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TIOBE September list: Java, C, C + + three points when the world off

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Java, C, C + + three programming languages ​​have been in the first three quarters of TIOBE had been 15 years. C # and Python are considered to be the most potential to transcend their two languages, but have not made any progress so far.

C # is Microsoft's release of an object-oriented, running on the .NET Framework above the high-level programming language, but it is in addition to Windows systems on the adoption rate is still very low. And Python is a dynamic type, which makes it difficult for most large or critical software systems.

Other languages ​​and Java, C, C + + gap between the three major languages ​​is gradually narrowing, but most of the language market share is lost, so the future direction remains to be seen. The overall trend now is that fewer and fewer programs are programmed in a single programming language, so the index of the programming languages ​​in the TIOBE list has risen. The future in the end who ups and downs, let us continue to pay attention.

September programming language list TOP20 list:


Top 10 Programming Language TIOBE Index Trends (2002-2016)


Other programming language rankings

No. 21-50 is as follows, there may be missing:



No. 51-100 are as follows, since the numerical differences between them are small and are only listed in text (alphabetical):

4th, Dimens / 4D, ABC, ActionScript, APL, AutoLISP, Bash, bc, Bourne shell, C shell, CFML, CL (OS / 400), Clipper, Clojure, Common Lisp, Elixir, Elm, Euphoria, Forth, Groovy, Haskell Icon, IDL, Inform, Io, J, Korn shell, Kotlin, Magic, Maple, MOO, MQL4, MUMPS, NATURAL, NXT-G, OCaml, OpenCL, OpenEdge ABL, Oz, PL / I, PostScript, Q, REXX , Ring, RPG (OS / 400), Scheme, Smalltalk, SPARK, SPSS, Stata, Tcl

Historical rankings (1987-2017)

Note: The following rankings depend on the 12-month average.


Programming language & ldquo; celebrity list & rdquo; (2003-2016)

The annual programming language & rdquo; winning list is shown in the following figure, which awards the highest rated programming language in a year:



The TIOBE programming language community ranking is an indicator of the programming language trends, updated monthly, based on the number of experienced programmers, courses and third-party vendors on the Internet. Rankings are calculated using well-known search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Baidu. Please note that this ranking is only a reflection of the popularity of a programming language, and can not explain a programming language is good, or a language written by the number of the number of code.

This list can be used to examine whether your programming skills are advancing with the times and can be used as a language choice when developing new systems. The above is the php-z translation, the list of detailed definitions can refer to hereEnglish).

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