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Lin Yuanqing left behind, quest the Baidu research institute that thing

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Former Baidu Research Institute Dean Lin Yuanqing left, in his previous March, Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda left. They left behind the separation of which factions struggle, this article has done a comb. Article from: AI planet (ID: ai_xingqiu), finishing all Paul Jie.

China's courtesy culture is very interesting, probably because the world is very large, rivers and lakes is very small, a circle turn Yeah turn, bow not see the rise of see, so we all like the occasion of parting, to the former to stay under the steps to leave their own Behind the road

August 28, 2017, there is news that Wang Haifeng will take over the post of Baidu Research Institute, Lin Yuanqing and other appointments & rdquo; seems to have foreshadowed the paper, after all, can not wrap fire, pressure for a long time after leaving the news Or by the media exposed, Lin Yuanqing away, and now his identity really became a "Baidu Depth Learning Laboratory (IDL) director and director of Baidu Research Institute, he said this, to do some toB Change the traditional industry event, to table determination.


It is said that after leaving this thing eleven before the finished, the reason why not close, Lin Yuanqing explained: "I always wanted to try to let everyone less interference from my departure, I left the team more or less have some impact, or hope We are stable. & rdquo;

Qi (Lu Qi) is super good, both vision and hard work. Robin is very good, I am very respectful. In the AI ​​side, Baidu is definitely the best company, is a very good platform. I am in Baidu almost two years, grew a lot, I am very grateful to Baidu.

Everything is fine, but I still choose to leave. One after another from the Baidu Institute of Elite celebrities have exactly the same tone is also quite interesting, which is probably by the Baidu Institute of culture a little bit of influence.

Courtesy and greeting under the undercurrent is always surging, Baidu Institute of the glorious era seems like yesterday, in a waved to do nothing quietly, to say that behind the scenes did not matter what really can not say, so today probably talk Rumors of the factions of the dispute it is not comprehensive, just for the sake of the ins and outs.

A little clue

November 2015, Lin Yuanqing invited by Wu Enda, joined Baidu and served as Baidu IDL laboratory director.


March 22, 2017, Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda announced his departure in the social network, Wu Enda mentioned in an open letter, Lin Yuanqing will take over the post of Baidu Research Institute.

In addition to confirming the news, in recognition of Wu Enda's contribution since joining Baidu, Baidu has also announced that Baidu will further integrate, including NLP, KG, IDL, Speech, Big Data, etc., (AIG), AIG became the latest business group after IDG (Baidu Intelligent Driving Business Group), and appointed Vice President of Baidu Wang Haifeng as AI Technology Platform System (AIG), and Baidu's AI Technology Platform System (AIG) Responsible person, at the same time promoted to Estaff members, turned to Baidu Group President and Chief Operating Officer Lu Qi reported.

August 28, 2017, there is news that Wang Haifeng will take over as president of Baidu Research Institute, Lin Yuanqing and other appointments, and now served as 5 months Baidu Institute of Lin Yuanqing announced the resignation, think about it is not accident. One is the traditional strong sector search system rights raised, one is the elite of the Institute factions out of leave, and now, in addition to the depth of learning laboratory senior director of Xu Wei, Baidu Institute of the vast majority of returnees have been discrete, Baidu The top floor is out of the way.

The rise of the institute

For a long time, Baidu to "heavy technology" reputation based on the rivers and lakes, its gathering of tens of thousands of engineers, Li Yanhong also repeatedly stressed that the development of the Internet today, Baidu's soul has not changed [mdash; & mdash; Innovation is always our core driver. "

At the end of 2012 Baidu annual meeting, Robin Li revealed that Baidu will be in 2013 to establish a focus on the depth of learning technology research institute & mdash; Institute of Deep Learning (IDL), things should not be too late to do, then 2013 Year 1, Baidu Depth Learning Laboratory (IDL) was announced.


That time, Li Yanhong to be personally in command as president, appointed vice president Yu Kai. As the executive vice president, Yu Kai is the IDL laboratory and even Baidu Institute of the early founder of it, he is the ninth group of the ninth batch of "thousands of people plan" national experts, internationally renowned machine learning experts, , Siemens and NEC work, all the way success, in April 2012 to join Baidu, leading the newly established Baidu Multimedia Department, he led the team will be the depth of learning technology successfully applied to advertising, search, images, voice, etc., have won three times " Baidu highest award & rdquo; and so on, his new task is to set up a research institute.

In September 2013, former Facebook senior scientist Xu Wei and former AMD heterogeneous system chief software architect Wu Ren has joined Baidu Depth Research Institute, and later, including Zhang Tong, Huang Chang, Ni Kai and other cattle have joined.

In January 2014, Baidu launched the Marshal program, the annual salary of one million from the global recruitment of nine young people under the age of 30 young people in the field of artificial intelligence. Baidu Shao Shuai plan representative Gu Jiawei in 2015 after joining Baidu IDL laboratory, as director of R & D architect, responsible for human-computer interaction.

May 17, 2014, Wu Enda officially joined Baidu as chief scientist. About Wu Enda to join or a little story, saying that more than six months to join Baidu Baidu, Baidu Institute of hot set up, the internal let him lead the voice or some, but he has recommended his friend Wu Enda to Li.

Wu Enda era

Before entering Baidu, Wu Enda has been Andrew Ng's English name in the field of international artificial intelligence reputation, very appeal. The Chinese American is an associate professor of computer science at the Stanford University and an associate professor of electronic engineering. He is also one of the most authoritative scholars in the world of Google's brain founder, artificial intelligence and machine learning. At that time the top experts in the field of artificial intelligence usually have two kinds of argument, and the only difference is that there is no Wu Enda.

Baidu had wanted to dig three carriages in the Geoffrey Hinton, but the days of people willing to, Hinton chose Google, so the second goal locked Wu Enda, Li Yanhong personally prepared the "people dig" plan, after the then Baidu senior vice President Wang Jin and vice president of the Institute Yu Kai repeatedly lobbying, Wu Enda finally agreed to join Baidu as Baidu's chief scientist, responsible for Baidu Institute leadership work, especially Baidu brain business, to senior vice president Wang Jin reported.


In the United States, Baidu also set up an artificial intelligence team. In April 2013 Baidu in the United States, California, the establishment of the artificial intelligence laboratory, called "depth study and research center"; 2014 Baidu Institute of the United States from more than 30 people expanded to more than 100 people. In May 2014, Baidu in Silicon Valley set up Silicon Valley artificial intelligence laboratory; the same year in July, Baidu set up large data laboratory.

The so-called "responsible for the Baidu Institute leadership work" is actually let Wu Enda at the same time control three laboratories, namely his former colleague Adam Coates responsible for the Silicon Valley artificial intelligence laboratory, Yu Kai is responsible for the Beijing depth study laboratory (IDL), and Zhang Tong responsible for the Beijing large data laboratory. Later, an additional AR laboratory (January 16 this year to set up, deputy director of the original IDL Wu Zhongqin as head).

May 22, 2015, due to the company's internal display is not open, the internal project to promote the growing resistance, Yu Kai from Baidu to leave the business, the baggage to Wu Enda took over, in the same year in June, NEC United States Director of Intelligent Image Research Institute Lin Yuanqing joined Baidu as director of Depth Learning Laboratory.

December 14, 2015, Baidu announced the establishment of automatic driving division, Baidu unmanned car project led by Baidu Research Institute, automatic driving division by Baidu senior vice president Wang Jin as general manager, Wu Enda report object has become Li Yanhong , Do not know how the organization's internal power is cross-distribution, involving specific business instructions in the end who should listen to who?

But from an external point of view, Baidu's core strategy of artificial intelligence strategy is Wu Enda and its command of the Baidu Institute, in the mobile Internet war defeat, 2016 Li Yanhong to artificial intelligence to the stage before the announcement that this is Baidu's future, artificial intelligence Baidu's core strategy, and Baidu internal commitment to the artificial intelligence strategy of the right to speak more and more intense.

Wang Haifeng and AI Invisible School

Under the surface, there are another Baidu artificial intelligence factions rise to Wang Haifeng as the representative of the AI ​​invisible force search system. Wang Haifeng is very low-key, so that ordinary users difficult to evoke too much memory and association, but the new AI technology system responsible person, the new members of the Estaffe Baidu Institute has become Baidu AI Around a name.

Wang Haifeng as early as January 2010 will join the Baidu, senior veteran staff, Baidu inner courtyard of the monks. Wang Haifeng's career starting point is Microsoft China Research Institute. He created a natural language processing department for Baidu, Internet data research and development (including knowledge maps and Internet data mining), recommended engine and personalized department, multimedia department (including voice and image technology), image search department, voice technology department. The first half of 2013, but also as the implementation of the person in charge to help create the Baidu Depth Research Institute (IDL), these pioneering work for the development of Baidu artificial intelligence laid the foundation.


In addition, polo ralph lauren pas cher, Wang Haifeng more familiar with how AI technology and Baidu's deep integration of products, thus creating business value.

In 2014, Wang Haifeng transferred to the search business group as deputy general manager, has been responsible for the Baidu search engine, mobile Baidu, Baidu information flow, natural language processing, Baidu translation, Internet data mining, knowledge maps, voice search, image search, Secret, small robot, Baidu news, Baidu mobile browser, commercial platform, glutinous rice technology platform, Hao123 and so on.

In the same year, the original Microsoft company chief research and development director King Kun joined Baidu, worked in the big search as the total product architect, the current Baidu degree division general manager. According to the current Baidu degree Division CTO Zhu Kaihua, Baidu search team has been doing the idea of ​​secret, because from the perspective of intelligence and ability, and search inextricably linked, under the guidance of this idea, Wang Haifeng led the King Baidu AI strategy of the two major drive is DuerOS and Apollo two open platform, and DuerOS's predecessor from the Wang Haifeng team developed & ldquo; Baidu AI strategy of the two major drive is DuerOS and Apollo two open platform, and DuerOS's predecessor from Wang Haifeng team developed & ldquo ; Degree of secret and rdquo ;.

In 2016, Wang Haifeng further integrated search, hand hundred, Hao123, news, mobile browser and other business, hair force hundred and wise home page and other multi-stream, to achieve the Baidu Feed six months 30 times the high-speed growth, to create a search and feed Double engine, Baidu revenue for the further growth made a contribution. With the results to speak, Wang Haifeng with meritorious outstanding performance proved himself, but also won the work of the puppet puppet airborne second hand Lu Qi's trust.

Lu Qi 's Airborne and Choice

A person familiar with the matter revealed that Baidu artificial intelligence surface scenery, in fact, the search data is not open to the Institute. Artificial intelligence to do this wave are the returnees elite, with the search side is completely two styles, there is not much between the two tacit understanding. "Baidu search for large data support, Baidu Institute is difficult to produce the actual results.

Second, the ever-changing product development strategy so that the Institute can not create the results of the shot: Baidu Eye, Baidu Light, Baidu Bike, Baidu chopsticks search was Baidu external efforts to promote the artificial intelligence products, but now have disappeared. At the same time, Baidu in 2014 before and after the collection of outstanding artificial intelligence experts began to seriously lose. 2015, Yu Kai, Wu Ren left from Baidu; 2016, Baidu unmanned car head Ni Kai left; August 2016, Baidu Marshal plan iconic characters, IDL director R & D architect / chief designer Gu Jiawei go away.

In January 2017, Lu Qi officially joined Baidu, president and chief operating officer of Baidu Group (Group President, COO), fully responsible for Baidu all business technology, products, operations, marketing and sales services. Right after Li Yanhong Lu Qi is to determine Baidu internal artificial intelligence two factions of the key figures.


Lu Qi has talked about "in the artificial intelligence competition process, the most important thing is to grasp the correct application scenarios and ecosystems. "Therefore, he urgently needs a Baidu's AI technology can be product, commercial, and find the scene of the landing, so Wang Haifeng became the best person to achieve this mission."

In February this year, Baidu's new COO Lu Qi took office after the big move, the acquisition of Raven Technology, the original degree of the team to upgrade to the secret of the Division, directly to its report to accelerate the layout of artificial intelligence and its product and market, March 1, Baidu integration of the original L3 and L4 and the car network business sector, the establishment of intelligent driving business group (IDG), Lu Qi, general manager of the position, then Wang Jin's position is very embarrassing, so, in March, the king King was exposed from Baidu to leave.

Lu Qi as the focus of the new COO is: the artificial intelligence-related business in accordance with the direction of integration, to determine the DuerOS and automatic driving as the core of the future system, while strengthening its direct leadership of the relevant business. In the adjustment process, it is clear that Lu Qi more close to the actual value has been created Baidu strong sector search factions, alone to enhance the degree of the cause of the Division is a good signal.

And no Lu Qi and search factions support, research institutions can only retreat, artificial intelligence research institute is good, but the large input, low output is not suitable for Beyond in the already out of Baidu, can only reluctantly love, focus You can earn money business, the representative can only sadly leave, in March Wu Enda left, in September Baidu Silicon Valley AI laboratory director Adam & middot; Coates left, to now Lin Yuanqing away, users ridicule Lu Qi after the search project to send the next A city


It is gratifying that, nearly four years, from Baidu have been away from the elite "disciples" no less than 40, almost all gathered in the field of artificial intelligence Happy Valley, they with a scientist status, bright resume, high worth As well as super financing capacity, the founder of the new company reputation are ringing.

Wu Teda founded the Deeplearning.ai training AI talent; Zhang Tong went to Tencent artificial intelligence laboratory as AI Lab director, Baidu young Marshal Gu Jiawei only to set up a terrain robot; Wu Ren set up a heterogeneous intelligence; Wang Kai, Han Xu set up Jingchi Technology; Ni Kai first joined the music as super car project, after the establishment of his own unmanned team (HoloMatic), the establishment of his own unmanned team (HoloMatic ) Wo more technology. Baidu United States R & D center programming genius "leader" floor days and former Baidu chief architect Peng Jun founded the automatic driving company Pony Zhixing Pony.ai and so on.

Baidu, although not through the Institute of their own achievements, but indirectly contributed to the rise of a number of domestic AI start-up enterprises, involving automatic driving, machine vision, voice, medical, robot, chip, etc., involving more than 20 enterprises , Hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, the future development of immeasurable, Baidu Institute has become a veritable artificial intelligence Whampoa Military Academy, can be considered a merit.

Today, in the land under the mighty, Baidu from the inside out of the new face of AI new stereotypes, high-level architecture in some competition after the trend is also stable, Lin Yuanqing quietly leave, basically from the Baidu Institute since its inception Attracted exogenous force has almost all away, and rely on the biological intelligence system can lead Baidu to reverse the decline of rivers and lakes it? Need to wait and see.

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