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How to evaluate hammer investors shelling Alibaba "almost killed hammer"?

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Did not expect Luo Yonghao a jitter leads to a person between the "war" and "ralph lauren pas cher.

On August 6, Luo Yonghao revealed an explosive message at the Rebuild 2017 conference at Geek Park:

"As nuts go very well, our round of financing is about 1 billion or so, at least 9 million." There are also some money in the supply chain finance, so we have no surprises, and from the beginning of the fall there are about 19 billion in cash for the operation. & Rdquo;

Luo Yonghao is no doubt talk to excitement and can not help but "jitter" ralph lauren pas cher. He then said: "Today, there is no such plan, but" hellip; & hellip; & rdquo;

When I heard the news, I believe that most people like me, are for Luo Yonghao and hammer feel happy. At least, the story of an entrepreneur can continue, and not because of funding problems stop short.

Funding problems have been troubled by Luo Yonghao running on the road of the yoke. Since the creation of the hammer in 2012, the report on the hammer funding chain problem is not broken, especially in 2016, the hammer on the acquisition of the news every three times a difference, Luo Yonghao also admitted to the company and millet and other companies have talked about the acquisition.

Fortunately, the hammer at least for now, survived.

Originally this is a happy Luo Yonghao, hammer are also happy, and even its opponents are also happy things.

However, if a story is just straightforward, calm, this is not a good story.

Turning is important.

Hammer investment investors, Zixi venture venture founder Zheng Gang in the circle of friends Luo Yonghao announced the acquisition of 1 billion financing of the news, but the fire at the Alibaba and mate; this once with Luo Yonghao engaged in small ambiguous, and Promised to invest $ 1 billion investment enterprises.

Zheng Gang said in the comment area: "(hammer) was almost killed by Alibaba!" Know that the company can not afford to start, before and after get half a year, and finally said no! Amazing! Or if Zixiang insisted, how do you make a billion dollars in the street! "He then gave the entrepreneur six police training.


Zheng Gang character is good, word of mouth is also good, many people respect that he & ldquo; Uncle & rdquo ;. He is a man who is very generous, from his willingness to hammer in the most difficult time for the hammer to go around and let go of the money, and even their own house can be seen mortgaged.

Soon, the above circle of friends circle out on the flow (the last Ma and Zhu Xiaohu each other is also so out of the flow), caused a strong interest in the media and users. After all, is concerned about the two well-known companies, regardless of hammer or Alibaba.

This morning, Tencent has made an "exclusive dialogue hammer investors Zheng Gang: Why am I bombard Alibaba", so that things have to follow up.

Speaking of that friend circle, Zheng Gang Tencent Technology said: "This thing I basically hold back for a long time has not said, just that day the hammer announced the financing, I would like to write in the circle of friends, I did not think of friends Circle things will be spread to the outside. I am basically active in the circle of friends, no microblogging said, microblogging spray too much. & Rdquo;

He said he was so angry, because "Ali was want to enter the street, all I let them into the, and in the hammer on this matter, they almost killed the hammer" rdquo ;.

Luo Yonghao said that last year with other companies on the acquisition of hammer during the period, he himself has been adjusted to be a product manager after the acquisition of a psychological construction: "I do a product manager is essentially the most happy, more than a Entrepreneurs are happier. If our future relationship is similar to the relationship between Ma and Zhang Xiaolong, from my career is also very happy and willing to accept the results. & Rdquo;

Luo Yonghao himself said that side also side of the music it Luo Yonghao has been in response to a user's question, said a word still remember: hammer can not die, the worst result is also acquired. & Rdquo;

According to Zheng Gang's description: "Difficulty at that time, you can really need a lot of courage to ride the hammer, this is not a good to the surprising company, who is willing to vote old Luo is not a lot of people. Millet also talked about, although people do not vote, but also nothing, Theoretically I do not have to say this thing, I used to be restrained, but the hammer is, after all, such a big thing, I think this is a company worthy of being encouraged, can not be bullied, I can be a bit Regardless of. & Rdquo;

In order to save the hammer, Zheng Gang said he and the founder of the street Tang Yan, Yuan Jing Capital founding partner Wu Yongming and many other hammer investors and Luo Yonghao I borrowed money to save over, in order to borrow money from the hammer, Zheng Gang put his house Are mortgaged.

This once again proved that Zheng Gang is a good investor. Just today, I saw yesterday, a group of middle school students say that there is such a sentence:"If you meet a good investor, is a lifetime can help you grow up." & Rdquo;

Zheng Gang is very rational, as an investor, he also said that Alibaba does not invest in the hammer, he said: "In fact, they do not invest in hammer this thing is normal, big institutions they can not help you, only Take care of their own interests. & Rdquo;

He refers to the Alibaba this type of business to invest more attention will be able to give their own share price to bring a direct role in promoting.

Because the big institutions to vote for the start of the company, he counted, but they cast so much money, theoretically it must promote its share price, which is very orthodox normal practice of listed companies, "Zheng Gang or Very fair.

He thought it might not be the intention of Ma, but the hands of the people too bureaucratic.

"Tell the truth of the company after the big, the following is not good control, easy to become bureaucratic, so it is not necessarily Ma I was like this. Ali, even if not malicious, but after all, your behavior led to such a result. Stock pledge to you, you either do not pick ah, why not take a bridge loan? I learned with the hammer of the financial, Ali did not give a hammer to the bridge loan. & Rdquo;

Luo Yonghao at the geek park meeting also said the truth, said there are two no wages, he can only hide, tell the staff is a bank system out of the question.

Luo Yonghao said: "I most of the time almost borrowed more than 9600 million to rescue the company, including personal out & sell" sell "and sell tens of millions into the company, these things are done. & Rdquo;

"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " According to unreliable news, then Tang Yan said nothing to give Luo Yonghao 10 million "banquet" and Tang Yan is just a hammer angel investors, in 2012, he gave Luo Yonghao 10 million yuan angel round.

Many times to save the hammer, can see Tang Yan and Zheng Gang, is also very generous investors.

There is also a need to mention a special person, he is Jia Yue Ting. Zheng Gang said: "From this thing can be seen, Jia Yue Ting is indeed an entrepreneur, he understood the transaction takes time, talk to you when you first give a sum of money. So there was no pledge of equity, directly to the hammer borrowed 100 million. & Rdquo;

This can be considered inadvertently to the jail of Jia Yue Ting six months a rare flash point, and the recent Feng Jialing from the United States flew to Hong Kong to find financing, is to pay wages to employees and also the supplier's debt.

Over the past few days, about Zheng Gang bombarded Alibaba this thing, Alibaba up and down have maintained a high degree of restraint, no one on this open response, until Tencent this interview came out.

13:23 this afternoon, Alibaba partner Wang Shuai in the microblogging on a gap in a response, he said: "investment is not public interest, investment is not borrowing and charity." Many projects, investment and not vote, are the two sides in-depth understanding of the process of understanding, are normal business behavior. Any investment requires a normative and rigorous process, which is a basic common sense. & Rdquo;


But a very noteworthy detail is that the absolute protagonist of the whirlpool center as a public opinion, the hammer and Luo Yonghao individuals have not made any sound.

Tiger sniffing this afternoon to Luo Yonghao issued a request for comment, as of press, Luo Yonghao did not respond. Perhaps he knows that silence is the best way.

According to the tiger to understand, Luo Yonghao and Ma's personal friendship has been very good, and Ma was also agreed to the investment in the hammer.

A close to the hammer, asked the anonymous industry to accept the tiger sniffing phone interview, said: "I think Zheng Gang Tucao is not the core point of Ali said to vote did not vote results, in fact, because Ali's contact with the hammer before the direct lead Old Luo (Luo Yonghao) that after the financing of this matter is stable, went to other things to go. Old Luo feel that since you promised, I do not hurry to find someone else to talk about. But as an entrepreneur, he should not have this idea. & Rdquo;

Including later Luo Yonghao to find millet and music as, did not talk about, so the whole capital market also played a certain role.

According to the above sources, that time point card is very embarrassing, that is, when talking with Ali (almost in June 2016), when the hammer's financial pressure is not so big, but after two or three months, the hammer found the capital market suddenly Cool, this process, ali's decision has begun to become more cautious. You have to say this thing who have a particularly big responsibility, or that Ali do not generous attempts, it is hard to say. & Rdquo;

But nevertheless, I very much agree with Zheng Gang on Alibaba a proposal: As a big company, you really should pay attention to their investment behavior, how do you interact with the entrepreneur, people feel you are a The company, or a company with a beautiful and complete feathers. & Rdquo;

Investment and entrepreneurial things, who can break off so clear it? But Luo Yonghao should have learned from this thing to a lesson or experience - as an entrepreneur, in all did not listen to before leaving some back is always right.

Perhaps, this play in the Luo Yonghao, hammer, Alibaba and Zheng Gang, there is no dispute, only the position of the points. History is written for the winner.

In short, or to congratulate Luo Yonghao and hammer to get 1 billion financing.

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