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Oracle when the cloud brother challenge the AWS, "tell some fantastic tales"?

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Some people say that Oracle is the place where rivers and lakes, and Oracle's mouth is just like opening a light.

Many rivals have all been Oralce h into fodder, such as in 2001 predicted the future only Oracle and SAP can survive. Both Ariba and Commerce One will disappear from the enterprise software market, and Peoplesoft, Siebel, I2 and Sybase will also be withdrawn from the market.

Have to say, the focus of attention in Oracle, these manufacturers have almost disappeared, a large part of which depends on the Oracle's credit, acquisition has become the only way they destroy the oracle. A long time ago when everyone put oracle on cloud computing, cloud computing has not given enough attention and concern. Even Oracle CEO Larry

Oracle when the cloud brother challenge AWS

But these years were covered

Amazon in October 31st third quarter results AWS continue to stride forward singing militant songs occupy 35% of the market share, all competitors in the field of infrastructure is still far behind, although Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and other company's growth rate is much higher than the AWS, but not on the dominance of AWS have a significant impact.

And in the quarter earnings achieved $4 billion 570 million revenue, exceeding analysts' expectations of $4 billion 510 million.

And in the cloud to win hegemony of the Oracle side of the couch and allow others to sleep, from last year's OOW conference, the oracle of Larry

In the end of August 19th this year, the OOW conference, Oracle co-founder Larry

In addition to the price war, Oracle has also developed a series of strategies to challenge Amazon's dominance in cloud computing.

For example, running on the AWS Oracle product prices will increase 50% than, and run in the Oracle cloud environment in Oracle database, 50% less than the cost of running on the AWS Oracle database, which is very attractive for the selection of the user's still shaking.

Where did Oracle beat AWS?

Vice president of mobile Adobe company has publicly said: in the field of SaaS, Oracle is considered a game player, but in the IaaS market, Oracle is not large enough market share, IaaS Magic Quadrant are not even eligible for Gartner. Although Oracle boast so many years, he is still unable to change this.

But in the latest release of Garnter IaaS 2017 Oracle Magic Quadrant is selected for the first time to break this impasse, although some people think that in the field of cloud computing, Oracle is still a new game player, but we still can not ignore the Oracle fighting ability.

Compared with AWS and other cloud services company, Oracle has a very rich experience in the operation of mission critical applications, in the past has been running for many complex applications, it is very important to use its services to customers. The accumulation of these past experiences makes Oracle more competitive in the user side. According to McKinsey's survey of more than 800 CIO in 2016, the investment in public cloud resources is increasing rapidly. Oracle is becoming more and more important as a lifeline.

In addition, Oracle also attracts customers through positive price strategy. At the same time, the most worrying to other cloud service providers is that Oracle has many years of accumulation on the cloud platform based on development and powerful infrastructure, which ensures the high performance of its platform.

There is also a fact that there are still many potential opportunities in the enterprise infrastructure market, and any company with the right product may seize this opportunity and develop at a high speed. There are always two sides to things. Although Oracle is late, he can learn from the mistakes of other companies. Therefore, it is possible to formulate a more appropriate strategy. At present, there are more than 80% companies did not transfer infrastructure to the cloud, this huge market space, including Oracle, all companies have the opportunity.

Now, we do see that Oracle has a good hand, and how will Oracle beat AWS next?

1, long-term user accumulation

For so many years Oracle has accumulated a lot of symbiotic relationship between users, from hardware to software to the cloud computing Oralce has a complete set of solutions to help users achieve cloud migration and switching, and this point is clearly lacking in AWS.

2, in addition to the price and performance

Oracle more than once promised to run Oracle in Oracle cloud products lower than 50% in the AWS Oracle operating costs, small to large silicon wafer to software Oracle can provide the ability of integration of low cost and more simple and time-saving for customers, these are nothing compared to the amazon.

At the same time, the huge amount of money invested in technology research and other expertise in the world class data center is also unmatched by amazon.

3, the software capability of short board reinforcement to the Amazon

There are not enough players to compete with Oracle in three levels: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and even Amazon knows the lack of this ability. In order to get rid of the pure cloud based computing service providers. Amazon is also actively purchasing, including Thinkbox Software, software development company Cloud9, software company NICE, etc., Amazon is to close with Oracle in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS three levels of distance.

In addition to the acquisition, Amazon also began to work together with Salesforce, make up for its short board, prevent Oracle climate.

4, can replace the powerful Oracle database AWS Aurora


But this sentence clearly angered Ellison, in the field of database does not have any one dare to challenge the Oracle, either SAP or IBM, and said that the Amazon Aurora and Redshift database is based on the open source project (MySQLandPostgres) is established, using Amazon's services to run their own infrastructure in the open source code. They can only go through the Amazon to provide IaaS service to run. By contrast, clients using Oracle cloud services can run Oracle databases locally, on the AWS platform, in Oracle, in the cloud, or anywhere.

5, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud free switch

Amazon only provides public cloud services, and that private cloud has no future, but Oracle does not think so, they not only provide public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud services, but also provide more in line with the needs of the cloud business portfolio for customers.

Although Larry Ellison said more than once in public is the Oracle cloud computing session, but this view is not Amazon recognized, and later as a counter of cloud computing, users are not many, but also an attempt to establish a benchmark? In short, the two wars will continue, can Amazon continue to occupy high position? Recent reports show that the growth rate of AWS has slowed down, which also gives Oracle and other manufacturers to speed up the anti super opportunities.

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