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More than apple phones, American farmers also want to sell apples to China

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However, China really leads the world today but it is our Internet. The highly developed Chinese e-commerce, logistics and mobile payment are unparalleled in the world, including the United States.

NetEase technology to use the week to follow the Ali Lynx team across the continental United States, from the East Coast business center in New York to Washington on the west coast of the Americas largest apple plantations in order to investigate the United States what business needs, how to meet Chinese consumer demand, looking After the demand, Ali and how to butt the needs of both parties.

American farmers also want to sell their apples to China

(Figure Note: Pipeline sorting apple)

As far as production is concerned, the output of the U.S. apple is less than the output of a province of Shandong in China. However, it seems that we have eaten apples for decades and only know Guoguang, Fuji and Huagu. However, in the United States Apple's largest producing area, Washington State, we have seen a dozen varieties that have never been seen in domestic supermarkets, and each is divided into different price grades based on criteria such as grade, quality, size and size. After I tried and found the taste completely different, I felt I had to eat a fake apple. And all this not only has the natural geographic advantage of Washington State, but also the participation of the highly-developed Apple Packaging Factory in the area.

Different from the extensive apple packaging line in China, all the apple packaging factories in the United States are assembly line, more sophisticated and safe. Plenty of apples picked into the assembly line entrance, cleaning, drying, scanning, waxing, computer Level, the last sub-man into the box.

However, the United States does not have a large number of apples into China's families. This means that although the United States has developed industrial civilization but lacks the support of channel retailers, it is far from enough to rely on these packing factories alone. Washington, U.S.A. Apple began to cooperate with Lynx in November 2013, achieving 100% -150% year-on-year growth year-on-year with the Lynx Apple category increasing by around 65% on a year-on-year basis.

Apples, which have always been the best-selling fruit of Lynx fresh produce. Data show that as early as 2015 "double 11" day, Apple sold 640,000 kilos a day. French Gallagher, the United States red snake fruit and green snake fruit, Aksu rock candy apple and other seasonal quality brands from around the world, just within 24 hours, the United States alone Washington sold more than 1 million.

Six of the top 10 factories and brands in Huazhou, USA, are sold on Lynx, and the Auvil Fruit Company, Northern Fuirt Company and others are all operators on Lynx to help them operate.

At present, the fresh market in China is close to 1 trillion yuan. The online market is growing at an annual rate of over 50%. It is estimated that the market will be broken by 100 billion yuan in 2018. According to Analysys statistics report, Lynx fresh produce in the domestic electricity market share of 83%. Among the 83% market share, more than 60% -70% are imported fresh products.

The traditional American big still need to open the Chinese market

(Figure Note: Manhattan Nike flagship store)

Except for such unknown businesses as Apple in the United States, the expedition also communicated with famous international brands such as Nike, Garbo and Marriott, who themselves have become famous in China and have mature sales channels, but they still need to transform , To provide a better user experience and more efficient retail methods.

Last year, 11, Nike Lynx official flagship store ushered in the outbreak of traffic, some popular models began to break code, popular colors are sold out. Faced with explosive sales double 11, Nike's original customer service, logistics, warehousing, stocking system, has failed to keep up the rapid growth of Lynx platform.

If you can get online and offline inventory get through, stores and Lynx linkage together to solve the inventory, logistics and other issues, to give more consumers a better experience. Wisdom stores and Lynx cooperation stores are making these pain points to be resolved.

"New retail is not so much technological innovation as it is about thinking, but we want to bring better service, personalized products and innovative minds to consumers through online and offline collaboration. All new retail starting point, but also the opportunities and challenges we see. "Nike official said.

Nike brand president Trevor Edwards said after the double 11 last year, Nike Greater China has maintained its 10th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, including Lynx dual 11 is to promote the growth of the overall Direct Business key.

In recent days, according to Nike's fiscal 2017 fourth quarter earnings report, emerging markets such as Greater China rose 11% to become the engine driving the global market, full-year revenue growth of 5.3% to 8.68 billion US dollars, Super Wall Street expected.

According to Nike official said, based on the outstanding performance of the Greater China region, the world's second-largest economy, will continue to strengthen strategic cooperation with Alibaba, and Lynx joint efforts to promote new retail. Not only online sales performance is very eye-catching, at the same time has begun to transform the offline store.

Previously, Nike is not clear which channels can sell much cargo, so often pressure channel to do stocking, there will be a few minutes sold on Lynx, and store line resources late to keep up. In addition, during the big promotion activities, the e-commerce logistics warehouse needs to recruit a large number of temporary workers, while the time before and after the store is relatively full and has not been well utilized.

Now, the smart store opened up not only for Nike to bring inventory replenishment, but also greatly enhance the logistics efficiency. "Store delivery efficiency is amazing, an average of five minutes issued a single, basically reached the same day and next day."

Stores delivery, online orders, offline stores from mentioning, the test is not good can also be exchanged, this model also allows consumers to have more options.

As the largest baby food supplement brand in the United States, Garbo said that through the cooperation with Lynx International in brand marketing, distribution channel control, overall cooperation of rookie logistics and data system management, and innovative marketing such as live broadcast and real-time interaction, brand formation Their own reputation, but also promote the consumer continued repurchase.

And through the full use of rookie logistics and store member management system, Garbo achieved synchronization in the United States and China. The rookie logistics and data system also provide strong decision data support for further brand development.

"I think it is the first choice of Garbo for Chinese consumers compared to Garbo, which sees China as a market to be developed," said Bill Partyka, president and CEO of Garbo, when sharing on-site forum.

Ali value the reputation of American businesses, the United States businessmen valued Ali's double 11 miracle, which is the basic elements of business, of course, Alibaba received praise in the United States is not by chance, there are also the growing consumption of China's middle class groups bring the upgrade factor .

American fashion tide brand is a favorite of young people in China

(Figure Note: Stadium goods co-founder and CEO John McPheters)

Young people will always be the darlings of the market. From the time of the middle of this year, China has a hip-hop burst of fire that shows the love of American hip-hop street culture after 90s and 00s. This demand has also been keenly captured by the market. Netease Technology made a special trip to Manhattan's most fashionable SOHO area to visit the trendy shoe store Stadium goods, chatted with the CEO of China's young people in the end how much love is the trend of the United States brand.

Stadium goods was established two years, but the growth rate is very fast, the main agent to sell shoes, all new genuine, this year sold 120 million US dollars, mainly through their official website and Lynx, Lynx is its only partner in China's electricity supplier , Accounting for 15% of sales.

For the cooperation with Lynx, founder Fettis said: "I believe Lynx International and Stadium Goods will be able to work together for the all Chinese sports shoes enthusiasts to achieve the highest quality customer experience, and for Chinese consumers Bring authentic licensed. "

McFeeders believes that the Chinese community's interest in sports shoes is as high as that of Americans in terms of the online community of global sports shoe collection markets and sports shoes, which means demand is similar. Although the Japanese sports shoe collection market is more mature, but McFets said it is China's growth potential prompted them to open a shop in Lynx. At present, the U.S. sports shoes collection market has a market value of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, and the Asian markets including China have witnessed rapid growth. The global sports shoes collection market has reached 6 billion U.S. dollars.

Five months after the two sides collaborated, Stadium Goods announced that it has received 46 million U.S. dollars from Forerunner Ventures and Chernin Group for overseas expansion, including the Chinese market.

Stadium Goods co-founder McPhetersc has said: "Alibaba to help small businesses in the United States, the company's success in the Chinese market has greatly promoted the company through the Lynx International to enter the Chinese market, undergoing rapid growth and expansion, the number of employees increased Over 50% faster, the company plans to move 100 million U.S. dollars in sales to China this year, accounting for nearly 90% of its online business. "

After a few days of working with Ali's merchants in the United States, we saw the birth of a new partnership that Ali uses the strongest trump card to give new hope to the vast majority of American retailers that are in the doldrums of sales. And those in China The majority of middle-class and upstart eyes of the United States high-grid business to Ali with new blood, so that double 11 chop hand family has more choices.

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