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[comment]QQ whirlwind yellow, thunderbolt how to self-help?

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Thunder this year, Q2 earnings show that the Thunder's revenue is no longer rely solely on the income of members, but to other areas of tilt. As we all know, since the birth of the Thunder has been "download tool" tag active in the Internet industry, which is the first impression that people mention the Thunder, now the proportion of its member income declined. And according to public information, the number of Thunder member users in the June 30, 2016 to June 30, 2017 period, from 4.55 million to 4.09 million, just a year there are 460,000 members of the user lost. The reason, in addition to the download tool is no longer welcomed by the market this factor, but also inseparable from the download business there are many problems. Then the launch of the members of the Thunder exclusive client products, whether to make up for its lack of download business, we still do not know.

From the hottest hot to the point of view, how to break the Thunder good hand?

In fact, the Thunder download business in the user community recognition is not low. "Debut" more than ten years, Thunder received a few awards, as a "campaign" Internet for many years to download the tool, but also as the Internet download industry so far the signboard products, its starting advantage is obvious at the time of birth just To meet those who are extremely inflated demand for Internet resources crowd.

At the time of the environment, the Thunder established its own advantages, with its download speed, resources and more quickly accumulated a large wave of user groups, has become a large number of Internet users PC terminal installed high-frequency software. But now, the development of Internet bandwidth technology, various video sites to reduce the download threshold and the emergence of large-scale network disk, resulting in its download service in the position of the decline in the download business has also been a lot of impact, Gradually lost its dominant position as a download tool, was a lot of friends "abandoned."

The number of Thunder members decline, and its download business in the existence of many problems are not unrelated.

First of all, now the Thunder in the recharge member services on the issue, such as login failure, slow download and other defects always exist. Rely on the download business started the Thunder, the speed is no longer users to download the maximum restrictions, the download speed in the user experience is still not made much improvement, compared to other more smooth downloader, Thunder in the download business Has a very strong substitutability. Therefore, even if the members can not enjoy the high-speed download service users, this user experience is indeed greatly reduced, and the latest one is also a constant criticism of Thunder 9.

It can be said that members of the user experience the "low quality" service again and again to "challenge" the tolerance of users, users do not even feel the advantages of rechargeable members where. In fact, the Thunder in the download service issues not only spread to the members of the user, the average user is no exception, but if the recharge after the members still do not experience satisfactory service, will undoubtedly decline in the reputation of the Thunder caused by worse.

Second, the Thunder there are a variety of misleading users to open the page means, such as the download page filled with a variety of can be achieved to speed up, send members and other windows, the actual click into the game page or other irrelevant content. Perhaps many users still remember that in the game tide comes, the Thunder was "regardless of" members of the user's feelings, in the pop-up frequently push their own games, to the user caused a poor experience.

In addition, the Thunder video forced broadcast is also one of the problems criticized by users, in its launch of the Thunder 9 version, the home page will automatically play, and automatically after the end of the continuation of the next video, even members are not spared. It is also a little bit of consumer patience in the reality, the Thunder gradually lost the source, by the thousands of fingers.

In view of this, Thunder because of its rich resources and other advantages, in the Internet download tool has accumulated no small user volume and many paid users, it is the download business to make it in the Internet field firm footsteps, rapid growth for the industry Within the leader. However, in response to the ever-changing Internet wave, the Thunder has lost the user's long-term trust in the download business, those who have relied on Thunder downloaders to slowly leave the user. So, the next resort to turn the eyes turned to other areas.

Thunder distraction behind: betting cloud computing and mobile advertising business

And then back to the Thunder earnings above. Thunder in August released Q2 earnings show that although its membership in the proportion of income declined, but other aspects of business income accounted for the growth trend, that is, Internet value-added services revenue grew 33.8%, while the Internet value-added Services are mainly cloud computing and mobile advertising business growth, which cloud computing revenue rose 107.8%, mobile advertising rose 41.6% year on year.

However, cloud computing and advertising revenue accounted for growth, It is worth mentioning that, with years of experience in the download business experience, its cloud computing business has a unique advantage, especially in the millet, love art, fast hands and other well-known enterprises to become customers after the Thunder, Thunder bandwidth procurement business Achieved substantial growth. At the same time, electricity business platform in the festival section of a large number of advertising, but also the main reason for the growth of mobile advertising business.

From this, the Thunder's user traffic is still a can not be underestimated the cards. And from the growth of mobile advertising business, the Thunder in the huge installed capacity of the advantages still exist, so if the loss of a large user groups, the advertising business may also have died, after all, a user's impression to download Well-known Internet tools, lost the download function means that the user does not have to stay necessary.

Therefore, it is hard to say that Thunder in the cloud computing and mobile advertising business growth will bring long-term benefits, but it is undeniable that the Thunder in these business direction of the test has been effective, and showed a significant growth trend. As we all know, these years of Internet outlets, Thunder have tried, such as video, games, browsers, etc., but these business did not bring much improvement for the development of the Thunder, but because of "unrestrained" , Increased users of the product of the criticism, so the Thunder in the new business attempt, but also to avoid the pressure to the core to download the business, after all, membership income is still the largest part of the total revenue in the Thunder.

But the Thunder betting cloud computing and advertising business this distracting practice, but also shows that the weakness of its members of the business is difficult to turn the tide, and the Thunder to change the heart and QQ cyclone death is not unrelated.

QQ whirlwind is dead, Thunder crisis sense of clusters?

As we all know, in the download business of similar competitors, the most powerful rival Thunder than QQ whirlwind, in theTencentUnder the strong blessing, QQ whirlwind through the 9 years time, its achievements in the download business is obvious to all. But in August this year, QQ whirlwind is in a sigh of sound announced in September to stop the operation, until today, from the QQ whirlwind to stop the operation, but a month time.

Wall down everyone push. Looking back QQ cyclone death, escape the two factors of interference. First, under the Internet environment, the market demand for download tools is not as strong as before, and there is no doubt in the future will continue to weaken, and Thunder users decline in the number of users for the same reason; Second, QQ whirlwind The transformation of the weak market was eliminated, and then have a certain market share of the download tools such as Internet Express, network ants have long faded out of people's attention.

However, a pole to kill is not a sensible act, many users still have the need to download, but in the download tool has a richer choice, and thus the sense of the crisis not only from the increase in Internet bandwidth, as well as peer business Rise to the enormous pressure caused by it. Although the Thunder in the rich resources of this channel occupies an absolute advantage Moreover, due to users over the years habits, to give up the Thunder does not seem to be an easy thing.

But since the death of QQ cyclone, Thunder seems to be in the download business on the "overlord" status is more solid, but in reality it is not, on the contrary, this is the download tool market crisis came another warning.

Crisis at present, the Thunder can achieve self-help?

At present, the mainstream of the download tool to survive so far there are few, Thunder's strong vitality is enough to explain its similar products in possession of a certain advantage, but because of its download business to the user, especially members of the user caused "Psychological shadow", so many users have to give up the Thunder, switch to the embrace of other download tools.

Short-term Thunder, to maintain membership income is the key, if blindly concerned about other business, but ignore the core of the download business, then the last Thunder is likely because the business span is too large, rush to lead to a sharp decline in users. Therefore, if you can grasp the huge installed capacity of the formation of the user's physical strength, innovative services to enhance the user experience to reduce the loss of users, then the transformation of the Thunder and industrial upgrading will bring great help.

From the overall situation, the huge installed capacity of Thunder in the download business has always come out on top, but from the reality, the Internet download tool is slowly old, how to maintain a huge installed capacity at the same time to serve more users, Is the future of the Thunder to face a huge problem.

With the government in the Internet content of the regulatory strengthening, Thunder member services to some extent have been affected, and this effect will be permanent, if there is no powerful products, gradually lose the advantage of the Thunder download, only Forced to abandon the download business, the transformation of other products, the transformation of the road is also difficult. In the face of this uncertain future, it was said that the death of QQ whirlwind is inevitable, it is not also means that the death of the download tool is also inevitable.

So, whether the success of the Thunder to break this inevitable, its upcoming customers for the client product is to save the business to save, or to deal with the strong Internet out of the rules of the final struggle, and look at the market to make the final decision.

Liu Kuang, Zen Road, see the Internet, WeChat public: liukuang110

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