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"Dit" within the measured live function, short video VS live, a harmonious grab land game

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This article is reproduced from the public micro-channel number & ldquo; red network today & rdquo; (ID: zhhjrwh), Author: Wang Xiaohong

In the fiery short video background, live the limelight seems to be covered.

However, focus on music short video, set up just over a year but the momentum of catching fast hand trembling, but quietly began measuring closed broadcast function.

Live, short video, as the current market in the most fiery two kinds of Internet products, both PK, and will pass through. Although the rapid development of short video momentum, but the live still maintained a huge vitality.

At the same time, dancing and volcano small video are the same with today's headlines, both live and short video features, both sides do not have a competitive relationship?

Shaking quietly measured live broadcast function

When the big short video platform competition hot, competing to play the contents of a variety of tricks, force grabbed the quality of the creator of the time, the trembling is the opposite of it, quietly tentacles into another area & mdash; & mdash; live.

Recently, the ditto began to measure the live broadcast function. According to a trembling of people revealed that the official voice of the station has been sent to the application within the letter to them, asked if they are willing to open the live function.

And the sound of sitting on the 6.49 million fans, fans were called "lazy brother" Zhang Xinyao, also the day before yesterday to live, but because the official and Zhang Xinyao I have no notice and publicity, many fans have said "ldquo; Do not know "and" lost "and" rdquo ;. "

But there is no live sound on the playback, still in the closed beta.


In addition to Zhang Xinyao, trembling up to Cheng-Lun Hsiao, I love Joker, etc. also in succession on the trembling broadcast. Joker live up to 2 hours and 19 minutes, during the live process with the fans frequently interact, humorously say "boss to you please" and "rdquo ;. This can only be in the short video before the comments on the interactive behavior compared to no doubt narrow the distance between the red and the fans.


As the function is still in the closed beta, it is not open to all red people, the current dit also did not have a clear live entry. Friends and the mountains and brother "said on the microblogging, dithered red people to have more than 50,000 fans to open the broadcast function, so the function is likely to not benefit all the users on the platform. However, the news has not yet been confirmed, to be questionable.

For live, short video up to the attitude of it? Xiaohong to have a few hundred thousand fans of the trembling up to understand that they were in the previous trembling official sent the station information survey, is clearly expressed that "very willing to open broadcast function" but did not receive the invitation The


Some people are opposed, and some users worry that "jitter will have the same dispute and fast hand", "broadcast will affect the short video cool features" and so on. However, most of the users for the dancing of the live function is still looking forward to, which means that later look like "idol" no longer only short video, and more live this more direct way.

So, in the end which users can open the live function, tasted the first cup, and shaking live will be different from the traditional live platform innovation and play, yet to be the next step action.

"Live with short video & rdquo; into gold partner."

In fact, short video platform into the live broadcast is not new.

For example, founded in 2013, has now become the largest registered users of the shortest video platform "fast hand" on the early 2016 live on the live function, but compared to short video, the fast live function belongs to the subsidiary function.

If you want to become a anchor, you need to quickly in the hand to the official account number "ralph lauren pas cher, send a live broadcast function of the application information, after the audit, the application will appear on the live entrance.


In contrast, the United States shot & rdquo; on the broadcast of the degree of attention even better. "not only in the home page of the menu bar ranked first, click & ldquo; record & rdquo; button after the" live "and the location of" short video "ralph lauren pas cher. Moreover, the application to become a host of the process is far faster than the simple, only need to go through the "real name of the owner of the certification" can be.

The same for the "headline" and its short video application, "volcano small video" is almost on the line when the launch of the live broadcast simultaneously. Currently on the platform, "live" and "short video" and also in the same position, or even more forward.


In addition to short video platform plug in the field of live, the live platform to be outdone, from the end of 2015 to gradually get involved in short video field.

As early as the end of November 2015, "street" on the line of new features, the user can record no more than 30 seconds of short video; & ldquo; sketch "in September 2016 on the line & ldquo; short video & rdquo ; Function, when the time limit of 10 seconds or less; plus in September this year, new MV short video, want to invest 100 million funds to support short video "pepper & rdquo ;, see the live platform into the short video field began more Early, more and more attention.


It can be seen, whether it is short video platform plug live, or live platform into the short video field, "live + short video" has been favored. As the current market in the most fiery two forms of product, the cross of the two is undoubtedly the combination of strong and powerful, to their respective advantages to play most vividly.

"The advantage is that there is a direct realization of the channel, the user is easy to be triggered when watching the behavior, the anchor is also a direct beneficiary; Second," live "and" strong interaction, the anchor can be with the user immediately Of the interaction, greatly narrowing the distance between the anchor and the user.


And the short video & rdquo; is characterized by high quality content, easy to precipitate, the user retention time is long, the user is more and more used to watch the small video to obtain information, the joy of the enjoyment of the senses, etc., & quot; short video & rdquo; The audience is more extensive.

So, live + short video & rdquo; naturally able to integrate the advantages of both, learn from each other, make up the platform of the short board.

Small red that "pure live", "pure video" and the form may have been difficult to adapt to the ever-changing user needs, the combination of the two seems to have opened a more spacious export & mdash; seemingly with "ldquo; Live "no words the relationship between the music short video also choose to live live," live + short video "ralph lauren pas cher, perhaps the trend of the trend.

You love me willing to grab the site game

"Are not it?" Today's headlines are not already have a small video of the volcano to do live, trembling with the volcano to grab the market? & rdquo;

That the ditto also open broadcast function, short video entrepreneurs "small Amoy" and "very surprised, directly to the red made this easy to misunderstand the question, yes, are there no competition between the two?

An interview with an industry insiders believe that, although the dit, volcano small video is today's head of the short video products, but the two there is a big difference, so there is no time & ldquo; Market & rdquo; situation.

First, the dithering positioning for the original music short video sharing platform & rdquo ;, users are mostly like music, love to play creative young people. Previously, the person in charge of the dithering product also publicly revealed the user's portrait image: 85% of the dithering users in the 24-year-old, the main people and users are basically 95, or even 00 after;


And the volcano small video positioning for the 15 seconds to record the original live short video community APP & rdquo ;, user types and diverse, mostly for all ages, like to share and record the daily life of ordinary people, at this point with the "hand" Positioning some similar.

Therefore, the difference between the two users and positioning are relatively large, there is no competition. And in the red seems to, why the sound into the live broadcast, more because it is facing the bottleneck of development and its own anxiety and rdquo ;.

First from the platform "user anxiety & rdquo ;. According to the data show that as of July this year, the installation of dithering 20.86 million, short video daily broadcast volume has been broken billion, has reached a very high peak.

Followed by from the people of the & ldquo; real anxiety & rdquo ;. Little red to understand that the current tricks only "advertising" this realization of the road, and just the beginning of the head of the people still difficult to share a piece of cake, let alone in the waist of the short video creators.


So, so that some have dozens or even millions of fans, not high nor low of people in a slightly awkward situation: do not know how to realize, but the accumulation of a certain number of fans themselves into the cost, no real It is difficult to continue to stick to it.

Therefore, the person that the ditto at this time to get involved in "live" and not suddenly, more like after careful consideration, trying to find a platform and people can alleviate the anxiety of the road: that is mature business model.

"focus on high-quality users, after the user to buy a very strong ability. "a trembling up so that people told Xiaohong, and said the sound of the sound show recognition.

Xiaohong also from the sound of people up to see Zhang Xinyao, dancing on the fans of the high viscosity of the Reds. "Zhang fans of the fans of the National Fan" microblogging fans have been million, fans in the microblogging comments also performed very "crazy" and "ralph lauren pas cher. Visible short video has accumulated a deep fan base for the live, which is also conducive to the realization of the Reds.


And when the red asked about the type of dashing people may take what type of live content, he said: "For example, how to teach you how to shoot, how to do creative fun things, I think some people will live this content. & rdquo;

Now, the ditto also became a short video + live & rdquo; a member of the camp. This young short video platform can use the "live" rash out how much water, and whether it can brush off the people of "anxious" and the dust, but also to be on the line after the function, see you better.

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