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The game industry value of hundreds of billions, braving the risk still burst into the game does not earn money

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You may not notice what the characters say when you play the game. But behind each character, there's a dubbing actor who plays the voice. But your attention is often focused on the role and plot of the game. But you can try to close the game, and you'll find that the game is boring.

Here is the Washington Post article:

She knows some dubbing actors who have damaged their voice because of too much dubbing. She herself had almost shouted her throat. So when go out in the morning, she drank a little milk and tea in India. "These are non dairy products." She said, "dairy products produce mucus, which is bad for the sound."

Now, a soundproof studio she stood in California outside of Santa Monica, it seems there is no trace of any uncomfortable. She's preparing to record the new lines of the game "Horizon Zero Dawn". This is a high-profile game masterpiece this year.

"Do you have a sore throat?"" Asked the director.

"Okay." She replied, looking at the lines that were shown on the monitor.

Voice actor or voice actors, are more and more attention. With the creativity of Hollywood and the innovative technology of Silicon Valley technology company, the entertainment industry is changing. The video game market in the United States is about 24 billion 500 million dollars. In this industry, the voice is becoming more and more important.

Now, technology companies have been able to make more realistic pictures than movies, the story of the game can also be more exciting than the movie, but the voice can not be imitated. Voice is the most basic and most intimate emotional element, and now the characters still need dubbing actors to complete the game.

Although the actor does not appear on any screen, but some of the best actors also have their own fans, game player will have their own favorite actors, game companies will promote good voice actor.

But even so, dubbing actors can't get the same treatment as TV or movie actors. It is this reason that led to the strike last year actor, they asked 11 large game companies to provide better benefits and more protection policies, because they are very prone to injury of vocal cord. The strike lasted for 11 months, becoming the longest ever strike by actors union in the history of Hollywood.

In the strike action, Burch was forced to abandon their love of the game dubbing roles. Game player began to worry about their own love of the game may appear to bounce, but last month the company reached an agreement with the actors union. But all members of the trade union vote is still in progress.

The long - term strike actually highlights a major contradiction in the video game industry, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Voice actors want to be treated by television or movie actors, that is, the core of the entire product; but technology companies tend to think that developers and engineers are the core of the game.

A tough game voice

A few days ago in the recording "zero horizon dawn", birch in California Burbank cartoon channel for a new animated film "hero (OK K.O. Let s Be Heroes!") ". When trade unions strike, not for birch game company can not go to the audition recording (or audition), her voice actor only through these work to maintain a certain income.

"If you want to see it, I can show you some pictures that will make you uncomfortable."." Taylor said. She was referring to her damaged vocal cords.


Other voice actors also say that when the recording time is too long, when you speak, you can taste the blood. A voice actor fainted because the recording was too long.

The nature of the game makes recording work difficult. In many games, there are characters who die or scream because of pain. Dubbing actors want to record these sounds one by one. One time, birch recorded a military theme game dubbing, shouting every word, and recorded four hours at one time.

Last year, the actors union invited California to investigate their working condition for occupation safety and health departments, is the main actor survey work is safe as well as their vocal cords are under too much pressure. Before the legal workers refused to go to the investigation, the Union gave them a tape recording of a voice actor recording the scream of death.

Even if there are games that win the story and play more gently, there will be a lot of dialogue to be recorded, because the script will be long.

"Here," Fanarui added, "everything depends on your voice."

In the strike, the actors guild asked the game company to halve the usual four hour recording time to ease the pressure. But in the final trial run agreement, there is no such rigid rule, but just let the game work guarantee will check the phenomenon in the next three years of contract period.

The core of trade union negotiation is wages.

When their movies or TV shows are replayed or released, DVD movies and TV actors get two incomes or bonuses. And according to the agreement between the Union and the company earlier this year, TV actors can also come from Netflix andAmazonThe video service broadcasts a portion of the two earnings.

But game companies don't pay two times. In the game, the voice actors are paid a price.

The Union proposed a new bonus structure, if a game when the circulation of more than 2 million copies of the equivalent of a film to sell, you can get a bonus voice actor. The maximum amount of this one-time bonus is $3300.

The trial agreement did not include this one. Instead, the game company agreed to raise the minimum wage by 3% - equivalent to more than $850 per four hours of recording. There is also a part of the recording bonus - the number of recordings reached a certain number, you can get the highest $2100 bonus.

But it's hard for most of the voice actors to make money by dubbing the game. For dubbing actors, the game dubbing industry is no money to earn.


He said, "making voice actors earn two incomes is one of the things that companies are fundamentally opposed to. I think they see this as a very dangerous signal. If they make concessions to the concept of authorization, even if a little bit, then others will come to collect the same fees for them."

The "other people" here can be game developers - the science and technology geniuses who write game code and make the game work.

The representatives of the game company did not reply to the Washington Post's request for an interview. The actors union suspended the agreement. The chairman of the trade union called the agreement an important progress in a key industry".

Game life

Bozzie grew up in Feinikesi. When she was little, her brother, Anthony, loved playing games. In order to brother and play together, she also began to play the game. When she was 11 years old, she knew that her favorite game was dubbed by dubbing actors.

"At that time, I realized," Oh, that's what I want to do in the future "Said burch.

When they were teenagers, birch and her brother Anthony began to release some of the game funny video on the Internet, this name is called "Hi, Ashley, what are you playing (Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin")?". A lot of gamers know this series. Bozzie joined the dubbing industry after graduating from Losangeles's Western Academy in 2012.

But for her, the most important voice was dubbed for a little game called Life Is Strange.

This game is about two 18 year old girl Max and Chloe's story, they together causes a friend to disappear. The core of the game is the emotional life of teenage girls, involving young girls committing suicide, depression, suffering from bullying, and drug addiction, which are not common games. There are 5 parts in the game, each of which is two to three hours long, which is similar to the TV series.

Both gamers and critics love this game, and the game has won many awards, including the best prize in the British Academy of film and Television Arts awards.

Birch in the game with Chloe dubbing, this is a very easy to hurt and love rock girl. In the game after the release, birch in many game show once again saw the girl put his hair and Chloe like blue. A lot of game player according to the role of Chloe to write fiction.


"I brought myself into this role. My interpretation of her is actually an interpretation of herself." Bozzie told reporters in the Washington Post this afternoon.

So when the game company to find her earlier in the year, ask her again when the new version of the game characters in the voice of birch was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. But the actors unions are unable to strike her game.

"That really puts me in a dilemma." She said.

For this she always refuses to talk about. This summer, the new version of "bizarre life" was released at a game show, a game produced by non actors. The game was released to reduce negative effects of taking Burch brought her to voice, for the plot of the game consultant.

Inside and outside the game

"That's you."!" Al Mehta said, "that's great!"

Beresch smiled. She could see their friends just start to play this game.

"How long have you been playing this game?""

And he looked at it.

"Really? I've been playing for 50 hours" She said, "do you think I should play better?"."

They exchange the game handles and talk about the tricks of the work. For example, how to adjust the rhythm and speed, such as television actors sometimes have to face only the voice of the situation.

"You must have a good personality, so that people will be attracted to you, but not too much.. beresch said.".

"In that case, people will think you're too strong. It's very demanding." Al Mehta went on to say

Later in the "dawn" to the horizon zero clearance edition recording, birch view online comments on the "strange life", she also gave second days he called al mei.

She sent back a message to al: "I saw people saying that Rihanna and I had almost the same voice to Chloe." And then a face with a gun pointing at a smiling face.

Al replies: "I'm sorry.". We can only weep for the world. Sometimes they are extremely ignorant and stupid."

Beresch glanced down and returned to the mobile phone, sound recording studio.

Boot up." Sound engineer says, "204th."

Beresch suppressed their own doubts, quickly into the role of the game, and finished her lines.

Perfect." The director said, "Okay, one more time."

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