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Borrow music, but the network was cool, Jia Yue Ting family cash nearly 140 billion to where?

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(Reporter Li Chunping) September 19, music video disclosure broker semi-annual report tracking report, the report said that since 2015, Jia Yue Ting holdings of funds to the listed company's maximum amount of 4.716 billion yuan, the cumulative amount of 113.44 Billion, but Jia Yue Ting did not follow the previous commitment to reduce the funds continue to use the listed companies.

Jia Yueting future commitment to the existence of a great deal of uncertainty

In the Sino-German securities issued by the music watch 2017 semi-annual follow-up report, as the music network sponsor agency Sino-German Securities said that since 2015, Jia Yue Ting holdings of funds to the listed company's maximum amount of 4.716 billion yuan, The amount of 11.344 billion yuan. The first half of this year, music in the case of tight money, Jia Yue Ting did not follow the previous commitment to reduce the funds continue to use the listed companies. China and Germany Securities said, considering the recent Jia Yue Ting asset freeze and other conditions, Jia Yue Ting commitment to the future there is a great deal of uncertainty.

August 28 this year, music released by the 2017 semi-annual report revealed that during the reporting period music to repay Jia Yue Ting and sister Jia Yuefang 2.6 million and 430 million yuan of loans, repayment, Jia Yue-ting and Jia Yue-fang's commitment to music all the loans To recover.

In July and October 2015, music Watch has disclosed that Jia Yueting commitment to reduce the proceeds of all the use of listed companies to use, from the date of receipt of listed companies within six months from the date of payment, Jia Yue Ting will pay all the funds For holding music shares.

China and Germany Securities in its report also pointed out that the music as the network on Jia Yue Ting associated loan repayment decision-making and approval procedures to be improved. China and Germany Securities supervise the music board, the management to further improve the controlling shareholder Jia Yue Ting borrowing related corporate governance procedures and internal control measures.

Music Watch the money back to Jia Yue Ting in advance to be asked

Due to advance repayment to Jia Yue Ting, music network also received the exchange of inquiry letter.

On September 12, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked the music network to explain the company to Jia Yue Ting repayment time, amount, the reasons for repayment, and whether there is a breach of commitment to the situation and explain the reasons, in September 20 will be the relevant information submitted Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM company management department, at the same time copy the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau listed company supervision office. Up to now, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange website has not yet disclosed the letter of music reply letter.

China and Germany Securities in the report also said that by various factors, music network credit system by the impact of bank loans and other conventional channels of financing is severely limited; hardware, advertising, membership fees decreased significantly, the main business difficulties; Cash flow from operating activities and financing activities to form negative feedback, further deterioration of the company's operating results.

Music video semi-annual report shows that from January to June this year, music Watch net operating income of 5.58 billion yuan, net profit loss of 637 million yuan. This performance, compared to the same period last year, a large landslide. In the first half of 2016, music Watch revenue of 100.63 billion yuan, net profit of 284 million yuan.


New consortium to replace Jia Yueting? Music as sports: no comment

(Reporter Liu Suhong) September 20, the media reported that music as the actual control of sports Jia Yue Ting has signed with the new investors, "equity transfer agreement", Jia Yue Ting held by music as sports 30.66% of the vast majority of shares will be transferred To new investors. The transaction is not a single buyer, but by a number of quite powerful investment in the main consortium, the source of funds are their own funds. In this regard, music as sports public relations, said no comment.

There are investors involved in music sports, said, "people talk about, but the specific is not clear, mainly to solve the problem of music watch arrears" ralph lauren pas cher.

Jia Yue-ting indirectly holds more than 30% of the shares of music as sports. Jia Yue Ting for the music as the actual control of sports, through the music music sports culture development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. holds 30.66% stake in music as sports. In addition, the music as the listed company music Watch Music Music held 6.47% stake in music, Beijing Tao Yun II Industrial Investment Management Center holding 1.6%. Music as the sports shareholders are also no shortage of Ma Yunfeng Fund, Wang Sicong Pusi investment, HNA Capital and other well-known institutions.

Music as a non-listed system into a capital chain crisis, the sale of non-listed system assets become the subject. Sun Hongbin strategic investment music after that, "the sale of the sale, the cooperation of cooperation & rdquo ;. Take music as an example, Sun Hongbin stressed that Super League last year (investment) 1.35 billion a total of 50 million, loss of 13 billion, which is neuropathy & rdquo ;.

This year in July, once news that Jia Yue Ting will return home this week to deal with the sale of music as sports related work. However, Jia Yue Ting has not yet returned.

May 26, music as sports announced B + round of financing progress, music as part of the new and old shareholders of sports and Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Park subordinate fund confirmed to participate in B + round, post-mortem valuation reached 24 billion yuan. Hainan Airlines Capital, Zhongze Culture, Pusi Investment, Pingyin Gold Mine, Dongfang Huifu, Xin Pai Capital, Yunfeng Fund and individual shareholders on behalf of 8 people, and the company management on behalf of 1, a total of nine people set up music sports strategy development Committee.

Doubt 1

Where does the money of Jue Yanting cash?

In 2015, music watchers founder Jia Yue Ting began to plan to reduce the cash. In the face of doubts about its holdings of listed companies, Jia Yue Ting has said that its reduction is to continue to invest in the company, in order to music as the business and innovation, "no one in the world the founder of the company to sell their own stock To tens of billions, long five-year interest-free lend to listed companies. & rdquo;

June 23, 2015, music Watch and Jia Yue Ting signed a "loan agreement", Jia Yue Ting commitment to the listed companies to provide not less than 2.5 billion in loans, the loan period will be no less than 10 years, and free interest. Jia Yuefang's sister Jia Yuefang in December 2014, February 2015 twice made a commitment to the company borrowed 178 million yuan and 1.5 billion yuan, the loan period of not less than 60 months, free of interest, used to supplement the company's operations funds.

According to media statistics, 2014 and 2015, Jia Yue Ting siblings a total of 7.9 billion, lent music to less than 3.5 billion. January 15 this year, financial stocks into music, Jia Yue Ting through the agreement to transfer 170 million shares of music Watch, and then cash 60.4 billion yuan.

To promise to borrow from the listed company as a reason, Jia Yue Ting sisters have set up 13.94 billion yuan, but not in the commitment period before, Jia Yue Ting siblings have promised to lend the full amount of listed companies to recover. According to the report of Sino-German securities, Jia Yue-ting reduction of funds to the listed company to the highest amount of 4.716 billion yuan, then the rest of the reduction of money where to go?

November 2016, music as the capital chain crisis broke out, Jia Yue Ting has said that in the music as the automotive business sector, the individual has invested more than 100 billion yuan. This is Jia Yue Ting one of the few public disclosure of personal funds to the whereabouts. Recently, there are media reports, Jia Yue Ting as a major shareholder of music watch has been and more than 50 suppliers to reach a settlement, debt repayment of more than 100 million yuan.

But Jiayue Ting is far more than the debt, the current holding of music shares and part of the associated company property due to debt problems by the court waiting to freeze. The Supreme People's Court network information shows that on September 7, music as holding, music as mobile intelligence, three times included in the list of dishonest executions (commonly known as "Lao Lai"). Lok see holding the parent company for the Department of music, the major shareholder of Jia Yue Ting, which was included in the old Lai list of reasons is the ability to fulfill the ability to refuse to fulfill the legal instruments to determine the obligations & rdquo ;.

Doubt 2

Repayment of 100 million Several suppliers said they had not received their arrears

A Jia Yue Ting debt 100 million of the news caused widespread concern. According to the "Securities Daily" reported on the 20th, Jia Yue Ting control of music holdings and 50 suppliers to reach the amount of debt settlement, has more than 100 million yuan. Reported that from the end of last year, Jia Yue Ting and its control of the music as a company to pay a total debt of nearly 20 billion yuan, of which 16 billion yuan of financial institutions owed, the supplier owed more than 30 billion yuan. However, on September 20, some suppliers said they had not yet received their arrears.

The report quoted sources said, Jia Yue Ting recently frequent in Hong Kong, the United States to run around, the financing did progress. And pointed out that in the music as the building "bar tents & rdquo; the debt collectors have also been evacuated. September 18, "Securities Daily" quoted music as holding news, music as mobile more than 50 suppliers to music as a collective letter sent a letter of gratitude, that Jia Yue Ting, music watch holdings in the financial crisis is still serious implementation of the " Conscientious in the end of the commitment to bear, and send music as can go through the storm.

The above statement was strongly opposed by some suppliers.

I was very angry after seeing the news, because after six months I did not receive a penny, they even no longer contact me. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

"Do not get the money to go back how can it be willing? All year came over. "A supplier in Guizhou said that although the suppliers of the tents in the first floor of the music watch building had left, but the reason was not to get the money, but forced by the pressure of the relevant departments.

A number of suppliers told the Beijing News reporter, after July did not receive any arrears, and will again in the near future to visit the music as a building to say.

A group of suppliers in the Beijing Music Watch Building, microblogging group told reporters that as of now there is no supplier to reflect the arrears, or signed any agreement, no one will write a letter of thanks.

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