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Windows 10 huge hardware family list: desktop system is only the tip of the iceberg

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More than two years ago, with the help of global community Windows Insider, Microsoft released a landmark Windows 10 system. Since then, Windows Insider project members expanded rapidly, the number of members has exceeded 10 million, while the Windows 10 system's monthly active equipment has also exceeded 500 million units.

In the Windows 10 era, with the Surface product line and sales driven by Windows hardware has also been considerable development, and based on the desktop market Microsoft further launched OneCore modular architecture to provide system support for more devices. In cooperation with many manufacturers, the market has emerged a variety of hardware devices, further refinement, to meet the different needs of users.

Desktop PC:

Desktop PC may be typical of Windows devices, or can be said to be the essence, but also most of the user contact the first computer type. In recent years, desktop PC has long been out of the bloated, mediocre form, and manufacturers have injected many innovative elements to make it more fashionable.

And desktop PC is no longer limited to traditional chassis design, but also brings more visual adjustment, such as HP's very stylish Pavilion, Wave, PC','speaker, and Acer's modular Revo Build.

Integrated machine:


With the creation of the Windows 10 creator, Microsoft brings its own creative Surface Studio, a 28 inch machine for innovative professionals. And this new look has won a lot of customers, but not everyone can afford Studio. After all, it costs as much as $4199.

But the traditional manufacturers have been in the field of machine for many years, and combined with the nowadays popular VR elements to meet the different needs of users. DELL's Inspiron 27, for example, supports the VR experience and has a 4K screen, as well as other high-end features. And Acer's Aspire C all-in-one, with an ultra thin border, priced at $449. In addition, Samsung's all-in-one is equipped with Intel's seventh generation Core processor, integrated with Sound Bar.

Game PC:

Since the release of the Windows 10 system in 2015, Microsoft has optimized the game, introducing cross platform games and providing a high performance game model in the Windows 10 creator update. According to Steam statistics, more than half of all players use the Windows 10 system.

Manufacturers welcomed Microsoft's improvements in the Windows 10 game. Alienware co-founder Frank Azor praised the system pay more attention to the game experience than the Windows 8 system, and many OEM manufacturers have brought a lot of the hugely popular game desktop PC, such as HP OMEN and DELL X Desktop Inspiron Gaming Desktop.

Game notebook


At present, the mainstream game notebooks are basically running Windows 10 system, and the appearance and specifications are very eye-catching. For example, Razer's Project Valerie device has three 4K monitors (but the device is still in concept and not commercially available yet)

Severe game player can now buy the game notebook, if don't care about the price to buy Acer Predator 21 X, with a 21 inch curved screen and two VIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card, priced at $8999. If you consider price factors, you can choose Lenovo Legion, Y720 and Y920 two game notebooks, or ASUS ultra-thin ROG Zephyrus.

Take a light line fashion notebook

Especially for frequent office workers, they pay more attention to life performance and portability, such as Microsoft's recently released Surface Laptop, known as

Notebook with ultra low price

If you don't need too many powerful performance, only for Internet access, edit the document, to meet the daily use, then you can choose the price in the $300 15 inch Laptop storage space at this price has been able to obtain the seventh generation Intel processor and 1TB.

Microsoft and many manufacturers, especially for the education market launched a very cost-effective products, and for this purpose launched the Windows 10 S system. The system is characterized by downloading applications only from Windows Store.

Portable two in one device

This device is the current market's flagship model, Lenovo, HP, Acer and DELL and many other manufacturers have launched their products, in the traditional form of notebook, but also allows to act as a tablet to use.

Moreover, this two in one design brings many innovations, such as Acer's Aspire R 13, Lenovo's Yoga, Book, and so on, and even supports the running of Android systems outside the Windows 10 system.


Windows 10 optimized for flat mode, more suited to finger clicks and sliding. Currently, the Windows 10 tablet has basically adopted a design similar to the Surface Pro, using a detachable appearance design, through additional keyboard protection cover to provide product class notebook operation.

Handheld PC:

There are also some unusual Windows 10 devices, including the compact design of handheld PC. At present, the more well-known brand in this field is GPD. Last month, GPD released Pocket, a tiny PC with a 7 inch Full HD screen, 8GB memory, and 128GB storage, which currently sells for less than $500.

Mobile phone:

Since the release of the Windows 10 Mobile system at the end of 2015, Microsoft has not made any drastic improvements, and the system has stayed at the feature2 branch phase. At present, the most famous mobile phones are Lumia 950, XL and HP's Elite X3 mobile phone, which provides the Continuum function of class PC.

Surface Hub:

Surface Hub is a tool for improving collaboration and productivity in an enterprise office environment. It looks like a huge, beautiful TV set that can output ultra high definition video. Its side is equipped with some high-definition cameras, infrared sensors and speakers. Inside the device, the 84 inch Surface Hub comes with a custom version of the Intel i7 processor.

Surface Hub runs a special system called Windows 10 Team, with 54 inches and 84 Inches of two versions, and the two products are priced at $8999 and $21999 respectively.


Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic computer and helmet display that interacts with holographic images of your world. HoloLens runs the special edition Windows 10 system, originally called Windows Holographic, which was later renamed Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft is currently developing a new version of the HoloLens, but it has not yet announced the exact time.

Windows Mixed Reality device

In this year's Build conference, Microsoft also joint Acer, HP, Lenovo and other manufacturers launched the Windows Mixed Reality products.

Microsoft's online shopping mall has begun selling Mixed Reality display devices to the consumer market, with HP's MR display retail at $329, and Acer's model at a cheaper price of $299. At present, HP's head display equipment has been sold out, and Acer is still available.

Xbox One host:

At the end of 2015, Microsoft brought the Windows 10 system for the Xbox One mainframe. The system supports Universal Windows Platform, enabling developers to easily create applications for other Windows 10 devices such as Xbox, One, and so on.

In the day before, Microsoft Xbox Insider Alpha Ring to test the new game player push the Xbox One preview version update, this is Fall Creators Update preview version includes Fluent interface update, almost every corner of the optimization.

Smart tv:

Windows 10 has many types of devices that you never thought of. At the end of 2015, for example, Videocon launched the world's first smart TV, powered by the Windows 10 system, offering 32 or 40 inch screens, 2GB memory, and 16GB built-in storage.

Set top box:

In 2015, Chinese manufacturer PiPO launched X8, selling for less than $100. After this device won the market for sure, PiPO launched the Windows 10 X9 system.

Intelligent mirror:

Yes, this is a mirror with a pre installed Windows 10 system. Earlier this year, German manufacturers launched Dirror, which costs $2000.


Last year, LG released the Smart Instaview fridge, which has a 29 inch super touch screen, and can see what's inside the fridge without opening the refrigerator door. The fridge runs the Windows 10 system to support Cortana voice commands.


Microsoft recently partnered with Johnson Controls (Johnson Controls) to create a thermostat. In one video, Microsoft gave us a preview of the GLAS thermostat, manufactured by Johnson Controls, which produced the world's first electronic indoor thermostat. The GLAS thermostat is equipped with a touch screen that allows users to view room temperature, check power consumption, check air quality, and browse calendar information.

The $5500 Windows 10 coffee table

The French company Kineti launched a 42 inch touch screen with the coffee table form Windows 10 PC.Kineti website design touch display screen waterproof device, it can be used as ordinary table, coffee drinks what screen resolution is 1920.

At present, the coffee table equipment quoted 4997 euros, equivalent to about 37000RMB.

Dining table:

In May this year at the Build conference, Kodisoft launched the IRT tablet, the tablet lowest price of $15 thousand, equipped with a 4K level display, equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX and 1070 GPU Intel core i7. Although this is a flat for restaurant equipment, it can actually achieve more.

Wearable device:

In April of this year, Microsoft announced a new Windows 10 wearable device developed by TrekStor

Internet of things equipment:

Windows 10 IoT Core is a minimalist version of the system, specifically for networking equipment miniaturization, low power consumption, but in addition to the above mentioned TrekStor IRT tablet and wearable devices, the application of the system can in other scenes. Panasonic's Toughpad FZ-F1 handheld devices, for example, and single board computers such as raspberry pie.

Keyboard PC:

Believe it or not, the folding keyboard in the figure is actually Windows 10 PC, built with Intel Atom processor, 4GB memory, and 64GB built-in storage. Created by the PiPO developer mentioned above.

PC rods:

Intel's Compute Sticks is another form of expression, and can even equip powerful Core processors. Other manufacturers also offer more people friendly devices, such as ASUS's $129 VivoStick.

Retail terminal:

In many commercial devices, you can also find the Windows 10 system, such as HP's new ElitePOS. This system is very flexible, can run with other equipment management tools, not only in the field of office, Windows 10 system in the business field is also increasingly favored.

So where does Windows 10 appear next?

There is no doubt that the Windows 10 system will appear on more and more devices, and the Windows 10 system has lower hardware specifications than ever. Manufacturers are looking forward to the potential of Windows 10, and it is conceivable that more Windows devices will emerge in the future.

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