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Internet to the sea bonus still, bad luck tool App is wrong interpretation

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Since 2016, with the news aggregation, short video and live-based content of the storm, part of the capital and media appear many times "badge" tool APP voice, that the tool application (mainly the system Type of tools) to the sea has gone through its peak years, turn into the recession. As a witness to the development process of the Internet veterans, while actively working with the application of matrix matrix layout of the sea entrepreneur, I would like to discuss with you, there is no chance to have the opportunity to talk about the topic.

In fact, it is not difficult to find this wave "singing bad" and has its historical background. To understand the history of China's APP out of the sea may know that the earliest rise in the market in 2010-2011, Baidu, 360, UC, WeChat, Jinshan, Mito and so on at that time opened the sea sail. Until 2015, with the long-time digital delisting, dolphin browser sales, as well as some of the forerunner shares fell and seek content and social transformation, capital and media industry for the first time on the application of the tool "blank" sound.

Now, in the second half of 2017, some capital and media (note that the industry practitioners) once again look at the tool application, I guess mainly affected by two things: First, Facebook announced in February this year to suspend all China's application of advertising tools, and secondly, some of the first to the sea in a variety of publicity tools in the weakening of the application prospects. For the former, the essence is due to some developers of the tool application ads in the Facebook channel "l" and "illegal", does not mean that they can not buy through other channels, or its own traffic can not be realized. For the latter, I think more is a business development stage of the inevitable, to tool applications for the springboard to expand into more areas, does not mean that the tool itself to die.

Now to say that the tool dividend is still too arbitrary and generous, the tool class APP is divided into system type and application type, and now the market is bad to system-based tools, but this one I think it is not bad, of. As for the application of a wider range of tools, such as health class business class, not parrot, was killed by a stick.

Does the tool class APP still have market opportunities? As a line practitioner, I suggest that peer can not believe some of the capital and media PR soft paper, only from a single event or case to see conclusions, otherwise the market will be far from the real situation. In addition, the capital market is not parrot, from the results of large data to view the real situation. In the past less than a year, Hawker Internet from the clean-up and security tools to start, as a future identity to do 140 million users and tens of millions of live, although not a big achievement, but I think it should be able to talk about Talk about feelings.

Tools APP is just needed, the market ceiling is still high

Appenie released the 2016 global mobile application market review report shows that from the Google Play 2016 global downloads ranking, the application of the application for the second consecutive year ranked second, second only to the mobile Internet first popular Application category games, higher than communication, entertainment, social and so on. Real users to download large data the most intuitive to show that the application of tools as a kind of "hard just need" category, the last two years to maintain its just position, is still a worthy of the big track.


In addition to the game after the download, the tool class application activity is also high. According to QuestMobile latest report, in June China's various types of APP use of the length of time, the system tools second only to mobile social ranking second, an increase of 15.8%.


QuestMobile data is only in China, I mentioned in the previous article, the current level of China's mobile Internet to lead the domestic market out of India's major markets in India, Indonesia, Latin America and other countries and regions 2-5 years, these places by the In the mobile card Caton, poor fluency, poor battery life, cache garbage consumption of memory and other pain points, the clean-up and security class system tools more demanding, download and MAU growth will be faster than China and the global market. Moreover, these places are still smart phones and mobile Internet demographic dividend market, Cisco has predicted that by 2019 the global mobile Internet can cover 5.2 billion people, and the dividend market will contribute to most of them.

From the above downloads, the degree of growth and market growth potential and other dimensions is not difficult to find, tool APP class just need to apply the application of the ceiling is still high, far from entering the so-called recession. At the same time, for the domestic APP out of the sea, the tool application may be the only successful case and mature operation experience so far, several pioneers have successfully proved its business model feasibility and scalability.

Tools APP product value is not low, realized means become increasingly clear

Part of the capital and media applications, and may also be consistent with the use of tools that are of low value and difficult to realize. Especially when news aggregates, short videos, live video become "new voyage" after they think that these theories take up more users to use more time to use the money to make money faster and easier.

In my opinion, this understanding is flowing on the surface. Mobile Internet era, any mobile application products are applicable to the same definition of the Internet product rules, that is, product value = user base number times the use of frequency times, tool products are no exception. Based on these factors and the practice of Hawker, we believe that the value of the system tools such as cleanup and security is not inferior to some vertical social or news applications.


In fact, both the domestic 360 or the sea of ​​the cheetah movement, cleaning and security tools are the company's cash cow, a variety of ways to achieve. In addition to such a system-level tool-led companies, such as Mito, Keep, aunt and other user tool products have achieved varying degrees of success, they are not the use of long-term representatives of the user, but the above three elements better Combined with the typical. They will be realized means of extension to the upstream hardware, brand advertising and community electricity business, practice and enrich the tool application of the realization of the way.

Getting started is easy and harder, the key elements of tool APP's success

Of course, must admit that, since 2015, China's offshore application of the application began to enter the adjustment period. Such as the long state delisting fuse is considered to be Launcher melee set off "burn" and "war" in its delisting, the market has GO Launcher, CM Launcher, Solo Launcher, APUS Launcher, Hola Launcher , X Launcher and Y Launcher and other big players & mdash; & mdash; Similarly, today you search on Google Play from the clean, safe to the camera, the browser's major tool class applications, have a long list.

This is the status quo, on the one hand, showing the application of the tool market (especially in the rapid development of emerging countries and regions) hot, on the other hand does reflect the threshold of this market is not high, copy and change " On the line is not isolated. But Ebb Tide, entry simple tool class applications want to do well and achieve sustained success, but also must focus on grasping a few key elements.

First, product experience, not just the basic functions and UI design, but also to create technical barriers and extend the life cycle. At present there is a market awareness is clean and security products, the lower threshold, it is easy to be copied and copied, in fact, to really do their long and popular, the threshold is not low. Strictly speaking, the system-level tools to do a good job, it is a lot of malicious software to check the speed of scanning speed, the speed of new virus discovery, and support the different types of documents, etc., have strict requirements, the test is behind The technical strength and long-term accumulation of operations. In the long run, only the unity of design, function and technology can ensure that the product has a long life cycle, and will not be replaced by a flash in the pan.

Second, cash efficiency, mainly to control the cost of access to ensure that ROI is a positive process. For those who have a certain number of users of the tool class applications, the realization of the become a must consider the issue. For most users with a certain size of the application of the scale, are the side to buy side of the realization, then faced with a choice: the pursuit of positive ROI or loss of development? My personal understanding is that in the case of a mature time, we must pursue a positive ROI. Different stages can have different buying and delivery strategies, but in principle should try to get new customers at low cost, to ensure that ROI is positive, after all, survival is the first task of start-up companies, hold big strokes waiting thin and thin unrealistic. In view of the practice of Hawker interconnection, the cost of our tool application is much lower than that of games, social or financial categories. As long as we actively improve the efficiency of advertising (which I have described in the previous series) A short time to achieve positive ROI.

Third, the team's execution. As the saying goes, there is no failure of the industry, only the failure of the enterprise. Regardless of whether an industry is in the outlet, the team needs a strong implementation to create their own piece of heaven and earth. For a system of tools, because of the need for too many localized, personalized operations and cultural adaptation, a good company and team, in the copy design, advertising and other aspects of the conversion of CTR and CVR up, tool conversion Do more than 50%.

It is true that with the rapid development of emerging technologies such as large data and artificial intelligence in the mobile Internet industry, the competitive environment of the whole market is rapidly changing. The application of tools is also evolving in the same way. All offshore enterprises want to use the track (Or based on the application of tools) to achieve sustained success, but also in actual combat with the times to master more elements.

From the social development process, human beings rather than gorillas or monkeys evolved to the present master of the earth, the most important reason is that humans will use the tools, and the use of various tools is precisely the world of human beings and transform the world's most basic needs The Therefore, my core view is that the tool APP market ceiling is still high, the product value can not be ignored, is still the most suitable for the sea one of the direction (for many start-ups may be the only).

Finally, whether it is the entrepreneur, the capital side or the media, I think we can have some consensus is: do the tool does not mean that the end of the tool. Internet business model changes can be said to be colorful, based on the realization of the market or even dominate the case of dominance everywhere, chatting tools such as QQ, Taobao Taobao such as tools, social tools, such as WeChat, payment tools are also paid. They are hard to say is a single tool now.

Titanium media Author: TCL Group Vice President, Hawker Internet CEO Sun Liang

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