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Intel invested 60 million dollars to invest in 15 data related companies

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Intel capital, Intel's global strategic investment and Acquisition Department, today announced a total of more than $60 million to invest in a new batch of 15 technology startups, the 15 technology companies covering many areas of artificial intelligence, network security and independent machine etc.. So far, Intel has invested more than $566 million in 2017.

Invest 60 million dollars and invest in 15 data related companies

Bi Wende, senior vice president of Intel and President of Intel investment (Wendell Brooks) said:

The Intel investment of 15 enterprises can be said to cover the artificial intelligence, network security and Autonomous machines and other fields. In the field of data analysis: New York Amenity, Bigstream, Analytics, Synthego and LeapMind in Japan; data collection: the United States Trace, Bossa Nova, Robotics EchoPixel and AdHawk Microsystems Canada enterprise; the United States Reniac, TileDB Inc. and China Horizon Ltd in the field of data management; data security: the United States Eclypsium Synack and Alcide of Israel, Intezer.

The total amount of investment involved in the total amount of more than 60 million U. s.dollars, which makes Intel investment in 2017 total investment of more than 566 million U. s.dollars.

Transformation to data company

Intel invested 15 companies involved in the different stages of the data life cycle of new technologies, including data analysis, collection, management and security maintenance. The company focused on artificial intelligence, 3D medical visualization, retail robots, and network security technologies inspired by the human immune system.

In 2016, Intel CEO division announced that Intel transformed from a chip processor companies into a data company, and said that the data will be the future of oil. Since then, all the acquisition and investment of Intel have been pointing to

At the beginning of this year, Intel bought Israel's driverless technology company Mobileye for $15 billion 300 million. "Science and Technology Daily" to Intel is a number: from July 2013 onwards, Mobieye is the seventeenth company of the acquisition of Intel, the acquisition type involving the fields of artificial intelligence, unmanned, 5G, virtual reality etc..

After the NetEase technology has an exclusive interview with Intel vice president, investment director Lin Lizhong, he revealed that Intel investment in Intel, and in recent years the investment direction, investment logic can be seen in Intel.

The following is the exclusive dialogue of NetEase science and technology, vice president of Intel investment, managing director Lin Lizhong main content:

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1. We have other value-added services that are difficult to reach by other investment institutions, including global networks, global customer connections, world leading brands, expertise and channels.

2. We are committed to finding and investing in emerging companies at the forefront of technological innovation. Key investment areas include: artificial intelligence, unmanned, 5G, AR VR, cloud computing, large data analysis.

3, our total investment is decreasing, but we pay more attention to the quality of investment, it is reflected in the increase in the amount of money and more focused technology investment.

4, Intel investment will be a small part of the funds into the emerging technology field, although these technologies and Intel's current business relationship is not big, but may be in the next three to five years to play value.

In order to understand the current situation and investment logic of Intel's investment business, this paper presents a question and answer form.

NetEase science and technology: please briefly introduce Intel investment (background, fund size, investment stage, team composition, etc.)

Intel:Intel (Intel Capital) is a global strategic investment organization in the world, investing in equity capital for innovative technology companies and start-ups worldwide.

Since 1991, Intel has invested in more than 1473 companies in 57 countries and regions worldwide, with a total investment of more than 11 billion 800 million US dollars. During this period, 620 portfolio companies were publicly traded or bought by other companies.

Beginning in 1998 Chinese investment, has invested in more than 140 Chinese technology company, a total of more than $1 billion 900 million; nearly 40 companies have been listed or acquired; there are about 40 portfolio companies, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou and other places.

Intel investment team consists of investment team, BD team, post cast management team (Investment, Business Development, Portfolio Management) and so on.

NetEase science and technology: what is the role of Intel investment in the Intel system, what are the strategic value or significance? How to cooperate with group planning

IntelIntel investment support company's strategic deployment and industry and technology layout. One is BU (Business Unit, here refers to internal Intel each division) need any technical support, we can help them to carry out research and development, business expansion, we can also help their trading company, investment company. So, the overall strategic deployment is to go in this direction, in case of lack of what, we can effectively support.

Another part is the strategic investment section. For us, in fact, strategic investment in the direction with our BU department or to the same direction, but we hope that we can see in some not necessarily in their areas of concern, we will not miss the opportunity, will help the Department to ensure the correct direction, may be a period of ten years, five years, you can invest.

NetEase Technology: compared with the general venture capital, what do you think are the characteristics of industry (Strategic) capital investment? (investment methods, strategic objectives, etc.)

Intel:We support the company's strategy, to help the company's various business department confirmed they need something, they don't have something we have available to them, or to buy the company, so the difference is that we are supporting our division.

NetEase science and technology: what are the main investment directions of Intel?

Intel:We support the strategic vision of the company: Intel is transforming from a PC company to a company that drives hundreds of millions of intelligent and Internet Computing devices.

The data driven market continues to expand, and Intel is investing in these markets to maintain growth. We are committed to finding and investing in emerging companies at the forefront of technological innovation. Key investment areas include: artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, 5G, AR VR, cloud computing, big data analysis, etc..

NetEase Technology: compared with the previous, Intel investment now has strategic adjustment?

Intel:You may notice that our total investment is decreasing, but we pay more attention to the quality of the investment, which is reflected in the increase in the amount of money and more attention to technology investment. This is our last year a group of figures: in 2015 the number of new investment in us is 63, 2016 is 31, the number is less than half a year ago, and the total investment was 300 million to $500 million ($514 million in 2015 to $44 billion 600 million in 2016). Wendell Brooks (Bi Wende, senior vice president of Intel, Intel investment president) said at the Intel Global Investment Summit, Intel will invest in the world every year to keep 300 million -5 billion dollar investment rhythm, but we want to increase the influence of each investment.

We pay more attention to the financial returns to pay more attention to the strategic direction, do more prospective, long-term planning, the number of investment we a little, but the amount is relatively large, let us have the opportunity to be investment companies to provide more help.

Behind this there is a greater background, Intel is in the process of the overall transformation of the company, that our business strategy also changes, from the original PC field to cloud and intelligent direction, this transformation process is we need to invest more to concentrate on in order to achieve the transition and promote. That is to say, why reduce the number and increase the intensity of each pen?.

NetEase science and technology: what is the investment methodology of Intel investment? What aspects of investment objects should be valued and the starting point of investment?

Intel:What's important is that we will see if it fits into Intel's overall strategy, including its strategic value, its relationship with Intel's business, and its long-term prospects for the future and for the future.

Intel has four main types of investment: the first is the ecosystem: investment in the technology sector supports the end product using Intel technology. These products are complementary to Intel products, and help to drive the market demand for Intel products. Secondly, market development funds to promote the application of technology to companies in emerging markets; secondly, bridging the technology gap: this kind of investment for those who promote Intel platform to help Intel technology or product promotion company based on cutting-edge technology; finally is: Intel will invest a small part of the funds invested in emerging technology areas, although little relationship these technology and Intel's current business, but may play a value in the next three to five years.

NetEase science and technology: compared with the investment departments of other enterprises, what are the characteristics of Intel's investment? What has been the reason from 1991 until now?

Intel:I think the reason we are so successful is because we help these portfolio companies grow and grow closer to us. In recent years, we have helped them grow bigger and introduce them to our consumers and our partners. Because we've done a lot of different activities, such as the Intel global summit that we've just been talking about, and we're all together, and it's a very powerful value-added service.

The other is our ITD (Intel Capital Technology Days, Intel investment innovation technology exchange, Intel investment in 2016 with the world's leading enterprises jointly held 81 Intel investment innovation technology exchanges. Standard communication mode is: technology innovation Intel invited about 10 related investment portfolio companies, and Intel customer management and technical team to meet customer portfolio management to introduce company personnel, technology products recommended portfolio company. A day's meeting agenda usually includes company presentations, presentations, technical presentations, product descriptions, and communications. In Shanghai. Let's show them to our portfolio companies and introduce them to both sides. Because we don't always have this opportunity with small companies, we give him this opportunity.

NetEase Technology: as an industrial fund (strategic investor), in the investment process, whether there is a special way of risk control? What aspects of the invested enterprises will be adjusted before the investment? So far, what is the main way of Intel's withdrawal? (IPO? Transfer of shares? Buy back shares of invested enterprises?

Intel:We will measure whether it fits Intel's overall strategy, including its strategic value, its relevance to Intel's technology and business, and the prospects for cooperation between the two sides. We will focus on the core competitiveness and development of the technology of investment projects, product market potential, entrepreneurial team and so on.

Intel's investment exit mode, mainly three kinds, IPO, acquisition or merger (M

NetEase science and technology: is the investment plan out in 2017?

Intel:Similar to last year's plan, the world's 300 million to 500 million dollars, the number of companies more than 30 to 35.

NetEase Technology: we feel that our investment has been very stable, that is it.

Intel:On the R with us.

This point of view, if in the Intel investment, venture capital is not just this one, in fact, is the same, once Intel CEO Barrett said, the more the economic downturn to invest more, because you invest in some manufacturing and factory, because at that time the investment, maybe you will cost more for example, the more the kind of technology investment, our manufacturing plant, the investment will be more, will continue to maintain, because you will find a few years after your return is higher at that time.

NetEase science and technology: what's your judgment on the big VC environment this year?

Intel:We are full of expectation and confidence for the future. A good project always has a chance.

In the global perspective: the environment continues to improve, innovation continues to emerge; Intel investment in investment, innovation, science and technology to promote industrial development as the goal.

In China: the government supports, the policy is favorable; the economy is more innovation and consumption oriented; China is actively promoting the investment and development of the next generation of technology. China is striving to become the leader of global innovation, which provides more opportunities for development and innovation for Chinese scientific and technological enterprises. The whole environment of entrepreneurship is developing in a good direction. In China, technological innovation has not stopped nor slowed down for a moment.

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