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The new Kindle Oasis evaluation: By far the best Kindle, but also the most expensive

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The fragmentation of the time in series, which is probably the original intention of the birth of e-readers.

No one will be able to give a definitive answer to the question whether electronic readers will replace traditional paper books. But there is no doubt that the production of electronic readers, designers, are trying to make it better.

In April last year, Amazon released Kindle Oasis soon, I made a review article the first time. About a year and a half later, this time we got a brand new Kindle Oasis. Next to talk with everyone, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Oasis.

Where is the new look?

Either a cell phone or an e-reader. To be frank, it is easier for everyone to accept the so-called "next generation" only if we can make some changes in appearance to make people see it at a glance. If not, Perhaps the word "update" is more appropriate.


If you've seen the previous generation of Kindle Oasis before, it's easy to see that although the new Oasis frontal design has basically remained the same (with two physical buttons left), its overall size is much larger.


Reflected in the specification parameters, this generation Oasis measurements were 159 X 141 X 3.4-8.3mm, while the previous generation of these parameters is 143 X 122 X 3.4-8.5mm, in the case of approximately the same thickness, more Longer and wider.


The benefits of a larger body is that the screen size of this generation of Oasis from the previous Kindle "ancestral" 6 inches up to 7 inches (resolution is still 300ppi).


Not surprisingly, the new Oasis continues the irregular back design of the previous generation. But the body replaced by metal, while its "handle" thickness compared to before, thinner 0.2mm, and wider.


It is noteworthy that the previous generation Oasis comes standard with a battery case, and this generation of products canceled this accessory, instead of the conventional case (no built-in battery), the fixed way is still magnetic.

One ordinary version of the price of 399 yuan, textile materials, to provide charcoal, sand white, indigo three options; leather version more expensive, for 499 yuan, with midnight black and brown walnut two options.


Where's the new Kindle Oasis?

Describe the differences between the completely new Kindle Oasis appearance section and the previous generation and focus on what exactly its strengths are.

First look at the screen section. Before the arrival of this generation of Oasis, including Kindle Kindle, Kindle X, Goooke, Paperwhite, Voyage and the previous generation Oasis, all Kindle screens sold were 6 inches in size.


With the development trend of large-screen electronic equipment in the past two years, more apparent, followed a long time the size setting, and finally be able to change. After the screen size increases, the official claims that each page of the new Oasis shows a 30% increase over the previous generation.

This also means that in the actual reading process, your paging operation to be less. Obviously, it offers better reading consistency than other versions of Kindle, which are very friendly to users who enjoy immersive reading.


Frankly speaking, due to the Kindle Oasis compared to other versions, in front of the increase of two flip physical buttons, which also makes it look left and right borders are not symmetrical, in terms of visual effects, is a minus.

However, in terms of practical experience, the convenience of this group of buttons to enhance the obvious. It is to the maximum extent possible to ensure the accuracy of the operation, but also liberated the role of the finger on the screen.

This also to some extent expanded the display area of ​​the content, and to a greater or lesser degree, contributed to the consistency of reading. You can operate with one hand, but will not affect the integrity of the screen display.


The first part of the introduction of the appearance when it comes to this Amazon cut off as a standard battery protection sleeve. In terms of functionality, its role is basically equivalent to "charging treasure."

In order to pursue a sufficiently slim body, the previous generation of Oasis itself is not ideal life time, and battery protection is the life to the thin compromise product.

However, this generation of Oasis due to the body size has improved, but also for the built-in larger capacity battery provides enough space. According to the official description, it can support up to 6 weeks of battery life, and this figure is obviously a significant improvement over the previous generation.


It is worth mentioning that the new Kindle Oasis added IPX8 waterproof level. In theory, it supports soaking for 60 minutes in water at a depth of two meters.

In the actual waterproof performance test, we chose to completely immerse it in water at a depth of about 10 cm. Not surprisingly, such a mild test did not bother with it.

However, given the impact of water pressure on the water resistance, it can not be easily dealt with under different conditions and an accurate answer can not be given here. As a safety precaution, it is advisable to avoid "diving" use as much as possible.


In addition, the new Oasis made some more "pragmatic" changes this time around. First look at the body part of the storage, this generation offers 8GB and 32GB two versions optional, while the previous generation only provides 4GB version.

Obviously, the increased storage capacity means that you can download all kinds of favorite books or comics into Oasis without any scruples. As for the appropriate choice of these two versions, probably by your usual reading habits to decide.

Another interesting point is that it has added the "auto-adjust backlight" function. Of course, this is not the Kindle for the first time try this feature, the previous Voyage had introduced automatic backlight adjustment.

But after the actual experience will find that this time Oasis automatic backlight adjustment far better than the performance of Voyage period, its screen brightness transition to be more smooth, the overall feeling of people feel very comfortable.

What are the deficiencies?

From the product point of view, in fact, want to achieve "perfect" is not an easy task.

After a period of trial, at present it seems that this generation of Kindle Oasis is not so satisfactory where there are roughly two: the body a little heavier, one-handed grip than the previous generation has declined.


According to the official data, the starter Kindle and Kindle X are all 161g, 205g Paperwhite and 180g Voyage. The previous Oasis was 131g (without holster), while the new Oasis was 194g.

In other words, this generation of Oasis body weight control, only slightly better than Paperwhite, 63g heavier than the previous generation.

Frankly speaking, the weight of 194g is actually not so much impact on the portability of portability, but if you take a long time to read in your hand, it does have a certain burden on your palm.


Because Oasis uses an irregular body design, and want to get a good one-handed reading experience, apparently holding its "handle" part is the best choice.

But as we mentioned earlier, the new Oasis has a "handle" that is thinner and wider than the previous generation, which also makes it more likely that your fingertips will not be adequately gripped by the relatively small palm of your hand Live "handle" situation.

Coupled with this generation of products in the relative weight of the body increased a lot, so when the actual grip, you will obviously feel it brought the sense of control weaker than the previous generation Oasis.

Overall, the new Kindle Oasis overall performance, there is no doubt that the current Kindle family of the best. But at the same time, its price is the highest, 8GB version is 2399 yuan, 32GB version is 2658 yuan.

In addition, if you later want to buy the official protective case for it, even if we get this ordinary textile material version, you also need on this basis, and then spend $ 399. In this way, in fact, start a new Kindle Oasis, you probably have to spend 2798 yuan.

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