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Content exclusive microblogging, will repeat the mistakes of Twitter?

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From the microblogging content of the introduction of the new regulations have been more than half a month's time, even led to a lot of criticism outside, microblogging did not change the content of the exclusive decision.

The United States well-known financial website The Motley Fool wrote in a few days ago, microblogging content of the new regulations or will lead to the alienation of users, and implied in the text between Twitter is a microblogging lesson. Perhaps for microblogging, this time and today's headline of the fighting no less than a possible subversion of its business model "biological invasion & rdquo; but" closed "and the end of the end, but it is likely to be micro Bo played a set of seven injured boxing and rdquo ;.

20 billion US dollars of microblogging, standing high sensitive

The second rise of microblogging has some dramatic colors, from the social platform abandoned by early users, to the world's highest valuation of social media, especially in the past year, microblogging market value has doubled, and formal Breaking the $ 20 billion ceiling, almost three times the parent company Sina.

Soaring stock so that microblogging to stand in the spotlight, the performance of more than quarterly quarterly eye-catching earnings, has become a direct example of the second rise of microblogging. However, in the first five years, microblogging performance is no different, the direction of nothing less than inviting stars, from the media, institutional media and other head users settled in the scale after the gradual occupation of the market. Of course, the price is also very obvious, the lack of business imagination, the decline in user activity, "WeChat eroded microblogging" has become the mainstream voice, this state from 2013 to 2015.

It should be said that after 2015, microblogging ushered in a real opportunity, with their own accumulation of a large number of opinion leaders and user size, net red economy, live, short video, paid Q & A, etc., microblogging are at the right time Point on the line of these features, the user began to establish a deeper social relations, microblogging has gradually formed its own wall of the wall.

The same changes also appear in the microblogging profit model, just listed in 2014, microblogging is outside the optimistic revenue source is value-added services, including games, membership fees, data open and so on. In 2013 and 2014, microblogging value-added services in the revenue accounted for more than 20%, but by the year 2016, this ratio has dropped to 13.4%, replaced by microblogging advertising business.

In early August this year, microblogging Q2 earnings reported that net revenue reached $ 358.9 million, of which advertising revenue reached $ 295.2 million, accounting for more than 82%. Microblogging business model more and more dependent on advertising, which may not be a bad news, Sina is not the lack of experience in this area, microblogging to help build the cost and efficiency advantages. But also reveals the microblogging another feature & mdash; & mdash; strong media attributes, which is proud of microblogging, but also microblogging worries.

The past two years, the content of the weather vane several changes, last year by the capital is still optimistic about the net and live, this year was short video and content to grab the limelight. Especially today's headlines, every day Express, quick hands and other new flow platform rise, microblogging crisis sense of self-evident. Microblogging involved in the content, today's headlines are covered one by one, microblogging rely on the views of leaders, also began to be today's headlines are hitting.

It is true that the $ 20 billion microblogging is no longer a young start-up company, the cost of trial and error is getting higher and higher, and its own wall seems to be being broken by the emerging information platform. As a catcher, "sensitive" is the ability to hunt, but in the game with rivals, microblogging choice whether there is the possibility of stock and volume kidnapping it?

Microblogging & ldquo; sensitive & rdquo; is not without precedent. In May of this year, microblogging to the hands of the microblogging account banned 7 days of punishment, the reason is that the official microblogging violation of the situation is serious. As a counterattack, quick hand official issued a public letter for microblogging ban, and issued a lawyer to the microblogging letter. Which is non-tone may not be important, after all, microblogging and quick hands in the field of live and short video competition is an indisputable fact.

Similar situation in June this year, once again, the State News published SARFT issued a message, asked "Sina microblogging", "ACFUN" and other sites shut down audio-visual program services. Microblogging response is also very fast, & ldquo; closed more than 15 minutes long video upload function, and automatic analysis, automatic playback, it is recommended that users with such needs to go to a dedicated video site upload or watch. "Behind this incident, microblogging ambitions and soreness again exposed, that is, as much as possible to occupy the user time, to maintain the user sticky, at the body test method.

You know, microblogging price-earnings ratio has been as high as 121 times, once the growth decline, the stock will have a large degree of uncertainty.

The value of microblogging is irreplaceable

Microblogging adhere to the purpose of content alone, is nothing more than to adhere to their irreplaceable. The four major portal completely into the past, the traditional media, a large area of ​​landslides, may be attributed to the outbreak of personal media, and microblogging is precisely the darling of this trend.

The more obvious case is that since 2016, microblogging is almost all large-scale event leader, whether it is Wang Baoqiang divorce or the recent Zhai Xinxin event, microblogging is always the first time to respond, both assume the event Spread the main media, but also played a public opinion to guide the role. Can be said that the response to the new trend, the open microblogging rolling the relatively closed WeChat, this irreplaceable is the value of microblogging.

From the "2016 microblogging User Development Report" gives the data, the second and third tier cities have occupied half of the overall user microblogging users, four lines and the following users accounted for up to 30%; in addition to the geographical distribution of users, there are users Of the age distribution, such as 80 and 90 after the proportion of more than 80%. This user features for the microblogging to bring the needs of all levels of user content richness and freedom, more like a paste it, QQ space and Twitter mixture.

Of course, this is only the advantages of the macro level, microblogging development direction has also made a corresponding change. As mentioned earlier, the first five years of microblogging is very dependent on the star big V, is conducive to quickly enhance the user size, once familiar with the entertainment industry, Zhang Chaoyang is believed in this rule, Sohu many products have stars Endorsement precedent. However, until now, microblogging is dependent on the vertical type of small V, after all, the contents of the large V content has a predictable ceiling, small vertical V is more sustainable and rich microblogging content pool.

In order to maintain this irreplaceable, microblogging made two directions of effort. One is to fit the form of young people, such as a live broadcast, the second shot, microblogging Q & A, Sina and microblogging is through self-study or investment in the form of trying to occupy the emerging content of the entrance; the other is to maintain content On the advantages of today's headlines may share microblogging high-quality content, microblogging cut off all third parties cross-publishing content interface approach, enough to prove the importance of content for the importance of microblogging.

Coincidentally, Twitter has also experienced similar difficulties. By 2011, Twitter allowed Google to crawl the content on Twitter, and therefore imported a large number of new registered users for Twitter. But in 2011, when Twitter's COO Ali Rowghani believes that Twitter as a social network, the need to protect the contents of the platform, thus terminating the cooperation with Google. Followed by Twitter in a long time live growth stagnation, year after year loss, market value also fell.

Twitter's remedy after 2015, restart cooperation with Google and allow Facebook and other third-party platforms to synchronize content on Twitter. However, Twitter eventually failed to restore the defeat, not only in the market value of Facebook was thoroughly rolled, and microblogging, Snap and so the gap between the growing.

Microblogging will repeat the mistakes of Twitter is still unknown, but it is undeniable that the irreplaceability of microblogging is slowly swallowed by competitors.

In the field of short video, microblogging bets shot less hands and the United States shot, which is bound to microblogging in the original content of the weak. Although the new version of the microblogging increased the proportion of short video content, but also by the outside world that microblogging is becoming the next YouTube, but most of the microblogging video content is still carrying the property. In the microblogging high "content exclusive" banner, who knows the competitors will not be a tooth for a tooth?

Another detour is microblogging for the entertainment content of the transition marketing, such as a variety of entertainment non-entertainment, gossip non-gossip event of the first source of information. This kind of content can really reflect the microblogging for the timeliness of the new event, but also some "elite users" shut out. It should be said that in the information flow, artificial intelligence is recommended to be bad times, microblogging in the personalized content of the recommendation still need to be pondering.

Unfortunately, in the microblogging content after the introduction of new regulations, this irreplaceable but by a greater degree of challenge, such as the user's response.

Terrible is not closed, but alienated the user

Microblogging content after the introduction of the new regulations, many media interpretation of this is a let users "two choose a" issue, that either agree to the agreement, the original content of the copyright belongs to the microblogging, or can not use microblogging. Terrible not the criticism of the media and the complaints of the people of the melon, but the vertical KOL fled.

In the microblogging and today's headlines and other competitors Sike when, watercress, know, B station, LOFTER, NetEase aesthetics and other vertical community has become some vertical KOL's "prepared" and "rdquo ;. Perhaps these platforms are difficult to pry the microblogging in the content of the wall, the decline in user loyalty undoubtedly to the competitors to create a chance to hunt. And the current headlines about the 300 "and the big V & rdquo; war of words, has revealed a truth: feelings eventually unable to retain the content creators, they also need milk and bread.

All along, Wall Street to measure the market value of social platform indicators are two, one is like the market rate of Facebook, by market value divided by the main business income as a criterion, the lower the market rate that the greater the value of investment. The other is the value of active users, can reflect a company's potential user value, and profit trends.

Microblogging defense today's headlines and other competitors strategy is clear, once the content advantage fall, followed by the decline in advertising revenue, market sales rate will be higher and higher. Can blindly take the content exclusive strategy, also faces another trap. The degree of freedom the user depends on because the content of the exclusive is broken, a large number of vertical small and large loss of the microblogging content and the richness of the chain of challenges, will indirectly affect the microblogging user sticky and daily users, the result is still frustrated Of the stock price.

Basically, microblogging need to change is to build the contents of the idea of ​​retaining the wall, blocking as sparse, and its gambling on the lives of home and cross-border competitors wrestling, it would be better to focus on products and operations, compared to In the threat of competitors, microblogging their own content mechanism and operational strategy should not reflect on it? When the microblogging trying to use the contents of the original to set up high walls, and the original open that social media drifting away, and the enclosure is always the only choice of the weak.

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