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Bought so many iPhone, but these are classic

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iPhone 8 starting cold, but the return of the classic glass after the shell design allows a lot of fruit powder happy. Originally using the glass back cover design iPhone 4, a launch will be amazing throughout the phone ring. But the Apple into the era of Cook, is gradually losing the ability of this amazing mobile phone ring, from the powder to the classic memory of the point of view, although the iPhone released so much, but people still remember these classic, today we come Look back together.

Opened the smartphone era of the iPhone

As early as 2004, Apple convened more than 1,000 internal staff team began to develop iPhone, but until January 2007, Steve Jobs in Macworld 2007 to the public officially introduced the iPhone smart phone.

In the mobile phone screen size to stay in the 2.4 ~ 2.8 inch era, iPhone broke through the 3.5-inch capacitive touch of the large screen. Compared with the same time the smart phone has been used in resistive touch screen compared to capacitive touch screen in the operation more sensitive, but the coolest experience is that it can achieve multi-touch, that can be two fingers kneading screen Photos of the zoom or narrow, which has never had the experience so many people are exclaimed magic. At that time, "Time" also praised the iPhone, and nominated iPhone for the 2007 annual innovation products, iPhone has since opened the era of intelligent machines.

iPhone 3G leads the trend of the curve

Then went to June 2008, Apple released the iPhone 3G. In the new product Apple to the previous generation of aluminum back cover to plastic, mobile phone button from the plastic system to metal and continue to this day. In appearance, iPhone can be described as originality, because the iPhone 3G back with a more gentle arc design, which in the visual and handheld will have a slim feeling. This design also appeared in the second generation iPod Touch, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iMac and other products, can be described as quite classic.

iPhone 4 refresh the phone thickness

In June 2010 released iPhone 4 can be said that the classic pole, because this time, Apple refresh the thickness of the smart phone records, the iPhone4 thickness reduced to 9.3 mm. And in front of the fuselage coupled with two smooth high-strength glass, the side is surrounded by a circle of stainless steel belt, this combination of glass and art to make iPhone 4 sense of science and technology, like a come from the future out of the phone. This should be one of the most classic masterpiece of Steve Jobs, but unfortunately this is his personally released the last masterpiece.

iPhone 4s responsible for human-computer interaction revolution

Speaking of human-computer interaction "ancestor" ralph lauren pas cher, I think it should be launched in 2011 iPhone 4s. Because the iPhone 4s has a new feature: Siri Voice Assistant. Focus on "human interaction" Siri can identify the normal human order, and dialogue. Siri's appearance can be said that human history is the fourth human-computer interaction revolution, from the early physical keyboard to touch and then to the voice revolution, can be said to be contributed

iPhone 5 redefines the data interface

For the previous mobile phone charging on the phone interface cumbersome view, docking and the helpless release in September 2012 after the iPhone 5 can say goodbye, because the iPhone 5 uses lightning interface. The Chinese called "lightning interface" can be any positive and negative plug and play, this forward-looking design can be said that Apple is one of the most humane design, so that many flagship mobile phone interface can now Regardless of positive and negative use.

iPhone 5s refresh unlock mode

To say that a model before the Apple mobile phone as a milestone, I think the most votes may be released in 2013 9 iPhone 5s, because it's Touch ID, processor and even color is a huge breakthrough. On the Touch ID, the success of Apple's fingerprint recognition to popular among the crowd, whether it is in the use of experience or application prospects are commendable. Second, the biggest change in hardware is the use of the new A7 processor, which is the first time using 64-bit processors on the mobile side. Finally, in the color is more bold on the use of "champagne gold" and color, that is, we have been dubbed the "earthly gold", this color can only use the "rush" and "two words to describe, Until now a lot of mobile phone manufacturers are still using the "earthly gold" ralph lauren pas cher.

iPhone 5c open a new journey of cheap Apple

Have seen foreign media reported that the Apple representative said the mid-iPhone market more and more popular, so in the same year launched the iPhone 5c. Of course, the iPhone 5c not only in the price to meet and the needs of users, the trend is also true The use of hard coating of polycarbonate material body, color with white, blue, pink, yellow, green five colors, is looking very trendy, colorful color in today seems to be considered classic.

iPhone 6 Plus finally let Apple change & ldquo; big & rdquo;

2014 9 Apple has also made a change with the "big", released iPhone 6 and larger screen iPhone 6 Plus. These two products compared with the previous generations of iPhone, abandoned the angular design, using the edge from the screen to the border of the arc design, so that the overall look of the phone is very smooth, and instantly improve the phone's value. At the same time, with the iOS 8.1 software updates, Apple opened its own payment system Apple Pay. This service can replace the traditional credit or debit card payment method, looks more digital, and in the next few years the same type of Samsung Pay, millet Pay was on the line.

With touch screen new technology iPhone 6s

As Apple Pay, Apple's every innovation can give people a surprise. This innovation is reflected in the September 2015 launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, these two products for the first time on the screen by adding a 3D Touch pressure sensor touch, which makes the touch screen mobile phone operation to further expand. Compared to multi-touch operation in the plane two-dimensional space, 3DTouch technology to increase the intensity and finger area of ​​the perception, you can press the long preview, you want to see the message, pictures, hyperlinks and other content. Some people say that the meaning of this design directly changed the iPhone's operating system, but also redefine the touch screen mode of operation, so that the original more flat operation becomes more three-dimensional up.

More friendly one-handed operation in the terminal iPhone SE

Probably because the iPhone 5c launched two years ago in the price is not enough people close to the people, so Apple released in March last year, a small screen new machine iPhone SE. According to Apple's global vice president of marketing Phil Schiller on Twitter's argument, & ldquo; SE & rdquo; on behalf of "special edition" (special edition) means. Its price is only about 3,000 yuan, you can be called the most close to the iPhone on the phone.

iPhone 7 to cancel the headset interface

After the launch of this small screen iPhone, Apple and in September released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, in this new iPhone, the biggest innovation is to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, using the new Apple AirPods headphones. Apple's move is the first time in the history of smart phones to test the water, but this move makes the phone looks more perfect in appearance.

iPhone 8 for the first time to achieve wireless charging

Although the current iPhone 8 sale situation is not satisfactory, but the body back to the rugged glass panel is still touched the fruit powder of the heart, do you think this hand "remember to kill & rdquo; how to play? And this is the first time Apple has supported wireless charging, they can use the airport, hotels, cafes and cars are very common Qi standard wireless charger for charging, can be described as very intimate design.

New AR Technology Support for iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus main machine learning portrait background blur shooting, support 60fps stream 4K video capture, another feature is its graphics sensor to join the AR technology support, which makes the iPhone 8 Plus play more diverse.

Main full screen of the iPhone X worth looking forward to

Although the iPhone 8 first cold case, but the iPhone X is worth looking forward to. Because it canceled the Apple has been used for 10 years at the bottom of the Home button, and the fuselage with double-sided glass + metal frame design, so that the whole phone looks like a whole picture of the whole surface, which marks the apple from A full screen era. In the functional configuration, iPhone X equipped with artificial intelligence to join the neural network and support AR A11 Bionic processor, which makes artificial intelligence and mobile phone into one. With this processor, iPhone X brings a new way to unlock: Face ID, will also open the "rush" and the new era.

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