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Li Yuchun's first Intel AI technology based on MV Intel released, they are changing the people ""

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Hunting cloud network (WeChat:ilieyun) Chengdu October 29 reported (text / Yin Zixuan)

Friday, Intel held in Chengdu, "Intel brand night" theme activities. Vice President of Intel's Global Marketing Division Becky Brown, General Manager of Intel China Marketing Zhang Yifan, and Dean Song Jiqiang, Director of Intel China Research Institute attended the event.

The day, the famous artist, singing singer Li Yuchun also launched her first artificial intelligence MV & mdash; "Today's rain, but we are together", this MV application of the Intel China Research Institute launched 3D face facial expression capture technology. Through the machine learning and depth learning hundreds of thousands of face picture data, training face recognition model, the intelligent analysis of video images, you can automatically capture the face area, positioning the eye, nose, lips, eyebrows and other face Key features. And then from a few hundred 3D face scan data training a parametric three-dimensional face deformation model, used to simulate any person's face and facial expression changes; Finally, by learning 2D to 3D face mapping, to ensure that from 2D photos To 3D face of the precise conversion, so as to achieve real-time 3D face model.

In addition to this MV, in recent years, Intel is also actively with the sports, gaming, entertainment and other areas of a number of cooperation, hunting cloud network from these trends in the smell of Intel's change.

Beginning in 2015, Intel's brand video in addition to "Intel Inside" words, more also see the "Amazing Experience Outside" slogan. More outward-looking marketing, and actively re-shape the company's "people set", can be regarded as Intel to the millennial generation of olive branch.

It is worth mentioning that Intel this month released a new test, raised the annual revenue and profit estimates, foreign media pointed out that this benefited from the strong growth of data center business.

In this event, Intel is from the data trend, artificial intelligence layout and brand strategy and other dimensions, a comprehensive exposition of all things in the era of intelligent Internet, Intel how a clear business layout, technical capabilities and brand positioning, in the data Floods to explore the value of data, and the inherent technology to bring the external experience presented to the vast number of consumers.


Future Opportunity: The data is new to the oil

In the era of intelligent interconnection of all things, data floods are surging from. This does not just mean the amount of data exploded, but also reflected in the revolutionary changes in the form of data, and data processing methods of extension.

In terms of quantity, by 2020, the amount of data generated by each Internet user will be 1.5GB per day, and the amount of data generated per day for each unmanned vehicle is 4TB. The amount of data generated per day for each networked aircraft is 40TB Home cloud video providers produce data per day is up to 750PB and from the data form, the future data from the structure to the unstructured, as well as irregular dimensions and custom types of data evolution. Traditionally, there are text data, graphics data, followed by video data, audio data, social data and other unstructured data, the future will also show a richer data form, such as radar data, sonar data, GPS data, Laser laser data, networked vehicle data, neural network data, genetic data, and the like.

"The data is new to oil and the source of future innovation, and Intel is becoming a data company," said Song Jijiang, president of Intel China Research Institute. We are in the existing data processing strength, attention to future data, concerned about the new data form. The most significant feature of data flooding is end-to-end data generation and processing. And Intel has a unique full stack strength, through end-to-end technology and products, as well as extensive open eco-cooperation, the full release of data value and create value-added. & rdquo;

To this end, Intel has developed a clear data strategy, with cloud and data centers, Internet of Things, storage, FPGA and 5G constitute a virtuous cycle of growth, driving cloud computing and hundreds of millions of intelligent, interconnected computing devices.


Artificial Intelligence: Unlimited data release potential

In July, Intel launched the Movidius & trade, the world's first USB-based depth learning reasoning tool and an independent artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator to provide dedicated depth neural network processing for a wide range of edge host devices The The sleek Movidius Neural Computing Rod is designed for product developers, researchers and founders to provide dedicated high-performance deep neural network processing performance, thereby reducing the barriers to developing, tuning and deploying artificial intelligence applications.

In September this year, Intel announced the launch of code-named "Loihi" ralph lauren pas cher, the first self-learning neural mimicry chip. This is a very energy-efficient chip that uses data to learn and infer that it becomes more intelligent over time and does not require training in the traditional way. The self-learning function of this test chip has great potential to improve automotive and industrial applications as well as personal robots, including any applications that benefit from autonomous operation and continuous learning in unstructured environments, such as identifying cars or bicycles exercise. Compared to the general-purpose computing chip for training artificial intelligence systems, the energy efficiency of Loihi chips has increased by a factor of 1,000. In the first half of 2018, Intel will share Loihi test chips with leading universities and research institutions to promote artificial intelligence.

In October of this year, Intel's global strategic investment and acquisition department - Intel Capital, announced to 15 technology start-up companies for a total of more than 60 million US dollars a new batch of investment. New entrants to the Intel portfolio are expanding their technology at different stages of the data lifecycle, including data analysis, collection, management and security maintenance. The company is focused on artificial intelligence and other data related to the start-up companies. Up to now, Intel's investment in advancing the development of artificial intelligence has exceeded $ 1 billion.

With the continuous breakthrough of computing power, the outbreak of data floods and the continuous innovation of the algorithm, artificial intelligence is ushering in the golden age of development. Artificial intelligence is stimulating a new round of computational innovation that fully releases data values.

Song Jijiang that artificial intelligence industry scale and social value, will be comparable to the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution and digital revolution. It will bring great opportunities for development, promote the industry, transportation, energy, retail, finance, medical and other industries and even individual transformation, the future of society, life has a huge impact.

For the field of artificial intelligence innovation, Intel continues to extend the technical layout. On the one hand, Intel to strengthen investment, one after another acquisition of the world's leading unmanned solutions provider Mobileye, depth learning and neural network chip and software leader Nervana, leading computer vision company Movidius and so on. On the other hand, Intel combines these investments with Intel Xeon, strong-fruiting, real-world technology, and FPGA to deliver full-stack strength to handle end-to-end data from hardware, libraries and languages, frameworks, tools to applications Program, with all the assets needed to provide end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions to the market.

In addition, Intel has continued to enrich its product portfolio in the near future, to strengthen forward-looking areas of product development and technology research, and continue to increase investment and promote artificial intelligence innovation.

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