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iPhone 8 listed to listen to the feelings of early users it

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The iPhone 8 series has been officially released yesterday, with customers around the world began to receive the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, some early users have shared their first impression of Apple's latest smart phone.

We have seen from the media a lot of evaluation on the iPhone 8, but the views of ordinary users can provide more insights.

Many of the user's comments are praised for each device's new glass shell design, and compared with the iPhone 4. The following are some of the user's voice:

• bought my iPhone 8 Plus this morning at Summit Mall in Akron, Ohio. I did not think it would surprise, but I had to say that the return of the glass was a wonderful thing, like the iPhone 8 Plus in the hands of "streaking" feeling.

I am very grateful to the return of the glass, because the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are too slippery, which makes the use of them when the need to set a phone shell, and now I can use the iPhone 8 Plus comfortable, you can "streaking" the.

I was impressed by the purchase of a golden iPhone 8 Plus. I am happy that the camera does improve, the speaker is clearer, the sound is more loud, the back of the glass is a welcome change, just like the iPhone 4. True Tone is very good, it is more like the iPhone 7s, but I still think the iPhone 8 for those who are not interested in the iPhone X is worth it

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Some users are concerned that the glass on their iPhone 8 is not aligned. With millions of iPhone shipments from the production line, there are usually several mobile phone manufacturing defects.

• fell in love with the back of the glass, but my backlit glass on the phone is not seamless. Compared with the rest of the back, the lower right corner feels slightly sharp and raised, I may go to the replacement, I do not want to have a waterproof problem, or put my finger on a sharp edge because I tend to " Streaking ".

I'm glad my iPhone 8 Plus arrives. But my question is, if you look at the phone, you will find the upper left corner of the glass and aluminum alloy gap seems to be greater than the upper right corner. I do not know if this will reduce the water resistance?

There are some users to share with the iPhone 8 Plus shooting some beautiful photos, the first photo is used to shoot the original camera application, the second is a third-party application PureShot shot, it is worth mentioning that he mentioned To some shortcomings.

"I used the built-in camera application to take the first picture, portrait mode turned on and set to natural, and then export the image in JPEG format. My built-in camera was exposed to the iris pistil, where all white and yellow were highlighted Part, and make it lock the exposure.It can be seen that it did not well cope with the highlighted parts here - there are very few details.

Use PureShot's application to take a second photo, which allows you to manually control the camera. I use dot metering on white, select the focus I want, and export the image as a RAW file. PureShot has no portrait mode background blur effect - the background here is the screen that the screen actually sees. Whether it is in a darker or brighter position, this photo has more details, which also reflects the actual ability of the camera. "

Many early adopters were also impressed by the new True Tone screens on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The True Tone, which debuted on the iPad Pro, came to the iPhone, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus screens will automatically adjust their color and brightness to suit the ambient color temperature.

For example, if you are in a dark room in an incandescent bulb, the screen will look warmer and brighter. If you stand outside on a cloudy day, the screen will look colder and brighter. The following is the voice of some users:

• True Tone is the same as popular, and is a popular feature.

• My iPhone 7 does not show True Tone. But my 10.5 inch iPad Pro has True Tone is great, and now finally came to the iPhone, at least for me, this little feature compared to the iPhone 7 is a good difference.

This morning my dark gray iPhone 8 Plus is up. Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, now I want to prefer the iPhone 8 Plus, True Tone's screen is great, I like the return of glass, the hands of the extra weight feel more solid, shooting photos feel more bright than the iPhone 7 Plus.

I upgraded from iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone 8 Plus, I like the True Tone screen, the only missing feature is like my iPad Pro that high frame rate.

There are users on the iPhone 8 for a comprehensive evaluation, he said he was on the use of the battery, performance, speakers, camera and quality impressed.

"I really like my 64GB silver version of the iPhone 8, the battery life is amazing.When the brightness is set to 50% of the circumstances, in an hour of web browsing, watch YouTube video and take pictures, the battery loss is about 8% to 10%. It's fast, the speaker provides a high-quality sound, the camera also has a better performance in low light environment, the quality of the phone is also very good. The back of the glass is clumsy, it seems to be a In general, this is a good cell phone.

Of course, not everyone feels very worthy of upgrading to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

"I got my iPhone 8 Plus this morning and I was upgrading from the iPhone 7 Plus.To be honest, I was trying to find a good reason to continue using the iPhone 8 Plus, but between the two phones The difference is really too small, I will continue to use it over the weekend to see if I can prove this, I really want to like it, but now it did not give me a deep impression.

In general, those who do not wait for the iPhone X people on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus impression is still relatively profound. There are many media that, if there is no iPhone X, then, iPhone 8 will be a very good phone.

iPhone 8 is now available. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus provide 64GB and 256GB optional, iPhone 8 64GB and 256GB price were 5888 yuan and 7188 yuan, iPhone 8 Plus 64GB and 256GB price were 6688 yuan and 7988 yuan.

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