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NetEase koala sea purchase frequent problems: privately cut single user rights difficult

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Under the impetus of the Internet, online shopping has become one of the mainstream shopping methods nowadays and has made great efforts such as Alibaba and Jingdong. In recent years, with the improvement of the logistics system, the development of import and export trade and the upgrading of consumer spending, Amoy has become a new consumer hotspot, and the number of incoming users is also on the rise, which has contributed to the expansion of the entire market.

According to the report released by relevant research institutes, in 2015, the scale of users of Amoy is 23 million, increasing to 41 million in 2016, an increase rate of 78%. It is estimated that the Amoy users will exceed 60 million by 2017. By 2018, A figure will reach 77 million people. On the transaction scale, the market scale of China's Amoy Amoy was only 2.2 trillion yuan in 2013, and the market transaction volume increased rapidly in 2014 to 4.1 trillion yuan. In 2016, the market transaction size reached 6.4 trillion yuan.


Relative to the traditional electricity supplier's "Red Sea" status quo, the sea Amoy due to its development is not long, more potential users, so that it is still in the "Blue Ocean" competition. However, the so-called blue ocean is only relatively speaking, from a variety of promotional information can be seen on the platform, the competition between the sea Amoy is very fierce.

As originally Ali and Jingdong, the rapid development and constant maturity of the sea-Amoy market have also achieved such platforms as Netease Koala, Xiaohong Book, Honey Bud and other major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and Jingdong Development opportunities. According to speed coating Institute released data show that in 2016 Amoy market, Netease koala occupy the first position, with 20.8% market share. Lynx International, Jingdong global purchase, the only product international ranked second, third, fourth, respectively, accounting for 19.1%, 15.9%, 15.4%.

It is noteworthy that, in the top three market share, only the Netease Koala is not backed by the traditional e-commerce platform, a kind of later home feeling. According to NetEase's official explanation, the reason why the current achievements can be achieved because the platform value the quality of products. At the same time, Netease Koala and other strong business development of e-commerce, but also to promote the upgrading of the entire Netease Group. According to NetEase's second quarter earnings report, it can be seen that the net income from e-mail, e-commerce and other businesses was 3.35 billion yuan, an increase of 68.9% over the same period of previous year, accounting for about 25% of the total quarterly revenue.

To be sure, e-commerce business will become Netease an important part of the future direction of development. In the double 11 approaching, Netease Koala is pre-booked ahead of schedule to pre-order the world's good goods "preemptive purchase" and only for the lowest price "expensive to you" & rdquo; two big play, and a variety of red envelopes coupons. However, in the seemingly beautiful results, the platform also frequently all kinds of chaos, many consumers pointed out that suspected Netease Koala publicity, product quality is uneven, as well as after-sales rights and other issues difficult.

Secrets alone, suspected of false propaganda

As we all know, e-commerce platform in order to sprint performance in a special period, often organize some buy, spike and full minus activities, Netease Koala is no exception. However, during several promotions, some users reported that they had been cut for no reason after placing an order. However, the official just explained that they made a mistake.

In the complaint website, Mr. King claimed that at an event at Netease Koala, he purchased a shower after he had used coupons and probationed members. However, two days later, Netease Koala staff called and said they made a mistake, Mr. Kim did not participate in the purchase of goods to participate, you can make up 50 coupons, or ship another brand, and then compensate for the difference.


Netease Koala aspects of the explanation and compensation, Mr. King did not agree, because he always wanted to buy the brand before, or else will not place an order. Interestingly, Mr. Kim found that the title and details of the previous purchase interface were all changed, completely fooling consumers.

Coincidentally, Ms. Sun bought more than one product at this year's 620 event with coupons from businesses. However, one day later, NetEase notified Ms Sun by text message that the above order was canceled due to the failure to verify the identity information of the customs office and the payment was subsequently refunded. After that, Ms. Sun tried many times and was still canceled the transaction. In the end, Ms. Sun did not offer any coupons or coupons for a few orders. As a result, these orders showed a smooth delivery.

In this regard, Netease Koala explanation is that Ms. Sun cross-border spending limit has been used up. However, Ms. Sun said that is not the case. As for Netease Koala proposed 40 yuan voucher compensation, Ms. Sun also did not accept. At present, the two sides are still in negotiation.

Platform launch activities is to allow consumers to promote platform sales, and achieve a win-win situation. However, Netease Koala has repeatedly because of "wrong" this user excuse to cut the order, and some may be justified. Users to your platform to buy cross-border goods, one is trust, one is figure benefits. However, Netease Koala is turning this trust into a perfunctory.

Bad review automatically filtered? User rights difficult

For a product, in addition to the introduction of the web interface, the user's evaluation is the best place to reflect its quality. In general, we buy products online, especially in cross-border purchases, the most concerned about is how the product evaluation. However, looking at Netease Koala platform for product evaluation and found that almost a water of praise, seems to indicate the perfect product.

NetEase CEO Ding Lei said in an interview: "If today I sell the goods, all the people in the comments are cursing, cursing black heart cotton, liar, fake, I slept well. "Perhaps, Netease Koala commodity praise tide is represented on behalf of the previous commitment of Ding. But is this really the case?

In response, some users pointed out that their comments in the comment area comments have never been displayed, with Netease Koala customer service communication and communication, the staff responded that comments need to review in order to log out. There are users that Netease Koala customer service efficiency is very low, they bought a koala bag, the end of the review did not give half a month to find himself looking for customer service 7 times, but did not give a statement.

Have Taobao shopping experience of people know that if you encounter product quality problems, in order to have no bad reviews, businesses generally will be the first time compensation or return. Because bad reviews will affect the business reputation and platform recommended. However, according to feedback from multiple users, Netease Koala with absolute autonomy to screen the best of the user's comments, is completely "whitewashing". When, if the user to buy a product with quality problems, in the end who hit the face it?


In addition to filtering bad reviews, the number of users complained about the site and posted forums and other forums, their purchase of goods in the event of a problem, contact sales processing very slow. A user said he bought a fake, but feel more communication with customer service "strenuous", many times communication also no avail, and the response speed is very slow, request to provide relevant proof material also does not have. Also, call Netease Koala 400 customer service hotline, artificial services have been unable to get through. According to the user, he never hit it.

To this end, we tried it, really like the user said, turn the manual service for nearly five minutes no one answered, it is difficult to complain too much, the line is too busy?

Sit tight sea AmoyheadTop spot, Netease Koala still a long way to go

According to Ai media consulting data show that Netease Koala Haiyou accounted for 24.2% share of the first half of 2017 cross-border e-commerce platform market share first place. In order to further enhance the platform's influence and market position, Netease Koala plans in the next three years from the United States, Europe and Japan to purchase about 11 billion US dollars of goods, these products will include the Netherlands, infant formula and cosmetics in Japan.

There is no doubt that Amoy Amoy will be the next big growth point for the e-commerce market and a group of enterprises will also be accomplished. However, for the sea Amoy, the quality of products and after-sales service, often can see a company's true values ​​and future prospects. Imagine, a cheat user, and the user rubbed the ball the platform, how to protect the rights of users? How to get the trust of users? Such enterprises will eventually be eliminated by the market.

Netease CEO Ding Lei said, "We guarantee that each product is genuine, we particularly hate fake. Please rest assured to buy well. & rdquo;

For Netease Koala, to solve the problem of fakes, first to throw away the body's "big temper", learn to communicate with the user in good faith, rather than cheating and perfunctory.

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