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Didn't watch the press conference? Here are 50 new features of iPhone X

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Wei Feng network news, Apple has launched 10th anniversary models of iPhone X, this represents the future of Apple mobile phone has a series of new features, the device will be available until November, so while you have time now, we see 50 new characteristics of this flagship equipment.


1, glass: iPhone, X before and after the use of all glass design, strengthening layer depth of 50%. The Apple Corp says the seven - layer ink process produces precise tone and opacity, while the reflective layer enhances the color, and the oil - repellent coating helps to reduce stains and fingerprints.

2, stainless steel frame: surgical grade stainless steel belt, winding at the edge of iPhone X. This is an alloy designed by apples.

3, full screen: iPhone X has almost marginal to the edge of the screen, there is only a small notch at the top for the original deep camera system. The narrow border surrounds the screen, and the home screen button has been canceled.

4, side button: Apple extended the lock key on the device and renamed the "side" button on the iPhone X". Long press, call Siri, double-click to call Apple Pay.

5, the new accelerometer

6, the new gyroscope

Super retina display screen

7, 5.8 inch display: the biggest screen in iPhone history. Nevertheless, the full screen design makes its overall size between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Therefore, the iPhone X is the most suitable for single hand holding, but also has the largest size display of iPhone models.

8, OLED:iPhone X is the first iPhone equipped with OLED display, OLED can bring better color, high contrast and more profound black.

9, Yuancai display (True Tone): iPhone X can automatically adjust the screen color and intensity, to match the light color temperature in the surrounding environment. For example, if you are in a dimly lit room with an incandescent light, the display will be warmer and more yellow. If you go out on a cloudy day, the screen will appear colder and bluer.

10, HDR:iPhone X true HDR (high dynamic range), so you can enjoy with Dolby horizon and the HDR10 standard video and program, HDR display photos and more amazing. In addition, you can watch the wonderful HDR content of other video website.

112436 x 1125:iPhone X with iPhone in the history of the highest resolution display, PPI reached 458.

12, 1000000:1 contrast

13, click to wake up

front camera

14, the original was: this camera front camera system includes infrared lens, pan light sensing element, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, a loudspeaker, a microphone, 7 million pixel camera and projector matrix. This system will be applied to Face, ID, face recognition, portrait mode, self timer and Animoji.

15, Face ID: apple on the X iPhone using Face ID instead of Touch ID. Simply pick up the device and watch it unlock the device, or use it to validate Apple Pay payments. Apple says the face recognition system is one millionth of the chance of being cracked by strangers.

16, portrait mode self timer: with the help of the original camera system, the iPhone X front camera also supports portrait mode.

17, moving words: Animoji is a new set of emoticons system, which is based on the facial expression of iPhone users. The move makes full use of iPhone X's original deep camera system, which has several new 3D sensors to detect your facial expressions in real time.

Rear camera

18, larger and faster 12 million pixel sensors

19, vertical arrangement of double shots

20, double lens optical image anti shake: two rear lenses have optical image anti shake function, and the reaction is very fast, even in weak light, you can also produce excellent pictures and video.

21, support the 4-LED Yuancai slow sync flash: slow sync flash will lower the shutter speed and a group of short flash combination. This flash mode is very useful in low light conditions and allows the background to be properly exposed as well as illuminating the foreground subject. In addition, 4-LED Yuancai flash illumination uniformity is the highest up to two times the original, helps to reduce speckle phenomenon.

22, a new image signal processor: Apple said, the design of the image signal processor is very intelligent, can detect various elements in the scene, such as character, movement and light conditions, so before you press the shutter to optimize photos. In addition, it has advanced pixel processing capabilities, wide gamut shooting, faster autofocus speed, and can produce better HDR photos.

23, apple designed video encoder: Apple designed video encoder will process images in real time, optimize the image quality. The HEVC compression technique can compress video files to half its size while maintaining its image quality.

24, up to 60fps 4K video

25, up to 240fps 1080p slow motion video

26, improved video shake prevention

27, the larger aperture telephoto lens, telephoto lens iPhone X now have greater /2.4 f more aperture, as compared to iPhone 7 Plus telephoto lens aperture of f more /2.8.

28, better low light zoom

29, improved portrait mode

30, portrait light effect: Portrait light effect function according to the basic principles of photography lighting, using a combination of depth sensing camera and spectrum of drawing complex hardware and software, generate realistic light effect level set.

31, special adjustments for augmented reality

32, deeper pixels

Power Supply

33, wireless charging: iPhone X supports wireless charging based on Qi standard, iPhone X can be placed on the inductive charging plate for wireless charging, such as Apple's AirPower charging pillow, or buy wireless charging accessories manufacturers to launch some third party.

34, fast charge: iPhone X support fast charge, you can use Apple's 29W, 61W and 87W USB-C charger for iPhone X charging, 30 minutes can be full of 50% of the electricity. These chargers need to be purchased separately, but the 12 inch MacBook and the 2016 or updated MacBook Pro are also available using the same charger.

35, longer battery life than the iPhone: more than 7 hours of life.


36, A11 bionic: new central processor four energy efficiency core speed than A10 Fusion highest upgrade 70%, two performance core also has the highest 25% speed promotion.

37, M11 mobile coprocessor

38, neural network: the most powerful engine ever since the iPhone, the smart chip, has a number of operations per second up to 600 billion times the neural network engine. And to provide a series of functions such as driving force, Face ID and Animoji.

39, faster GPU: the new three core graphics processor Apple design, compared with the A10 Fusion speed increase by up to 30% more.

40, NFC card reader model: Apple launched the Core NFC framework, the new framework of iOS 11 allows applications to detect NFC tags.

41, Bluetooth 5: compared with the 4.2 version, Bluetooth 5 can provide four times the effective range, two times the speed, and eight times the ability to broadcast information.


42, Galileo global positioning support: Galileo is Europe's global satellite navigation system (GNSS), which is the United States Zheng Fu has a global positioning system (GPS) system competitors.

43, quasi zenith satellite system support: quasi zenith satellite system is a satellite based GPS enhancement system, which can be received in japan.

IOS 11 on iPhone X

44. Simplified status bar: clock on left. Wi-Fi strength, honeycomb signal strip, battery margin on the right.

45. Press the side button to transfer Siri

46, press the side button, volume plus button for screenshot

47, slide upward to close the application

48, slide and hover up to open the multitasking interface

49, iPad Dock design

50, Clips self scene: when you use the Clips iPhone in X, Clips will add a "self scene" function.IPhone X can use the original camera self timer scene deeply place you in 360 degrees of animation in the background, let Clips play more exciting.

Apple iPhone X as a future mobile phone, the official website wrote: since we have an idea, looking forward to be able to create such a iPhone: it has the entire surface of the screen, can let you in the use of completely immersed, seem to forget it. It is so smart a your touch, touch, word, phrase, even gently at a glance, get it the heart have a response. But this idea, with the arrival of X iPhone has finally become a reality. Now, with future to see you now.

A new set of features, iPhone X, will begin pre order from October 27th and will begin on sale in November 3rd. 

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