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The future is a book: Kindle decade China three years

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Asimov then uttered a secret: "We have long owned this tool, it's called the book."

In the increasingly radical technology today, this "future" book, is the Kindle.

A Brief History of Kindle

In 2004, an executive meeting of the Amazon, CEO Geoff Bezos Lipaizhongyi, decide to independently develop an ebook reader. This was without any hardware R & D and manufacturing experience, just a supplier of home appliances company of the Amazon, is undoubtedly the adventures of audacious. But Bezos executives have talked about the future trend of electronic reading the reality, even more difficult, but also must learn how to do this.

In 2007, they finally developed the first generation of Kindle, after ten years, Kindle become a symbol of electronic reading, open a comprehensive era of e-books, but also gave birth to a new industry and culture.

Ten years ago, the market has a wide variety of digital products can play it? Walkman, CD player, MP3,iPod, Digital cameras, electronic dictionaries, electronic watches, feature phones ... and so on and so on. Fancy beautiful mouse, headset, camera is also fashionable stuff, Steve Jobs took outiPhone, Freshness filled with the digital age of young people. Kindle is an alternative, it is not so much play, only reading, appearance and function at the time are not how trendy.

But people still on this alternative to maintain enough attention, Kindle released after the first batch of 25,000 machines in a few hours was sold out, and then into the out of stock. The first generation of Kindle priced at $ 399, can read 90,000 kinds of e-books, each book is priced at $ 9.9.

The advent of Kindle caused a big discussion, people have to worry about "e-books will replace traditional books," concurring and dissenting views are not in the minority. But I think most people would agree with the evaluation of Kindle famous American writer Stephen Kim: Kindle will not replace paper books, but can enrich the reader's choice.

In 2009, Amazon introduced the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX, and released the PC, iPhone, iPod touch version of the Kindle reading software. Kindle series followed by a basic annual launch of a new rhythm, firmly stopped their own market position.

2010, Kindle 3 (later renamed Kindle Keyboard) available, this is the first for the global sale of the Kindle.

In 2011, the first touch-screen Kindle touch appeared, while the sale is not very optimistic about the Kindle fire Tablet PC.

On September 6, 2012, Kindle Paperwhite was officially released. This is the first Kindle to introduce the lights, so that readers can read in a dark environment, and can also adjust the brightness of the lighting.

2013, Kindle Paperwhite 2 released. Kindle has become synonymous with e-book reader, far ahead of other competitors. In this year, Kindle came to China.

In 2014, Kindle Voyage released, thinner than the Kindle Paperwhite, lighter, smaller, but the bright spot is the screen, the screen pixel density reached 300ppi, making the text very clear and sharp. China as the first batch of listed countries and the United States synchronized sales.

April 13, 2016, a new generation of flagship Kindle Oasis officially released. In the past few years, Kindle products lack of hardware design innovation, but in the user experience has always been to adjust the optimization. Kindle Oasis in terms of comics can be described as invincible.

During this period, Amazon opened its own direct line under the physical bookstore, located in Seattle, USA.

October 12, 2017, Amazon announced the launch of the second generation Kindle Oasis, the global synchronization pre-sale. At the same time released for the Chinese users to create 32GB champagne gold Kindle Oasis Deluxe Edition, priced at 3168 yuan, only sold in the Chinese market.

The new Kindle Oasis release time was very good, double 11 is to the domestic consumers are waving, the new Kindle Oasis 2399 yuan sale. (IPad 2688 yuan from the sale), a larger screen, greater capacity, faster speed, will be intelligent adjustment of bright lighting, lighter weight, and finally to achieve a waterproof function The

From the Kindle product line, getting better and better, of course, more and more expensive, all ultimately decided only, the user would like to take it to enjoy reading. I think it should be "think" the majority of people.

Change the reading change industry

This decade, Amazon did not only continue to introduce the new Kindle, the hardware is just a carrier, really changed the world is e-book publishing and subscription services, is around the Kindle drastic industry reform.

In the same year Kindle released the same year, so that subversion of the traditional publishing industry Kindle self-help digital publishing platform (Digital Text Platform) at the same time, anyone can publish their work through the DTP platform. This greatly reduces the book from the author to the reader's intermediate links, can be described as a revolution in the publishing industry.

Since then DTP has been renamed Kindle Direct Publishing (hereinafter referred to as KDP), to encourage independent authors to give priority to the work on the Kindle, and developed a very favorable ratio. In the past, through the large publishers selling books, the author received royalties of only 17.5%, and through the KDP sales of e-books, the author can get 70% of sales, greatly improving the writer's earnings, e-book publishing with a new attitude challenge traditional books publishing.

In 2012, more than 1,000 KDP authors sold thousands of books per month, and some of the authors sold hundreds of thousands of books, and the two entered the Kindle Million Club. Self-publishing is a trend.

Now, from home to abroad, a variety of digital writing / reading platform are starting along this road, combined with online and offline, to create their own self-publishing channels.

In 2010, Amazon launched a self-publishing product for Kindle Singles e-books for independent writers and bloggers. Kindle Singles requirements for the work is in the length of 5000 words to 30000 words, pages between 30 pages to 90 pages, longer than the average magazine, but shorter than ordinary books. Kindle Singles works do not need to be cut in accordance with the requirements of the general magazine published content, do not have to put together a long story published book, very suitable for business courses, scientific papers or current affairs comments.

Kindle Singles also allows the author to self-pricing, the pricing range between 0.99 US dollars to 4.99 US dollars between. Now we see the popular microblogging long play, paid to read, can be said to come from the Kindle Singles imagination.

As the E-ink electronic ink screen development is slow, Kindle in the next few years and no major innovation, are basically small upgrades and innovation. Amazon also did not knock the hardware design, but the focus of innovation on the content and services, in addition to the above mentioned publishing services, readers for the monthly subscription Kindle Unlimited launch is a major change.

In 2014, Amazon launched the Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription service, only $ 9.99 per month, you can subscribe up to more than 60 million e-books and 2000 audio books. This subscription service applies to all Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iOS and Android, and can also be used on mobile devices for monthly services.

Since then, Kindle from a simple book, into a book to sell books, readers spend low prices you can see the massive content, and with the Kindle on the amount of books, Kindle Unlimited also more and more value.

Kindle in China for three years

December 13, 2012, Amazon China in the absence of signs of the release of the Chinese Amazon Kindle e-book mall. This indicates that China has officially joined the e-book to read the world trend.

At that time, China's e-book market, and the United States and other major rely on the content of the profit model is different, manufacturers are still selling equipment to make money level. On the other side, to read, QQ reading as the representative of the mobile phone reading software, although allowing users to have the interest of e-reading, but inside the e-book are basically fantasy, martial arts, romance network novels, Copyright is also incomplete.

How does Amazon change this market? Some people sit on the sidelines, some people are not optimistic.

June 7, 2013, Kindle Paperwhite in China officially on sale, the price of 758 yuan. At this time from the first generation of Kindle in the United States has been a full six years, from the preparation of Kindle into the country to the sale, which spent three years, the process really hard. However, as with other regional markets, Kindle in China a hit.

The end of 2013, Kindle Chinese bookstore e-book number of 6.2 million, and now, the number of e-books has reached 14 million. But the pace of development is still not satisfactory, the expansion of the Chinese market has become an important part of the Amazon global speed process. Amazon never advertised Kindle sales in China, but it is undoubtedly the most critical promoter of China's digital reading industry.

Earlier this year, there have been individual cities in the library began to launch Kindle loan service, all e-book readers are pre-installed 399 e-books, each month will add 100 new books. Citizens as long as the relevant borrowing card, you can take the Kindle home slowly read.

Of course, the support of the Kindle in Central Asia is still far less than the United States and Asia, which also has the specificity of Chinese reading and China's distribution restrictions, but with the domestic emphasis on reading and e-book market further deep plowing, Kindle is still able to With Amazon's powerful online sales channels and huge amounts of content resources, the domestic book consumers become the best choice.

Read more and wherever and whenever

Ten years, so many want to enter the field of e-book manufacturers failed, including Samsung and Sony, all a few years ago to close the digital book store. Sony has made the first ink screen e-book reader, and later die a natural death. Kindle lucky lucky, Amazon is a book, it is a brochure.

Because whether it is selling hardware or selling e-books Ye Hao, the ultimate goal, nothing more than to your consumers like to study. In the technology products to replace pen and paper, Internet information instantly spread this era, still want to read all the time.

Nowadays, the mobile Internet era, smart phones and tablet computers dominate the rivers and lakes, integrated in the past almost all digital products, consumer electronics products is difficult to have a new category can be separated from the user's attention. There is a rare Kindle such a few of the current easy to be accepted by the public slightly different digital products, from the appearance to the function are sufficient differences.

In the numerous consumer electronics devices, Kindle can not become like iPhone, iPad as popular equipment, after all, cognitive and accustomed to E-ink reading group is very limited, but the Kindle has undoubtedly become difficult to shake the market power.

More reading, in any place, through any way, Kindle is as much as possible to meet the pursuit of our, so we can firmly grasp their own user groups.

Perhaps in a few years later, the electronic ink screen or other related technology has been leaps and bounds, e-books will enter another new era. But as the article begins to say, if the book is connected to the future of the tool, then now, Kindle has been with us to see the future.

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