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Foreign media comment iPhone X: "very good but not perfect"

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According to foreign media reports, in the iPhone X before the sale, a lot of foreign media and its reporters have the opportunity to try this flagship smart phone in advance. After the trial, they also have written their own feelings. Let's take a look at how they evaluate the iPhone X.

Business Insider

Steve Kovach of Business Insider, a technology blogger, said he tried iPhone X less than a day, but already liked the phone.

His most fancy is its new design, OLED display and Face ID facial recognition.

"iPhone X has a refreshing new design. Three years we have seen almost the same design, and now we are pleased to see the apple in the appearance of doing a lot of change.

The best part is the display. Its screen has 5.8 inches, slightly larger than the iPhone 8 Plus screen. However, this screen even installed only slightly larger than the iPhone 8 on the fuselage. For anyone who does not like the big screen iPhone, iPhone X size just right. Its screen is very stunning, it seems like painting on the phone.

In the short trial of the iPhone X process, Face ID run very smooth. It can quickly unlock the phone in low light, light and dark light even in dark wardrobe. & rdquo;

Kovacs did not mind the iPhone X's design, but he said that not all application developers (including Apple's own!) Were adapted to this new aspect ratio.

"Many of my applications did not redesign the size of the iPhone X screen. Therefore, they are open up and down when there is a wide black state bar, the design is still aimed at the general iPhone screen aspect ratio. It seems to waste a lot of space.

Other applications for the iPhone X screen has been adjusted, but the design is not how good-looking. For example, some applications have a lot of unused space at the bottom near the status bar. I at least see an application's status bar into the menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

"Apple's own development of the application is also true. On several occasions, I saw a lot of unused space under Apple's own application (such as the iPhone's pre-installed Mail application) screen. & rdquo;

Technology Information Website The Verge

Nilay Patel of the Verge, said he had less than 24 hours to try the iPhone X and was equally impressed with the iPhone X's screen.

"The screen is very bright and rich in color. The screen is tighter than the previous iPhone, so that its pixels look like the top of the screen. To be honest, it looks like a 3D render picture, not a real phone. & rdquo;

He also liked its design, called it "very beautiful" but it is not flawless.

There is a slightly smaller corner between the back of the glass and the chrome alloy, and every time I pick up the phone, I can feel it. Like every chrome alloy apple product, iPhone X chrome alloy box is bound to appear scratches. The camera on the back of the camera site uplift is very high; this area than the iPhone 8 Plus, it is very eye-catching. Of course, someone will certainly feel it is ugly. But I slowly liked it. & rdquo;

He does not like the iPhone X's bangs design, that the phone's border than the Apple publicity wider

"It's feeling too ugly, but in portrait mode this feeling will gradually disappear." However, in the landscape mode, this feeling appeared again. It makes the general scenery look very bad. There is also a problem that can not be ignored is that the sides of the screen and the bottom of the border is actually very wide. & rdquo;

He is more dissatisfied with the application that has not been optimized.

"Those applications that are not optimized for the iPhone X, but using the Apple iOS automatic layout system, will be covered with the entire screen. But there are some strange things happen: weather forecast application Dark Sky own black status bar will block the phone half of the status bar, taxi service application Uber will put your account icon on the battery indicator, Halide camera application settings Will be partially covered by bangs. & rdquo;

Patel also found that Face ID is not always useful.

"I have many times from the pocket and took out the iPhone X, the result is unable to unlock. Until Apple clarifies that when your face is 25-50 centimeters from the screen, Face ID's recognition is the best. This distance than I usually took out the mobile phone to view the content of the distance. That means I have to make the iPhone X closer to my face. The way you hold the iPhone X may be accidentally wrong.

Face ID also runs well in the dark because its infrared radiation projector is basically the equivalent of a flashlight, and the flashlight is the easiest to see in the dark. However, in the strong sunlight or fluorescent lamps, Face ID effect will be greatly reduced, because these light will interfere with the operation of infrared radiation projector. & rdquo;


Techno News website Engadget's Chris Velazco said he tried iPhone X & ldquo; about one day & rdquo; and felt a bit like "it's designed."

This is the most radical visual change in the iPhone series. I feel a little like it. iPhone X really feel great Its design even in accordance with Apple's standards is also remarkable. I especially liked it in the stainless steel frame, it added the noble gas. Covering the front of the phone and the back of the glass material and stainless steel frame perfect fusion together. Look at its screen: 5.8-inch OLED screen almost completely cover the phone front, to ensure that all iOS applications dominate your interaction with the iPhone X.

"However, the screen around the obvious border, as well as the top of the screen to install the camera's bangs, really seem to have some weird. & rdquo;

He likes the quality of the display, although he does not think that everyone likes it.

"The display is the most impressive mobile phone screen I've ever seen. Apple said it had a lot of effort in terms of accuracy. Apple's efforts are really obvious. Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 provides a more distinctive color, but the iPhone X color is more introverted and natural. As for which mobile phone display better, it is completely subjective feelings. I have become accustomed to the bright screen of Samsung mobile phone, but the iPhone X screen looks very good. & rdquo;

He also complained about some of the unoptimized applications.

Some of the unoptimized applications seem to be lavish. When you open an application, such as Gmail, it has a large blank area on the bottom, which makes the iPhone X looks a bit silly hat. & rdquo;

But he thinks the new gestures are very good.

Thankfully, navigation on the iPhone X interface is easy. Because there is no primary key, users need to use a variety of sliding screen gestures in the iOS application to switch between. Will be a finger across the bottom of the screen status bar will be able to switch between running applications; the phone from the bottom of the screen to slide up and stay for a moment, it will show all the running applications, simply slide up The finger will return to the main screen. Apple developed the new iOS so that you will feel the existence of nearly a decade of the main key has been no need to exist. & rdquo;

Technology Information Website CNET

Scott Stein, CNET's technology website, tried iPhone X for 18 hours. He found that Face ID was not 100% reliable.

unlocking is not fully automated. On the contrary, after the phone recognizes my face, it will be & lsquo; ready to unlock the state & rsquo ;. For example, when I look at the iPhone X, the screen at the top of the screen lock icon will be ready to unlock. However, the iPhone X still needs me to move my fingers to unlock. This process is quick, but this extra step means that it can not be unlocked instantaneously. In most of the time, Face ID is able to recognize my face, but sometimes it does not recognize me.

"Double-click the side button to activate the Apple Pay payment service, but you have to face it again to complete the payment. I tried it several times in our office vending machines and found that Face ID was sometimes running very well and sometimes I did not recognize it. & rdquo;

Interestingly, although Apple said you need to look at the iPhone X to let Face ID identify your face, but Stein said, if you like, you can turn off this security settings.

"In the default state, it requires you to stare at the screen. However, those who do not like this request or who wish to speed up the identification process can cancel this requirement. & rdquo;

However, he did not feel very impressed with the iPhone X screen. He just thinks it's good, but not really good.

"Improve the quality of the screen compared to the previous iPhone and can not let people immediately notice. But, then, it also proves how good the Apple TrueTone screen was. Larger screen really gives a more realistic feel. & rdquo;

He is also dissatisfied with those applications that are not optimized. He also said that he was difficult to adapt to the phone without the primary key.

"In the first few hours of trial, I always involuntarily to find the primary key.

"When I walk in the streets between my office and a barber shop in Manhattan, these gestures increase the difficulty of the operation. Finally, I admit that I sometimes miss the original primary key. & rdquo;

He also found that the portrait lighting function does not seem to work.

"The effect of my face shot out of the final look always strange, obviously lack of light. And the rear camera is different, I use the front camera self-timer has not produced a satisfactory effect. & rdquo;

And CNET's senior cameraman James Martin spent 10 hours playing with its front camera. He felt basically very satisfied, but he pointed out that there were some problems taking pictures under strong sunlight. (Compilation / music)

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