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Apple iPhone release super record: iPhone X technology subversion, the price of your cry

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To the late founder of the conference site named to the beginning of the press conference to showcase to the iPhone 10 anniversary of the opportunity for the development of the occasion, gave the Apple conference cast a heavy sense of nostalgia.

And a new Apple headquarters, in recent years, the most revolutionary iPhone hardware, as well as subversive interactive process, but also to the Apple conference will be filled with innovative brightness.

Three minutes after reading the Apple video address:http://static.video.qq.com/TPout.swf?auto=1&vid=g0549czcajv

In this technology and humanities intersection, in this history and the future of the intersection, the world is waiting for Apple's answer: iPhone X.

iPhone X seven weapons, all are the next few years the trend

"The Future of Smart Phone (smart phone the future)" This is the conference on the iPhone X Note, in this new iPhone even if the color will let other manufacturers copy a year in the industry, iPhone X Seven innovations, comparable to the seven weapons of the Cologne.

Shaped Full Screen:Rumors of the long "bang" under the cover of the iPhone X's bright screen. Remove the top of the screen outside the sensor area, the machine is all the positive area of ​​the screen.

This is the first time the iPhone appeared on the OLED screen, Apple said that this screen to retain the advantages of OLED screen on the basis of further eliminating its disadvantages, and called the "ultra-retinal display" screen quality is extremely good, 5.8 inches, HDR display, 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution, 458 ppi, 1000000: 1 contrast ratio, the original color display technology, the iPhone has been out of color screen history also do the best.

The screen evenly embedded in the fuselage, before and after the curvature of the glass panel, plus the surrounding stainless steel frame, constitute the iPhone history, the most Ambilight body shape.

New interoperability:iPhone X very narrow front border has not allowed to put down any of the traditional physical buttons, Apple has not used before the rumors of the virtual Home button, nor use the side button to replace the Home button, the original Home key operation by the touch completed by the lower edge Sliding up is equivalent to click Home, press and hold to continue to enter the multi-task interface.

This operating system is not Apple's first, as early as iOS 5 jailbreak period Zephyr plug-in has already achieved this set of operating logic, but in the iPhone X hardware is really really complement each other.

In the short demo process, we also see the system and application of the iPhone X screen adaptation, you can see the system's built-in app as much as possible to the full use of the screen above the two areas, and in the viewing photos, video When the full-screen display, but the middle of the "bang" will block some of the content.

Face ID:And the Home button to say goodbye, and from the 5S era equipment, and has become a deep brand of contemporary mobile phone use Touch ID, Apple did not use the screen is not yet mature under the fingerprints, nor brains in other places hard plug Into a Home key.

Correspondingly, Apple introduced the Face ID (Face ID) technology, and the current Microsoft, Samsung uses the iris unlock program is different from the top of the screen through the screen to shoot more than 30,000 head of the eye is not visible to your face , Draw a depth map dedicated to your face, and when unlocked, through the infrared scan for comparison.

Apple's response to the problem of one by one, the system is more accurate than the Touch ID, photos, masks and even twins can not fish in troubled waters, and added a attention detection mechanism, if the owner did not accurately view the machine , Can not be unlocked. At the same time, wearing glasses, renewal, change clothes, beard and other common situations will not affect the face ID of the judge.

Face ID support Apple Pay and all other support MMS ID third party app, because the hardware restrictions, only the iPhone X can be used, but the first time in the conference site to unlock the emergence of a short can not be identified, the scene was very embarrassing, So the specific effect has yet to be a real machine to get started.

But in fact, iPhone X technology subversive, not in the full screen, but rather that looks like a full-mouth full of "bangs", this piece of bangs behind, is the integration of ultra-high sensor and camera, These components have revolutionized FaceID's revolutionary technological achievements.

Expression:Through the iPhone X unique original deep camera, you can real-time capture of facial muscles, and then through 12 well-designed dolls, recording their own voice messages, and sent to friends through iMessage.

Because this feature only iPhone X exclusive, coupled with the lower usage of domestic iMessage, I believe it is not high in the country the probability of occurrence

Wireless charging:A good news, iPhone X support wireless charging, a bad news, iPhone X does not support long-range wireless charging. iPhone X finally joined the fast charge standard, half an hour will be able to fill 50% of the energy.

For the iPhone + AirPods + Apple Watch Apple mobile home bucket users, Apple also took out a much like the whole barrel of the charging board, called AirPower, you can also charge for these three devices.

However, the requirements of your AirPods must be just released a new version, Watch also have to Series 3, which put the non-local users shut out, while the charge of this charge you can not buy, have to wait until next year.

Camera lift:Although the ratings of many photographic evaluation agencies, iPhone has often out of the top position, but the iPhone is a good camera + iPhone is the most common view of the camera has long been popular, iPhone X as the flagship, bringing the best camera effect.

iPhone X is still a dual-camera combination, the two lenses are responsible for a standard focal length, a responsible telephoto, in addition to the use of better 12 million pixel photographic components and aperture larger camera, iPhone X telephoto module also Added optical image stabilization and zoom.

Depth sensor camera also play a role in the self-portrait will provide a better light and shadow effects.

Neural network engine:As a result of each conference to send the title, iPhone X A11 chip relative to the predecessor and the absolute upgrade, the process is still the industry's most advanced level of 10nm, A11 uses four energy-efficient core +2 performance core With the combination of energy efficiency core A10 up 70%, performance core to enhance the performance of 25%.

Easy to be ignored is the suffix, A11 also has a single operation per second up to 600 billion times the neural network engine, in the current it can take for the face ID to provide rapid analysis of performance support, and The latter will reflect its advantages in the neural network and the depth of learning, artificial intelligence and other applications play a huge role.

iPhone X Getting Started Video:https://v.qq.com/x/cover/jrdvx5p12osf76j/d05491ymigf.html

Cologne's "seven kinds of weapons", in the hands of all the knights are still swept the army, and now in a masterpiece together with the resort, the spirit of no one can block, light four to know.


iPhone X only 64GB and 256GB two versions starting at $ 999, October 27 to open the pre-order, November 3 sale.

iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV a small step, similar products a big step

iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 conference also let people dancing, and now with the grade of the product release is "negligible" and "rdquo ;. In this conference, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K release, although placid, but in the mainstream market for Apple to build a strong moat.

  • iPhone 8/8 Plus: starting price of 5888 yuan: double-sided glass, wireless charging

iPhone 8/8 Plus in addition to the name on the grab a little limelight, everything is before the iPhone product "natural" upgrade version, but A11 chip, before and after the glass panel, wireless charging technology to retain, so that these two machines Become the iPhone X value outside the perfect high-performance alternative.

The appearance of the iPhone 7, as well as tribute to the double-sided glass

In 2007, the birth of the first generation of iPhone, this phone began to fully enter the smart touch screen era. 3 years later, Steve Jobs with double-sided glass iPhone 4 stage, and this phone has been countless fruit powder as a classic.

7 years later, we see the classic design of double-sided glass once again return.

Now, in order to allow the new iPhone to support wireless charging, iPhone 8 inherited the iPhone 4 classic design, since the iPhone 5 since the all-metal body into double-sided glass design. And this design, let the iPhone 8 look more than the previous generation of iPhone 7 more beautiful crystal.

In other design, iPhone 8 is almost exactly the same with the iPhone 7. The fuselage of the box is still using the aviation grade aluminum alloy to build, and then after 7 layers of color processing. Fuselage glass panels are used before the special treatment of the enhanced glass, according to Apple's own argument, this will be the iPhone since the most durable glass panel.

Even with this double-sided glass embedded in the aluminum structure design, iPhone 8 or continued waterproof and dustproof function, the official data show iPhone 8 in the IEC 60529 standard to IP67 level protection level.

Currently iPhone 8 provides three colors for the user to choose, namely, gray, silver and gold three colors.

The screen gets better, but wireless charging is more noticeable

In the iPhone 8 body, Apple joined the wireless charging feature, hoping to let the new generation of iPhone to change people's lives. Whether it is in the car in the control area, or when waiting for flights, wireless charging can give users a convenient enough experience, and this is the Apple wireless process forward a big step forward.

Unfortunately, both the iPhone X, or the iPhone 8 series models are not rumors of long-range wireless charging. In other words, the iPhone 8 wants to be wirelessly charged, still need to be placed on the device to charge. But optimism is that for this wireless charging, Apple did not engage in specialization, it is supported on the market is currently popular Qi wireless charging standards.

As for the screen, iPhone 8 screen size and resolution, still with last year's iPhone 7 to maintain the same level. In addition to some of the DCI-P3 wide gamut, 3D Touch, this time the iPhone 8 joined the iPhone 7 does not have the True Tone Display technology.

Now, the iPhone 8 hardware level on the screen has finally been flat with the Plus series of product lines.

Conventional hardware upgrades, stronger A11 chip directed at AR

Speaking, in this conference, AR applications and the game part of the show really make people shines. It is estimated that many people did not think, in the iPhone on the AR experience can achieve such a real effect, and this should also have iPhone 8 sinking A11 chip credit.

Apple said, A11 processor CPU, GPU, ISP will be involved in the AR application throughout the process, object tracking, rendering and real-time lighting simulation work.

This time, iPhone 8 built a new Apple A11 Bionic chip, which uses two high-performance large nuclear + 4 low-power small core design, with a total of 4.3 billion transistors.

According to Apple's official statement, two high-performance large nuclear performance than the A10's high-performance large nuclear to enhance the performance of 25%, while the four low-power small nuclear than the A10 2 low energy consumption of small nuclear increased by 70% performance. In addition, A11 is also equipped with a second-generation Apple performance controller, which makes A11 in multi-threaded processing, performance increased by 70%.

As for the GPU, A11 graphics performance than the A10 increased by 30%, but the power is reduced by half. Of course, the new A11 addition to bring more robust performance, it also contributed to the iPhone 8 camera a force.

Better camera effect, but still with the portrait mode missed

Although the previous generation iPhone Plus series of dual-photo design did not appear in the iPhone 8 body, but compared to iPhone 7, iPhone 8 camera ability or a certain upgrade.

The A11 in its integrated new ISP chip, allows the iPhone in the dark environment, auto focus, so that the photo has a better sharpness and the hardware level to reduce the noise of the photo.

While the iPhone 8 is still equipped with 12 million pixel rear camera, although the parameters are not much change, but Apple said iPhone 8 replaced a new sensor. The new sensor not only brings better camera effects, but also for the powerful video recording possible.

At the press conference, Apple announced iPhone 8 support 4K 60fps video recording and 1080P 240fps more high-definition slow motion shooting.

Want to know how to take pictures of the iPhone 8 in the end, you can refer to the following Apple iPhone 8 proofs.

iPhone 8 price did not how the basic price increases

With the end of the conference, iPhone 8 also sell information also appears in the Apple China official website, this product will be September 15 at 3:01 pm starting from the pre-order.

Review released last year's iPhone 7, its 32GB national bank version of the price of 5388 yuan, 128GB country version of the price of 6188 yuan.

And this time the national version of the iPhone 8 only 64GB and 256GB two versions, priced at 5888 yuan and 7188 yuan.

Because the iPhone 7 is not 64GB version, then from the 64GB iPhone 8 price 5888 yuan point of view, it is just in the price of 32GB iPhone 7 and 128GB iPhone 7 two price of the middle value. So the 64GB version of the iPhone 8 can be said that almost no price increases. As for the 256GB version of the iPhone 8 is compared to the iPhone 7 is only up 200 yuan.

Need to emphasize that the AR function to join the iPhone is full of a sense of the future.

iPhone 8 Getting Started Video:https://v.qq.com/x/page/o05492iilll.html

Apple said, iPhone 8 series is the first designed to enhance the reality of the design of the phone, the camera can be calibrated for the AR, mobile phone built-in gyroscope and accelerometer can be better movement tracking. While the strong performance of the A11 chip provides a powerful computing power and graphics capabilities, so that AR farewell to a variety of rough and simple small demo, in the three new iPhone, AR applications and games, in the phone to build the actual situation of the world , But also to real ones. We have reason to believe that Apple's mobile phone applications and games on the AR will be a breakthrough in the popularity of AR.

  • Can call the Apple Watch came, China Unicom starting!

Just three years, Apple Watch has more than Rolex, becoming the world's first watch brand, the growth rate of more than 50%, customer satisfaction as high as 97%.


Before the new appearance, Apple's example shows some of the new features of watchOS 4, mainly in the fitness and heart rate monitoring. After updating watchOS 4, Apple Watch will have a more intelligent fitness application, you can detect the user's heart rate anomalies, and promptly notify you.

The official version of watchOS 4 will be updated on September 19 & mdash; & mdash; Next, is the new Apple Watch.


The new Apple Watch named Apple Watch Series 3, with a new W2 chip, enhanced performance by 50%, running 70% faster, Wi-Fi connection speed increased by 85%, the official said battery life will be able to achieve a whole day.

But Apple Watch Series 3 biggest upgrade is to provide support for the cellular network version, with a conspicuous red crown. Apple in the Apple Watch panel embedded in an antenna, let it have a cellular network function.

This means that you can directly answer the phone through the Apple Watch, or even call the WeChat phone is not in the words. In addition, you can also use Apple Music, directly through the traffic to play music, enjoy the 40 million songs with Apple Music library.


(Image Source:The Verge)

At the conference site, Apple COO Jeff Williams made a phone call to a small partner who was not at the conference site, and the people who answered the phone rowed on the lake with Apple Watch Series 3, although the mouth was still some distance from the Apple Watch. The quality of the call is quite good.

Apple Watch Series 3 will be listed on September 22, it is worth mentioning that, Apple Watch Series 3 will launch the national version of the line, Apple will cooperate with the three major operators, China Unicom version of the global synchronization starting, China Telecom, China Mobile versions will be updated later.

It is worth mentioning that Apple's official website on the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular data version madeSpecial Note, Need to use iPhone 6 or new models to use, while the same operator with the iPhone to use:

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + cellular network) need to use iPhone 6 or new models, and install iOS 11 or update the system. Apple Watch and iPhone must use the same service provider. Only for some service providers. The roaming function is not available outside the operator's network coverage. When using a cellular network, you need to use the data traffic plan. Please contact your service provider for more details.


In addition, Apple Watch series prices will be adjusted, Apple Watch Series starting price of 249 US dollars (about 1620 yuan), Apple Watch Series 3 starting price of 329 US dollars (about 2150 yuan), support the cellular Internet Apple Watch Series 3 priced at $ 399 (about 2600 yuan).

With the Apple Watch Series 3 listing, Apple Watch strap also came a major update, including the new nylon strap, sports strap, leather strap and other versions.


Apple Watch on the occasion of the listing of three years, through continuous adjustment, and finally identify their own positioning and mdash; not a luxury, nor is it a fashion plaything, but real, all the time in the attention of users healthy life Of the personal assistant.

  • Familiar Apple TV 4K, when can come to the country?

Apple TV routine upgrade to 4K, CPU upgrade 2 times, GPU upgrade 4 times, everything is better to deal with high-resolution system load, as Apple's ideal media center + smart home center, we only hope that Apple TV, which could not enter the Chinese mainland market, was able to enter the living room as soon as possible.


Apple Watch, Apple released the audience changes the smallest, and we care about the least new hardware: Apple TV 4K.


Perhaps a paragraph will be able to introduce Apple TV this update, the appearance of the same with the previous line, the performance is stronger to fit 4K, still not in mainland China sales.

4K is not to adapt to early, but to late

Apple TV to adapt to 4K, is simply the whole conference without the most confidential things, after all, in the past few years, 4K has become the mainstream of the vast majority of TV resolution, everyone's mobile phone and camera can also easily film 4K video, While Apple TV is still embarrassing to stay in the highest support only 1080p resolution level.


4K resolution, the image accuracy and the number of pixels displayed per frame, 4 times 1080p, which the new Apple TV performance put forward higher requirements, so Apple TV 4K step on the use of the iPad Pro on the use of A10X Chip, CPU performance increased by 2 times, GPU performance improved by 4 times.




Apple TV 4K also supports HDR technology, you can show the screen contrast is stronger, the color is more beautiful.


Apple TV 4K in the United States provides a rich video source, Apple said that as soon as possible to provide video resources to 4K level of quality, and said the price of 4K video quality will be 1080p video remains unchanged.



At the same time, Apple TV 4K also increased the live broadcast function, the owner to increase their favorite sports and the team, the main interface in the Apple TV dynamic display of the latest game situation.


To China is not too early, but too late

In the Apple TV 4K conference, Apple invited a game developer to showcase the new game app, ironically, this is not yet in mainland China through the formal channels to buy the product, the speaker is a Chinese.


Apple TV is not just a video device, Apple's complete product definition, Apple TV at least two responsibilities: First, the game device, the other is the intelligent family center.


Apple TV status is always underestimated in China, if the Mac is the center of the working hours, iPhone is the center of the mobile time, Apple TV should be the center of the family time.


At the press conference, Apple introduced Apple TV 4K has a new and iOS devices in close interaction with the family model, while showing the Apple TV 4K as the HomeKit hub interface.


However, for various reasons, Apple TV still did not enter the Chinese mainland market, even if not to watch streaming video, mainland China users even intelligent home control center function can not enjoy.


In this case, Apple's ecology is hard to say completely open up, even in the domestic smart home war is still in a backward trend.


At least, the first domestic Apple ID in the Apple TV market to get through it

In front of the price is not calm, reflecting the layout of the Apple calmly

The iPhone X has all the elements of the domestic product in the domestic berserk: the 10th anniversary of the season, the new season, the new appearance, full screen ultra-high degree of recognition and the new interactive freshness, are deeply moved almost all men and women Young and old nerves.

And subversive design coupled with a variety of innovative components, destined to this history, the most complex iPhone capacity unprecedented tension, there is news that the iPhone X's production capacity can only be stable in the level of 10,000 units, even if Apple will iPhone X appointment time delayed to October 27, and on November 3 began to sell, but it is estimated that the spot will be millions of Taiwan.

The face of the world looking forward to the buyers, this goods will soon be robbed, and coupled with the strength of the cattle involved, I believe there will be a difficult situation to find a machine, so you want to get the machine not only completely Rely on luck, looking for friends to grab the idea can also be dispelled early.

Forget to say, iPhone X once again, and strides to enhance the already high price of the iPhone, 64GB version 8388 yuan, 256GB version 9688 yuan, I believe the initial market price of the spot will be easily higher than 50%, want the first batch Use the iPhone X, or have luck and speed, or have money.

And when the choice of the eyes relaxed to other products, you will be surprised to find that after the release of the Apple product line layout of the broad, almost all of the product line to retain the previous generation as a supplement to the iPhone, for example, the current Synchronized in the sale of the series there are SE, 6S, 7,8, X five family, Apple mature products to meet the needs of consumers in the mainstream market to maintain high pressure on competitors, and in the high-end new products, Apple's layout Has exceeded the level of the product itself.

Apple updated the logic of the product gradually emerged three levels of the trend: First, whenever there is a broken generation of technological innovation, decisive use, to achieve leapfrog advantage; Second, for mature technology, steady use, to ensure that small change can solve pain points; Third, in the conference suddenly raised the content does not understand, is the real appeal of Apple where.

For example, with the WWDC17 released ARKit, with the support of the current strong hardware, AR technology will become an important basis for the development of technology, and even to the future of AR glasses to shape the product to do the foundation. The A11 chip in the neural network learning engine, will be through the efficient support of the algorithm, a powerful attempt to become a mobile phone AI applications. iOS platform, massive users and extraordinary developer base, will allow Apple in the algorithm and data in two leading, for the current business development will be called AR and AI, Apple's footsteps are much faster than imagined.

Even if only about the mobile phone industry, the emergence of the iPhone X also has a teacher lectures do not care for a semester about the three-year course feeling, iPhone innovation is the terror of the iPhone for the core technology and technology supply chain has a strong control , In fact, the formation of a period of time technology exclusive, and iPhone innovation has a very high degree of perception, not only a technical strength embodied, more able to use the experience of a personality style of the wave. For competing products manufacturers, can not follow up, follow up but may find the core technology can not buy.

The iPhone X's technological innovation, much more than we want to come to the rich, and smart phones in recent years after the bottleneck period, another form of change is not only because of a comprehensive screen, but also because the conference Become radical, the relevant technology will be a variety of manufacturers in what form the speed of popularization, will be the next year as a smart phone Aspect.

At the beginning of the conference, Tim and Cook said deeply: We deeply miss Steve Jobs, his spirit to bring us not only the product, but also the apple itself. And this time the summary of the conference, this sentence is still echoed in my mind, this conference, shining behind the product, is the spirit of the entire apple temperament, sparkling.

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