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Too lazy or too greedy Why do big companies issue full screen Bug game

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A lot of bugs filled with the game, which is because the developers are too lazy or publishers to eat too ugly? Or is there a more complicated reason behind it that makes these games full of bugs flow to the market?


Now, there is a very familiar story: a studio spent several years desperately developing games, carefully managing and publishing fine videos to highlight the best highlights of their project. Then, the game was finally released, but then the players found that this is not like in the trailer and display which, there are a lot of bugs in the game. Then, the accusations on the network began, a lot of forum posts and news ridiculed or revealing a "de facto" and a lazy developer and only a lucrative publisher launched an unfinished game.

Behind the facts

This view can be understood, but it does not reflect the reality of game development. Creating interactive software is a very complex process, usually involving hundreds of artists, programmers and animators of the team, each with a single vision to try to coordinate their efforts. So, inevitably, things will go wrong from time to time.

If you think the bugs of the game are now more than ever, it is because it is true.

After all, modern games are much more complex than any other thing in media history. In order to prove this point you only need to look at the size of a 3A game development team, according to Epic Games (development of Unreal Engine) founder Mark Ryan's memories, the original development of "war machine 1" when the team only 20-30 people, While at the peak of the development phase of the war machine 4 involved about 330 people.


war machine

The result of the expansion is that the amount of code that you are involved in is very large, and in fact, no one of them can know what is happening in every aspect of the game.

However, Nick Copperovich, co-founder of Monomi Park Studios (developing Slime Ranch), explained to us that there are more errors than half of the problem. "Now the game becomes so complicated, and the players are also in the game technology level of knowledge is also rising. This means that our game will have a lot of bugs and the players will find them well. & rdquo;

15 years ago, a player encountered a failure he may not care about it. Today, they not only know that this is a bug and will immediately share some tools and solutions online. You can bet that there will be dozens of pooled bugs and faulty feedback posted to the web within a few days of the release of some of the game, which further enhances the game's full bug.

Another consequence of the team's climb to hundreds of people is that publishers and developers must deploy employees very efficiently. After all, if your studio consists of 150 employees, then once the game into its final grinding stage, all your concept planners and graphic designers and other personnel are basically idle, it will be an economic disaster. Thus, after completing the contribution to a project, the full-time staff of the studio are generally transferred to the new project.


Therefore, when the game needs more development time to test to find all the bugs, many of the relevant studio staff have been transferred to other projects. In this case, the delay in the game will not only spend a lot of money will disrupt the publisher's marketing plan, which may even lead to irrelevant game delay.

And all this is not to say a fact that a bug-free game is basically a fairy tale. Once the game from the hands of its developers to the quality assurance team, they are likely to find hundreds of different levels of bug, from the game to the subtle technical problems, and they only appear in a specific environment. The quality team will then provide the developer with a report that contains an exhaustive catalog of each question found during the test.

Developer's compromise

But the next thing that happens can surprise you because the development team is not simply starting to fix all the bugs that have been found. Rather, it usually classifies these problems in a serious and repetitive order, and the catastrophic failure that occurs in repeatable situations is the most urgent candidate in the fix. If a bug is not serious or will only appear in very unusual circumstances, many studios will choose to just put it in the game.

Why does the developer do that? There are many reasons, first of all, time and money are limited resources, developers must be wise to spend money. The second reason is that bugs are often associated with the basic parts of the game (such as engine or physical system), which means that it is often impossible to solve the root cause, so developers will not take the risk of introducing hundreds of bugs to change the game's foundation The So the easiest fix is ​​usually the best.

For independent developers, the team size may be smaller, but the process is surprisingly similar. When we asked one of the developers to fix the bug, he explained that the process was always involving multiple parts. The first is to determine the player will trigger the game bug reasons. When you see a character falling in the game on the floor, it is actually a bug in the symptoms, not the real bug itself. From where you need to dig and discover what is causing it, which may take a long time. Then you realize which system is causing the bug and sometimes it will touch other systems, and if you change it there will be a ripple effect. "So my point of view is that when you point to a developer a bug, he may have been very aware of it, but can not determine the reason." & rdquo;

However, even if the developer found a bug and successfully identified the reason, this pain will not stop. Fixing a bug can (and often) introduce more problems, which is why the total number of bugs does not always fall before the release, they will fluctuate. For developers, they just want to repair a major bug, only the introduction of some small bugs.


In addition to violent warfare

In the first case of "crackdown", in 2007 when it was released, people usually only remember the inside of the fierce explosion rather than those game loopholes. But in a few months later, producer Wilson revealed that the original Microsoft quality team in this game found a total of 37,000 bugs. If the studio promises to fix every bug before it is released, then we may see the first in addition to the storm today. On the contrary, the studio made a sensible thing, and they decided to ignore more than 3,000 bugs that were considered to be & ldquo; low severity & rdquo; "I have seen them when I play, but people are very tolerant." & rdquo;

Life is full of bugs

However, people's recent mood is not so tolerant. To "quality effect: Andromeda", for example, due to some technical problems, the game on the Internet by the contempt and ridicule. It can be fair to say that the development of the Andromeda in the months since its release is not so optimistic. While some of the player's feedback is a bit less so nice, they do provide a number of bugs and questions, why does the Andromeda launch such obvious technical and animation issues?

The shift from the Unreal Engine (BioWare for the Trilogy of Quality) to the frost engine of EA is clearly a huge factor, which poses a major challenge for developers. The frost engine is designed specifically for the battlefield series, although it is clearly able to produce gorgeous results, but BioWare must start from scratch to build a lot of new features, this is a challenging and time-consuming process.

As well as the Andromeda facial animation problem, released some of the characters in the game animation on the Internet by people forward and ridicule, many players accused developers to solve these problems before the release of the game. But the fact is that it is impossible to make every dialogue animation in the game, especially the game that has a huge amount of story. Thus, the studio responsible for the dialogue of the characters dialogue for some important dialogue by the designer personally surgeon production, and for other scenes is the use of "people dialogue system" directly from the huge gestures and posture library to generate a simple Dialogue scene.


So all this is that any release of the game is a miracle. After all these complex software, often by hundreds of people in the years to create. But unfortunately, whether the job is rewarded is usually known in the last few months of the game's release. As explained by the developer, even the most resourceful team will be in trouble, and this is only the essence of development. You have a bug, but that does not mean that the next step is to fix it. Although the most experienced developers and assigned to them the most resources, they are also difficult to identify what the cause of the bug in the end. So the question is not whether the publisher is mercenary, or developers lazy. The problem is that making the game is simply hard to make people dare not imagine.

So, to know that a bad bug for the developer's troubles is not less than the player.

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