Taobao, the business was doubled for sale. In this regard, there are responsible for the promotion of video agents admitted: "do a video, spend money on the child who is very little, most of the money or photographers and businesses took away." & Rdquo;


Part of the slogan content violates the advertising laws

In the survey, Beiqing reporter noted that the addition of some businesses after the WeChat, they will be out of their own before making some of the "African children placards" video. Some of these videos are related to indecent words, or to promote suspected interrogation, micro-signals, etc., and some products to promote the slogan, there has been "the most senior" and "r & ; The strongest "," Africans are aware of "ralph lauren pas cher," and so on.

In the second edition of the "Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China", which came into effect on September 1, 2015, the advertisement is defined as "goods operators or service providers who introduce their products directly or indirectly through a certain medium and form Or service ", at the same time, for the first time the natural person and legal person or organization side by side, as advertising business, release the main body. This change means that the individual through the social media to publish the goods to promote information, but also belong to the "advertising" category, also need to comply with the "Advertising Law" requirement.

Beiqing newspaper reporter asked more than the sale of video Taobao business, and is responsible for shooting in non-Chinese, the video of the ad is required. There are businesses that the number of words to be limited to 25 words or less, the more words, the more words the more correct the better words, there are businesses that "do not be too much, do not curse on the line" rdquo ;. Asked some video appears in some indecent words are appropriate, there are businesses that: "video of African children do not understand the Chinese language, do not understand the meaning, just follow the read, so they will not have any effect." & Rdquo;

Subsequently, Beiqing newspaper reporter called Taobao customer service, asked "African children placards" video goods compliance, the other said: "This service is not Taobao official launch, is a third party release." This video is at risk and may be queried at any time. "We can not exclude the videotape of the new advertising law in the video, whether it meets the normal trading process of Taobao, and this kind of video ad does not have a reasonable category, whether it exists or not." The situation of information, have to be verified. "Customer Service said that once confirmed that the business in violation of the relevant provisions of the new advertising law, wrong category, violation of Taobao's normal trading order, will be subject to the corresponding punishment.

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