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U.S. Air Force Lieutenant: China is five times as fast as space

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(Note: speech by Steven Kovast Kwast, USAF general secretary, at the 2017 New Worlds conference in Austen, Texas, Steven)

He said that like the implementation of the Manhattan Project, the United States should "bring together the right people to speed up the process of conquering space." He said it will push the U.S. aerospace industry into a crucial moment, just as the Wright brothers completed their first successful flight of 1903 aircraft.

Cobaster said: "We can make this process shortened to five years, because it depends on how we actively implement the process."

Change the regulatory approach

The half-century regulation of the sky has given the U.S. government a huge number of legal provisions that almost completely bind the hands and feet of entrepreneurs. Cobarst describes the current regulatory environment and if you plan to fly an aircraft from Washington to Los Angeles, you will need to submit a itinerary for every item on your plane - and a year earlier.

Cobaster said: "You have to specify everything in your trunk - the materials, the make, the weight, etc. of each item - the government will spend a year examining it and telling you what to do And you can not do anything, and if you have to change your request then you have to start over. "

U.S. officials hope to improve the regulatory system, but first of all, they must appease the taxpayers by assuring them that rocket abandonment during rocket launching will not begin to fall on the rooftops of the suburbs.

"To get the Congress safe and effective in space travel, you need technical innovations because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can not do that unilaterally," says Cobas, who said low-cost access to space is about space Travel is the first domino to be possible. "

SpaceX also criticised the supervision program, SpaceX President Gwen Southwell (Gwen Shotwell) pointed out that the approval process takes 6 months time, then you will be in 90 days, 30 days, 15 days to apply for flight plans "

Sauterwe said: "If we want to accelerate progress toward space, the U.S. government must eliminate the bureaucracy that runs counter to innovation and speed."

National security and global prosperity

According to Cobaster, in this space between Earth and the Moon, military forces will soon have a broader role. This area is the next target for contention and countries are trying to gain strategic advantages in this area.

Cobarstedt said: "China is building a 'space force' that will play a role in space beyond Earth's gravity."

However, China is not the most pressing threat. Cobaster said North Korea's continued missile test is "a real hassle."

"Now, if North Korea launches its missiles into space and detonates electromagnetic pulses, it will make us lose the 'eye' of monitoring space."

He said that the concept of "Star Wars" during the Cold War was "very strategic," but its technology was not feasible. The more innovations the United States has in space, the lower the potential threat of missiles.

However, despite the expected 8-fold increase in the size of the aerospace industry over the next 30 years, Cobas believes it is still too early to establish a new military presence in space.

"We can have an operational space force within three to five years, but it's still too early to answer the question of what the military will look like until you know what it's about," Cobaster said.

Earlier this year, Cobas wrote a list of recommendations for the U.S. Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) in a study called Fast Space. In his report, he elaborated on the need for the public-private partnership in space age to be the focus of the country, not the "air force in space."

Cobaster said: "From the success of the first successful test flight of the Wright brothers in 1903 to the end of World War II in 1945, we have needed an Air Force for only a few decades."

The balance between public-private partnership

Cobas supports the company's vision of great potential for cooperation with the government. However, he warned that military power can not be completely dependent on the private sector and is based on the inability of the Air Force to outsource rocket launches to SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance.

He said: "I think the balance between public and private sectors is now justified, but we are not doing enough and we are not yet proactive."

On Friday, Austen in Texas at the New Worlds conference, NASA is responsible for human exploration and operations Deputy Director Bill Gerstenmaier (Bill Gerstenmaier) said that NASA has a similar vision. He does not expect "as Apollo lunar program as a huge budget", and said that NASA will focus on "coordination of human space flight", rather than the concept, financing, construction and operation.

Gerstenmeyer told CNBC he thinks NASA now operates more like a venture capital firm, choosing to invest in and help get it done.

Cobas praised the high-risk, high-return entrepreneurial spirit that modern space companies have. He described himself as a "strong advocate" of "economic reality-based" partnerships because of the competition.

"It's a very healthy business for a company to have a fierce and clear picture of what's going on," he added. "The failed company has always failed."

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