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QQ whirlwind is dead, but leave the Thunder download time is not much

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Today, "War Wolf 2" has broken the new record of China's box office, is expected to reach the peak of 4 billion peak, but rave reviews, morale expansion of public opinion, it seems more and more tolerant of the transaction. Cheng Hao released microblogging yesterday said: saying that political is not correct, I think the war wolf 2 general ah, the action line is still far away, but it is really no plot.

Although this sentence expresses the voice of some people, but after all, with the whole environment of the wind direction, so a time vocal opposition, everyone has condemned this rub hot behavior, more users Yan: What is the Thunder? As an Internet veteran, I am afraid it is difficult to think of the Thunder actually in this way reproduced in the masses of vision.

But the most concerned about the Thunder is not the matter, recently, Tencent download tool QQ whirlwind announced the official stop operation, the specific service time as of September 6, 9 years of service time, Tencent finally abandoned this has been shaking download Service market star products, but also means that Thunder has become the last survivor.

The Internet industry has always been left to the king, but if only one alone, but not necessarily a good thing, because there will be a prerequisite for this situation, either the formation of a complete monopoly market, or become a sunset industry, Legal sanctions are difficult to occur, the latter is the inevitable result of the times change.

"The deceased," but the Thunder who was vested in the interests of those who may not be better, boil all the competitors, dominate the country, and ultimately found the market has long been the river, this mood must have some taste with chewing wax.

More critical is that the demand for download services is gradually reduced, the last wall of the Thunder will not fall, when the fall is a problem, especially the download business of the Thunder, will fall into what situation?

Laugh the last may not be able to win, it may be a lose-lose

Fengyun fourteen, Thunder's competitors have never been less, and now only lonely, somewhat lonely.

2002 self-styled for the Internet returnees the third generation of Zou Shenglong and Cheng Hao, co-founded in Shenzhen, the three generations of limited technology development company, which is the predecessor of the Thunder.

But the company will be the direction of the business as a download service, the Thunder has been late for 5 years, when Hou Yantang's Internet Express has occupied 80% of the market share.

Fortunately, Zou Shenglong and Cheng Hao on the advantages of positioning the product more clearly, coupled with Hou Yantang addicted to the game, no time to update the Internet Express this embarrassing reason, Thunder clinging after the thigh in 2006 ushered in the rapid development of the new era.

But fortune and fortune, followed by the unpredictable anti-Thunder alliance, in the Huajun and Zhang He led by the leader, the emergence of many potential enemies.

This matter through the settlement after the settlement, the Thunder to achieve the latecomers, but eventually ushered in a real rival, that is, Tencent single-handedly support the QQ whirlwind.

2008 on-line, the cyclone download with minimalist style of the page to grab a lot of Thunder users, and offline download service, cloud playback and lower service fees make QQ whirlwind more attractive, especially with Tencent this Tree of help, as if a pair of "mine" and rally.

From the year the network of ants, express and other products have been praised hegemony, alternating the situation of the situation, the Internet early download service market is indeed called "blossom" and the Thunder with excellent strength to the last, is already lucky The

Moreover, QQ whirlwind of the biggest adversary farewell, in fact, also brought real benefits to the Thunder.

On the one hand, QQ cyclone users will be the majority of the influx of Thunder in the final camp, the number of members for the reduction in the number of Thunder, this is undoubtedly the biggest cheap, but also to reduce the corresponding decline in the speed of the Thunder download business for the company transition For a little time.

On the other hand, the market demand for download services is not reduced, but that does not mean that the industry will be completely gone, a dominance is much better than dividing the market.

Of course, can not be ignored as the industry's last survivors of the situation and sadness.

One, Thunder alone against a backward industry decline, it is inevitable powerless.

Download service is a special product in the popularization process of the Internet, corresponding to the specific situation of network instability and resource dispersion at that time. However, the progress of the times has already shaken the existence of the download tool.

Including video sites, clients, cloud and browser download plug-ins, including products, while meeting the resources and download the user needs, Thunder this special download tool function will weaken accordingly.

Two, Thunder download their own problems make the user experience poor, exacerbated the loss of members and downloads.

To the latest Thunder 9, for example, this set of browser, download, advertising in a product, although the interface is more concise, but open the right side of the browser window will be forced to play the Thunder video platform information, advertising, this Experience with the user simply download the tool very different needs, is undoubtedly in the self-destruction products.

Lenovo struggling to climb the PC industry boss position, but in the impact of the mobile Internet, had to embark on the revival of the road, and the End of the World community as a BBS last line of defense, has become synonymous with backward products, Thunder is also This part of the decline, the status of the industry to destroy the value of the last resort to support the download tool precarious.

Thunder download this wall, the collapse may be only a matter of time

From the rise of the video site, offline download demand has been weakened until the mobile Internet era, the industry was suffering from the disaster, only a hard support of the Thunder. In other words, once the Thunder off the download service, it means that purely download tools completely out of the Internet arena, annihilation in the trend of replacement. Will this scene be a reality?

In this issue, in fact, should not only look at QQ whirlwind outage early warning, after all, under the Tencent, by the marginalization of products to be cut off, fancy is the overall interests.

Thunder different, to download business fortune, long-term dominate the company's dominant position, according to common sense, Thunder is not a last resort should not come to this step. Moreover, the disappearance of the largest competitors, to a certain extent make up for the market demand to reduce the gap, a dominant advantage to be apparent.

However, in addition to the inherent power of user needs, Thunder's own internal problems and the industry background may be more critical factors.

According to the recent earnings report shows that the number of members to reduce the decline in revenue has become a clear trend. In the fourth quarter of 2016, Thunderline member business income was $ 21.7 million, an increase of 9.5%, down 8.2% qoq, mainly due to the decline in the number of members. As of December 31, 2016, the number of members was 4.97 million, the previous quarter was 5.14 million, the same period in 2015 to 5.02 million.

This is the status quo to the first quarter of this year even more, it is learned that membership income of 20.8 million US dollars, down 6.0%, down 4.2%, and as of March 31, 2017, the number of members of 4.08 million, the previous quarter of 4.18 million People, the same period last year to 449 million people. This shows that the Thunder's main business has reached a serious decline in the point, and the company's annual loss is even more doubt whether to support the continuation of the download service.

On the one hand, the net loss from continuing operations in 2016 was $ 24 million, with a net loss of $ 2.4 million in 2015. By the first quarter of this year, the net loss was $ 6.715 million, compared with $ 5.534 million for the same period last year.

On the other hand, as of December 31, 2016, cash held cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments of $ 381.5 million, compared with $ 432.1 million at the end of 2015, to $ 379 million as of March 31, , Is one of the few companies that have exceeded the valuation of cash flow.

All in all, the Thunder core business is damaged, but also spend a lot of money to seek transformation, which may mean that its own has been in the download service marginalization.

The gradual reduction in the business needs of the download service is, to a large extent, influenced by industry trends driven by technology-driven and product changes, but at a higher perspective, it is also a microcosm of the decline in tool products.

At the beginning of the Internet, to meet the rigid needs of the market, has been the birth of an early number of tools and applications, after years of accumulation, they hold tens of millions of users, and the user's activity, retention rates are high quality, A member.

However, from the user value into the commercial interests of the economic laws, it is clearly not applicable to these most fit "run out of the standard tool products, bear the high cost of the same time always difficult to find ways to achieve, but also because of the lack of advertising Based and make this most realistic model has been counterbalanced.

In general, the PC era has appeared in the "tool will die" rumors of the atmosphere, and now the download service is also facing this long-term product dilemma.

Thus, the disappearance of the Thunder download may be just a matter of time.

If you lose the download business, how to survive the Thunder?

In fact, few people care about the fall of life, commercial replacement is even more so, for the already marginalized products or companies, perhaps only love can be Talk, Thunder is also true

But in addition to the macro point of view of a company in the ups and downs of the ups and downs of the Internet that can not be ignored is the role of the enterprise itself in the play, like tool products to seek a platform or community transformation, both survival and exploration, but also the courage to explore. In this point, the Thunder is undoubtedly the reaction of half a beat, a number of business extension is not homeopathic, is about raid, the lack of direction.

2006 and 2007, Thunder has launched a dog search and Thunder to see, both in the past for a long time to become the most important core business. Followed by web games, mobile phone software, security assistants, game acceleration and other fields, Thunder also have to cover, but also including game acceleration, cloud storage, online video playback and other cloud technology.

Standing at the time point of view, these products as an extension of the download service products, in fact, there is no mistake at all, especially the Thunder derived member system, to a large extent support the company's profit source.

But on the one hand, we see the Thunder of these projects are basically only in the beginning of the smash hit, in the end are basically bleak end, even like Thunderbolt these products also infringed the user's basic privacy, which once again illustrates the Thunder from a Tools into the platform of the hardship.

On the other hand, the spirit of the Thunder launched a new product at the same time, but missed the best time to influence the future development, as Cheng Hao said, Thunder has faced three opportunities are browser, streaming media, mobile phone applications Store, which is the most parody is the mobile application store, because the Thunder on the phone should be born to the application store.

Have to say, download the service to lose the market may be the trend, but the Thunder veterans have had a lot of opportunities, the company out of the tool positioning, but the reality is not as people wish, recovering Zou Shenglong significant responsibility.

But now Chen Lei command, right transfer, for the Thunder will re-set swoop, cast another situation, the outside world has a new look. In particular, its single-handedly cultivated star domain CDN, is gradually becoming the starting point of the transformation of the Thunder and the new forces of business, which may mean to give up the download business Thunder, there are new options.

Thunder's first quarter results show that Internet value-added revenue (including cloud computing) for 15 million US dollars, an increase of 20.6%, growth of 14.0%, of which cloud computing revenue grew 86.5%, growth of 36.3%. And from the business point of view, cloud computing for seven consecutive quarters of high-speed growth, is to promote the total revenue to maintain five consecutive quarters of the main driving force for continuous growth.

To last year's live outlet, for example, as from the Thunder out of the technology companies, star domain CDN has both Thunder in the cloud computing accumulation, can also be directly for the Thunder in the C-end countless users, so that the distribution node has hundreds of millions of choice The

Thus, in access to millet, love and other first-class top-level customers, the star domain CDN has gradually harvested the panda live, street, tentacle TV, bilibili, big friends VR, flag and many other live business customers.

Of course, in the field of CDN, the Thunder can only be considered a rising star, net places, blue floods and other traditional enterprises will inevitably become difficult to cross the obstacles, but the traditional business decline in the case, perhaps this is the only life-saving straw.

Internet in China over the years through the ups and downs, Thunder can be regarded as a rare witness, and for a technology-based company, most people are happy to see the Thunder back to the technical positioning, rather than a blind Follow the trend.

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