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HUAWEI Mate 10 dual flagship evaluation: smart phone AI future peerless Shuangjiao

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Phoenix Technology | Cheng Yuan

HUAWEI Mate 10 series

In fact, these two generations of product changes quite large, Pro from the hyperboloid screen into a 18: 9 full screen, fingerprint recognition also exchange with each other. Mate 10 uses a Ment 9 Pro similar to the front of the fingerprint, and equipped with a full screen Mate 10 Pro is used after the fingerprint. But the biggest change is the surface of the glass structure, called Huawei one of the most beautiful industrial design.

The Mate 10 is in the same place as the Mate 10 Pro, and when it comes to the Mate 10 series, it is the place where the two are the same, At the office.

Appearance: Tianshui Mingyu four according to yin and yang

Move the palace in the invitation of the moon of the peerless elegance of the times, men are slaves slaves, Dutch music, Tieping Gu and other cold woman. The lack of flowers is the only male disciples, but also the transfer of the main hall of the descendants.

Cologne in the novel is so easy to describe the son: "Tianshui Mingyu four according to yin and yang." I believe it is difficult to have a rivers and lakes woman to withstand the lack of Fengshen handsome, in fact, these four words used in this Mate 10 series is also appropriate.

Mate 10 series

After the use of curved glass structure, the tough Mate series suddenly become moist jade. The past, the business seems to have no wind, replaced by a more elegant sense of fashion, which will produce a small female users no small attraction.

Although the back of the design language consistent, but the two Mate series of face is very different. In the first sense of view, Mate 10 TFT screen is more "plain", Mate 10 Pro OLED screen is more "level". As for the difference in resolution, in the area of ​​6 inches or so, the human eye can not obviously feel the gap between the two.

Mate 10

Mate 10 uses a conventional 16: 9 ratio 2K resolution screen, RGBW technology compared to Mate 9 brightness increased by 30%, while more power. Specific parameters, the 5.9-inch screen has 2560 * 1440 pixels, 96% NTSC color gamut. The bottom of the screen is a positive press fingerprint, the overall layout looks more compact, forehead width 9.6mm chin width of 10.6mm.

Mate 10 Pro is a 18: 9 ratio 1080P screen, material for the OLED to support HDR display technology. As a result of the full screen fingerprint post, so the Mate 10 Pro looks more symmetrical and harmonious, forehead width 8.4mm chin width of 9.2mm. Unfortunately, this screen does not use rounded corners, it can not form a unified fusion with the fuselage size.

Mate 10 Pro

As a result of the difference in proportion, in front of the elongated Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10 seems a bit "real". But Mate 10's border is shorter, the front looks more compact, but when I change from Mate 10 Pro, or feel the screen becomes "wide fat".

Both conform to the symmetrical design, Mate 10 (8.2mm) thickness will be thicker than Mate 10 Pro (7.9mm), which is one of the benefits of OLED screen. Overall, the back of the fuselage is Mate 10 series compared to Mate 9 biggest change, may also be Huawei's most beautiful back cover industrial design is not one.

Hardware: ghost spirit exquisite eight smooth

Although the same as the same as Jiang Feng flower slave son, but the river has experienced the opposite of another fish in another life. Grew up in the wicked valley, he grew up, although the martial arts is not high, but always dangerous for the witty man.

"Ghost fine exquisite octahedral" small fish self-recognition of the world's first smart man, unicorn 970 processor is Huawei's independent research and development SoC wisdom crystallization. Although the changes in the structure compared to 960 is not, but still bear the anti-Xiaolong 835 or even 845 of the task.

Kirin 970

Mate 10 series starting unicorn 970 processor (10nm process), the CPU is still using eight nuclear (A73 * 4 + A53 * 4) architecture, the highest frequency 2.36GHz, the official claims that energy efficiency by 20%. Unfortunately, the Mate 10 series does not have 8GB RAM version, but 4GB / 6GB is sufficient for Huawei users to choose.

Mate 10 series of GPU upgrade to 12 nuclear Mali-G72, according to the official data, graphics processing performance increased by 20%, energy efficiency by 50%. With a stable network capacity, can run smoothly, "King of glory", heat control was also better, mainly in the upper part of the fuselage control. Unfortunately, the Mate 10 series does not do much optimization for the game mode, sometimes pop-up message prompts affect the field of view.

In addition to the ten wicked professors martial arts, the million spring to take care of small fish always maintain the personality of the bright side of the good. For the unicorn 970, this role is played by the latest holding of the NPU.

Integrated NPU

Compared to the traditional CPU / GPU, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Cambrian NPU dedicated to the neural network computing processing unit. It is worth mentioning that, with this NPU, Mate 10 series can be achieved from the network localization AI calculation. NPU for neural network operations, in the face of artificial intelligence scene has far better than the advantages of CPU / GPU, Huawei data show in terms of performance and power consumption has greatly improved. However, the current application of AI on the phone is still very limited, mainly in the image recognition.

However, Huawei has been using this technology in the Mate 10 series of photos, to intelligently identify people, dogs, food, text and other objects were taken, and make real-time AI optimization. This feedback process does not need to rely on large network data, NPU localization process to save traffic while also protecting privacy. In addition to the explicit AI camera, the addition of NPU makes it easier for the machine to learn user behavior. This is why Huawei says the Mate 10 series is not a simple smartphone.

AI brain

Apple for its latest release of the A11 processor followed by Bionic (bionic) the word, the unicorn 970 is the first with the NPU artificial intelligence computing power flagship SoC. The local AI calculation at the chip level is the right direction for the future, compared to the pseudo AI that stays at the voice interaction level.

System experience: flowers in the open jade in hand

Move the palace of the most profound martial arts is "grafting jade" palm method, which is a leveraging effort. Mate 10 series this time also borrowed the power of Google, directly on the Android 8.0, EMUI version number from 5 suddenly jump to 8.

EMUI 8 in the system UI style, and before there is not much change. After all, left Huawei engineers to adapt Android 8.0 time is not very long, the conference can be intuitive display of only a PC model. I tested with the EMUI 5.1 based on Android 7.0, and can not achieve PC mode.

PC mode

The PC mode is still very fun, with the Samsung DeX is not the same, Mate 10 series does not need docking, through a USB-C to HDMI cable can be connected with the display. After connecting the phone can be used as a touchpad, or through the Bluetooth connection keyboard and mouse to form a complete small PC workstation.

In the PC mode desktop, the official application will fit the PC display window, the third party application is still a vertical screen direct projection of the way the phone. I probably experienced three minutes, pure typing + micro letter communication completely no problem, the basic can meet most of the light office scene. Is to show that driving this piece of electricity needs to provide mobile phones, life experience greater impact.

But fortunately Mate 10 series to continue to support Huawei super fast charge, with 4000mAh battery support a day and a half problem is not big. ComparediPhoneX (2716mAh), Pixel 2 XL (3520mAh), millet MIX2 (3400mAh), Mate series 4000mAh battery capacity can be said to be very conscience.

Power consumption

Mate 10 Pro insisted on the day and three hours (from the middle of a night to sleep about 6 hours), from the full power to the automatic shutdown, in my "king glorious use mode". One of the main power consumption from the screen and the network, the application of power mainly from WeChat and the king of glory.

Fast charge efficiency, we have a series of professional charge head derived the relevant current and voltage data.

Charge efficiency curve

You can see, plug in the standard fast charge, the phone quickly into the fast charge state, current and voltage are instantly reached 5V / 5A. Charging power newspaper in 20-25W, this time lasted 24 minutes and 28 seconds, the phone is also charged about 66.6% of the electricity. Then the current value is gradually reduced, into the so-called trickle charge process, the voltage is stable at 5V up and down.

UI design, Mate 10 series integrated my previous Mate 9 on the use of records. NFC wallet retains the previously bundled bank card, but the bus card also needs to re-open the card. Negative screen brings together a variety of information, but in the card interface style is more concise.

interface style

The interaction between the two main halt is reflected in the fingerprint, because the Mate 10 using the front so do not need a virtual button. Operation logic with the previous Mate 9 Pro, tap is to return to the weight of Home, left and right slip out of the multi-task interface. Avithers. Find roundsy swindings calling composition views ...... Decision罗 员 composition swither words ends views Email composition Results:1 Results Results Avg.

For the 18: 9 ratio screen Mate 10 Pro, the optimization on the interaction is not very full. For example, pull down this action, you need to pull down from the top of the screen in order to call out the function options and notification information. If you try to do this with one hand, one hundred percent is the search box. Other details, Mate 10 Pro screenshots will automatically add a similar strip on the screen wallpaper, which I did not read, is not related to the OLED screen?

Preloaded with Phoenix news client

It is worth mentioning that, Mate 10 series pre-installed Phoenix news client, for the majority of Huawei users to provide quality first-hand information. In addition Mate 10 Pro for IP67 better waterproof, canceled 3.5mm headphone jack, but Mate 10 made a reservation. So the two packages in the accessories, but also different interfaces with headphones.

In fact, in less than three days of experience in the process, the evaluation of two flagship mobile phone is certainly not 100% perfect and rigorous. So this is why I laugh that this is half of the cloud evaluation, a lot of details, especially AI camera, not readily photographed different light proofs can be explained.

Shooting: Kunlun Snow Prairie Starlight

The flowers and small fish together, in addition to flesh and blood of the feelings, as well as with the first female female heart of the triangle love and hate. It is said that she is also the "peerless arrogance" with the most beautiful eyes of people, "like the Kunlun mountain snow, like last night on the prairie starlight.

Mate 10 & amp; Mate 10 Pro together, in addition to curved glass design, as well as Leica double photo signs. The vertical arrangement of the double photo is consistent with the previous generation, but the two SUMMLUX-H lenses are individually packaged.

Leica double photo

Parameters, this generation Leica dual-camera with 12 million color +2000 million black and white combination, with dual f / 1.6 aperture, support OIS optical image stabilization, PDAF hybrid focus. ISP + NPU combination, so Mate 10 series with AI Hui eye knowledge function, of course, large aperture, portrait mode can not be less. Front 8 million pixel f / 2.0 aperture, support real-time beauty effect.

Large aperture / portrait mode contrast

Post-dual-shot respectively provide a large aperture and portrait of two virtual mode, compared to the common stock model more highlights the theme of the characters, while the screen is more layered. The individual portrait mode is more like: blur to strengthen + dark corners + Leica filter + characters fill the results after the light.

2x zoom

2 times the "optical" zoom performance is still very stable, but not as before the Mate 9 as to provide stepless zoom, but directly simple and brutal 1 times cut 2 times, do not know this piece of Huawei engineers how to consider, or hope Change back to the original way.


Daily shooting, the new generation of Leica can be said to be a sharp weapon. In the daytime light is not very good circumstances, still able to retain a lot of details, in the sense of hierarchy also control is in place, the whole picture is very transparent and clean.

Night shot

Mate 10 series is equipped with double f / 1.6 aperture for the first time, so I am looking forward to its night shooting ability. The actual performance is also satisfactory, the above if this is the original picture to see, then the details of grass leaves and even posters on the text are not too much smear traces.

Takeaway little brother

We look at another night shot proofs, 12 o'clock brother is still sent to take away life is not easy ah. Street lights carrying small brother blue clothes and helmets, the feedback out of the kind of color is very silky, which is often in the focus on noise control ignored when the place, but Leica double photo taken into account.


This photo is not really good to show the strength of the macro, because the light on the table is too dark, so you can find that there are excessive light ingredients. But even without adding any filters, this fried cat ears look or make people very appetite.

AI wisdom

In fact, shooting similar food, people, dogs, text and other content is, ISP + NPU combination can achieve the function of local intellectual knowledge. This is the current AI in the smart phone on the most obvious application scenarios.

2x zoom macro

This is a 2x zoom after the macro proofs, which is compressed after 4 times the effect of pixels, I do not have to say that you should feel the details of the effect of crawling.


Indoor shooting, Mate 10 series of performance is also strong enough, shade to control in place. Even if it is a very complex scene, the photo shoot out also appears to be "very clean", not too messy feeling.

Do you think this is a normal shooting or enabled black and white filter?


The Mate 10 series automatically adjusts the brightness and white balance to help show more details.

Self-timer beauty contrast

Self-timer performance is also good, the left side of this skin is in place, little sister is also more white and tender.

Big sense

Finally, the small sister town building, Leica portrait mode straight out can be said to be very large, as long as you grasp the angle and composition, girlfriend will be because you take pictures and can not bear to break up.

For those who will not use Snapseed late friends, Leica out of the way may be to help them straight hair friends circle of the weapon. In the photo shoot leaves the sky, I found the image after the Mate 10 quickly adjust the brightness of the screen. This system level of automatic fine-tuning, for most non-professional photography users is necessary.

Summary: "before the smart phone era," the happy ending

PPT from the conference will be able to see the contrast, Mate Shuangjiao is to standard Apple iPhone X full screen. But this time the focus is not on the full screen, and the screen technology is not Huawei's strengths.

Really can represent the future, in fact, more core part, that is, Kirin 970 processor. Although the CPU / GPU upgrade is not big, if GeekBench run points is estimated to be A11 hanging, but NPU blessing is undoubtedly a step ahead of Huawei. Coupled with the smarter Leica dual camera, as well as the surface glass industry design, Mate 10 series to meet the old users at the same time, but also for non-intrinsic groups have no small attraction.

AI times double arrogance

In fact, in terms of price segment, Mate 10 real competition should be iPhone 8 Plus. Election of apples or election for the fruit pollen for them is not a problem, the problem is that both seem to have chosen the same direction. If the current smart phone technology is still competing for someone else's dual-camera virtual more natural, then the future must be AI processor flexion of the times.

The whole "peerless Shuangjiao" Although full of tragic color, but the final small fish dead and resurrection and lack of recognition, the standard of the happy ending. For Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, there is still room for some details (such as perfect full screen, higher performance CPU, easier to use system interaction), but the most important thing is clear the smart phone AI future The direction of development.

This is not a SmartPhone

Jobs released from the first generation of iPhone, smart phones have been ten years. A few years later to review the history, we may be the decade to become "before the smart phone era." Huawei propaganda said "This is not a SmartPhone", may also mean this. The face of smart phones AI future, Mate 10 Shuangjiao also "before the smart phone era" presented a standard large rounded ending.

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