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Fuji Kang Luo Zhongsheng: Sharp will not become Waterloo

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"The first battle of the battle, struggle 01 days", "before the battle, the outcome has been divided" two red banners hanging in the Sharp phone in Beijing Xuanwang side next to the square of the office wall Zhuang. Sharp mobile phone return to China the third day, the sales staff-oriented office is full of tense atmosphere, people rush, the phone constantly. August 10, Sharp AQUOSS2 in Jingdong on the appointment of more than ten million units, helm people Luo Zhongsheng see this result is not satisfied, there is space & rdquo ;.

Zheng 淯 heart

This is a four-year period, Sharp phone once again returned to China.

Twice in China

Sharp has gone through a hundred years of history, its business involves home appliances, LCD, mobile phones and other fields. From 2000 Sharp released the world's first camera equipped with mobile phone J-SH04, to the first megapixel mobile phone J-SH53, and then to 2013 launched the world's first full-screen mobile phone EDGEST-302SH, Sharp in the field of mobile phones have Brilliant history of innovation. But in the Chinese market, Sharp has twice entered, and twice out.

The first time crashed in 2003, when Nokia, Bird, Motorola, Alcatel and so on the brand flourishing, with the rise of local brands, Sharp cost at a disadvantage, in 2005 and Kyocera, Panasonic and other Japanese mobile phone manufacturers together Chinese market.

Then in 2008, Sharp once again entered the Chinese market. At that time, Sharp LCD LCD panel technology, focus on a lot of resources to develop high-quality LCD panel. Some analysts say that Sharp's research on other markets, usually by the local market sector, through layers of transmission to the Japanese headquarters for decision-making, the message of the lag and do not understand the other parts of the market staff & ldquo; Sitting on the concept of "research, so that Sharp for the market frequently wrong estimates.

With the smart era swept away, Sharp mobile phone in the era of brilliant function by Apple, Samsung and other foreign smart phone manufacturers, as well as the local strong impact of emerging mobile phone brands. In 2012, Sharp mobile phone cut in Wuxi, responsible for mobile phone research and development of Sharp Technology Center, completed in China mobile phone sales staff layoffs, in 2013, once again left China.

Foxconn's ambition

In 2016, Foxconn spent 388.8 billion yen to acquire two-thirds of Sharp shares to obtain control, Sharp has been regarded as domestic brands. Foxconn's acquisition of Sharp's first fiscal year, Sharp's loss of about 25 billion yen, only one-tenth of the 2015 fiscal year loss.

Foxconn revived Sharp's TV and LCD panel business, Sharp mobile phone also entered the sales in China, is considered to be the image of the OEM Foxconn to expand their own brand an important step.

Behind this is the ambition of Foxconn. In recent years, with the cost of raw materials, labor costs and other comprehensive cost of rising, foundry dependent cheap labor advantage is no longer an advantage, OEM profits as thin as paper, foundry companies are forced to move out of China or overseas Set up factories. Foxconn needs higher interest rates, independent brands ready to come out.

Before the Sharp phone, the rich mobile phone is Foxconn's own brand, the current mobile phone did not enter the Chinese market, the main international low-end machine market, sold in India and other countries.

Foxconn Technology Group, senior vice president, executive director of Fu Zhikang Group, Sharp mobile phone global CEO Luo Zhongsheng told reporters in an interview, Foxconn hopes this year, Sharp's global revenue is billions of dollars, but the overall focus on Foxconn is the main investment.

August 8, Sharp in this very crowded day announced his new phone, this day VAIO notebook computers, Sharp phones and BlackBerry collective return to China.

In Luo Zhongsheng view, there are resources in the highly competitive mobile phone market is very important. He believes that Foxconn has a supply chain with funds, as well as sincerity. In 2016, Terry Gou for the first time invited him to charge the Sharp mobile phone business, Luo Zhongsheng is refused, thinking before more than a month, he promised, he saw Foxconn mobile phone sincerity, I believe this will not be a halfway thing.

crucial moment

He has been the vice president of ZTE, vice president of cool (overseas CEO), personally led the team led the ZTE TD-SCDMA technology research and development (R & D) As well as Cool global business building.

6 years of secondary school physics teacher and four years of university electronics engineering teacher to let Luo Zhongsheng temperament and not too many businessmen breath, he was always wearing a red shirt or T-shirt at the press conference. Industry and corporate people call him "lobo" and not "ldquo;

Luo Zhongsheng think Sharp mobile phone is a business, he pointed to the hair, said recently a lot of white, admit that the pressure is great.

Luo Zhongsheng in the first half of the year and the media bet that "before the end of December this year, all of the mobile phone you have to replace & rdquo ;. August 8 released Sharp AQUOSS2 is the official start of the gambling.

Sharp AQUOSS2 is a full-screen mobile phone, using special-shaped cutting technology, embedded camera, custom sensors, hidden handset. This is not the first full-screen mobile phone, in October last year, millet released MIX, the camera does not meet the camera in the bottom of the habit of poor voice calls on the screen and other issues, according to insiders said the phone shipments are small. This is not Sharp's first full-screen phone, before Sharp has released in Japan 28 full-screen mobile phone. Luo Zhongsheng said AQU-OSS2 compared to the first 28 mobile phone screen has a new upgrade, the market analysts said, Sharp before the phone can only be called narrow side, is not really a comprehensive screen.

Mobile phone into the fierce competition period, this year on the market in the mobile phone screen, motherboard and camera three components are not too many innovations, full screen is considered the second half of the breakout of the outlet, Sharp chose a corner may be overtaking point The

Has been listed millet MIX screen accounted for up to 91%, Samsung S883%, and the new i-Phone has also been identified a comprehensive screen, next year focused on the release of Samsung Note8, vivox11, millet note3, Google Pixel2 and so are full screen mobile phone, in addition , Huawei, Jin Li, Nubian, and other domestic mobile phone brands have also announced that they will launch a comprehensive screen mobile phone market analysis in December this year, a comprehensive screen mobile phone will be fully outbreak.

New test

Full-screen mobile phone in the mid-year is still in the exploratory period, in order to achieve the true sense of the full-screen mobile phone, but also need to perfectly solve the fingerprint identification, receiver, front camera and other components set, or full screen visual effects will be greatly reduced.

In this regard, Luo Zhongsheng that hidden as the best choice in theory, but technically not mature, so shaped cut, optimize the hole can be used as a sub-optimal choice. AQUOSS2 the top of the middle of the camera in the Internet was Tucao, and that part was Sharp named "beauty tip" ralph lauren pas cher, Luo Zhongsheng said he also began to trough this site, after the assessment or on the top of the middle. He understands the market is not adaptable, on the one hand to admit that changing the user is very difficult, but clearly said that if the adaptation of the full screen, will not return to the previous screen & rdquo ;.

At the same time a comprehensive screen to the mobile phone business to bring the cost of the test, it is learned that a comprehensive screen cost will increase 20% -25%, for AQUOSS2 in Jingdong 2499 yuan price, Sharp and Jingdong are called " & Rdquo ;.

For the full screen, some people hold different views. Accenture Strategy Greater China Managing Director Ha billion Hui told the Economic Observer reporter that the full screen is not necessarily the subversive (gamechanger), or enough to change the market development trend. In short, this is only a part of the evolution of the mobile phone iteration. For the development of mobile phones, the real need to change from the past "hardware + software" model transition to the development of the ecosystem model. The key is whether the equipment or service is provided, the winners are those who best respond to the needs of the target user.

The second quarter of 2017 global smartphone shipments of the top five mobile phone manufacturers have achieved year-on-year growth, which rose 58.9%, OPPO and Huawei rose 22.4% and 19.6%, while the Samsung and Apple Or smaller, at 1.4% and 1.5%. The top five brands accounted for 73% of the market share, leaving other brands of market space is only 23%.

"Space is there, the phone has not yet entered the second half," Luo Zhongsheng told reporters.


Economic observations: past experience to your helm Sharp phone to help?

Luo Zhongsheng: familiar with the technology, the market and a wide range of contacts so that we can take a lot of detours. For example, in the grasp of the trend, the current mobile phone market is facing the problem of homogenization of the machine, no matter what the phone, the user can see almost the appearance of tired of the psychological, the use of a comprehensive screen can break the homogenization of serious state. Past experience is very important to judge who choose to cooperate, to take what business model is suitable for new mobile phone. Of course, these experiences also need to verify the adjustment.

Economic Observer: the last two Sharp mobile phone in China's crunch to bring you what thinking?

Luo Zhongsheng: rapid response to market and technological change is very important to adjust the user experience fit the local market is very important, control costs also need attention.

Economic Observer: Why choose this point in time to enter China?

Luo Zhongsheng: We would like to push early, just August 8 is Jingdong mobile phone festival.

Economic Observer: August 8 is known as the international brand return day, VAIO released a laptop, Sharp and BlackBerry released mobile phone, how do you see?

Luo Zhongsheng: concerned about the user experience, do their most important.

Economic Observer: Why are you so popular?

Luo Zhongsheng: We started pushing the full screen in February, the market is not very recognized. But now we all recognized, because it is real change, full screen compared to other screen a great sense of difference.

Economic Observer: Sharp What is the advantage of doing a full screen?

Luo Zhongsheng: technology. AQUOSS2 uses the industry-leading profiled full-screen technology to cut the screen in shape, embed the front camera in the center of the top of the screen, and integrate the distance sensor and the light sensor in the area. The handset is hidden in the top border of the screen. Technology.

Economic Observer: Foxconn to Sharp phone to bring what?

Luo Zhongsheng: Foxconn has the resources, including capital, supply chain, quality management and culture. Foxconn lacks the channel, Jingdong added this part.

Economic Observer: After the release of new products, how do you think there are comments that "mobile phone ugly ugly"

Luo Zhongsheng: There are a lot of comments are very pertinent, pertinent suggestions we will be in this product and the next product improvement. There are also comments that ugly not used, it can be understood, I can only say that I can not do without it, a comprehensive screen to bring the change is real. Hope that we give Sharp some space and tolerance, we do not compete for anyone, do not want someone to deliberately black me.

Economic Observer: Sharp is currently in Jingdong reservation you think is expected or unexpected?

Luo Zhongsheng: objectively did not reach expectations, may not be enough to spread, to change the user for two decades of habits is very difficult.

Economic Observer: Your career is very successful, will worry about Sharp once again crashed?

Luo Zhongsheng: I think my life is very successful, I do not need to prove himself through Sharp. I see Sharp as a business, I am also entrepreneurial mentality, I am very passionate. Sharp will not be Waterloo, this is another brilliant starting point.

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