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iPhone X week notes: This is the iPhone's future!

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Chance Miller is a tech blogger. He recently wrote an article describing his experience of using iPhone X for a week. Here is the full text of this article:



Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, iPhone X is a new smart phone, and the iPhone over the years are different. iPhone X is the most exciting phone from the iPhone 4.

Earlier, Apple's cell phones were largely the same, although they also added some new features. However, iPhone X is a radical change from start to finish, from iOS to design.

I've been using iPhone X for a week and I was especially impressed with it.

One of the cool features of iOS 11 is its new Automatic Setup option. It allows you to quickly transfer important details of your old iPhone to your new iPhone. As with the Apple TV setup process, you can get both old and new phones close to each other, and you'll see a pop-up message pop-up in the old cell phone, "setting up a new iPhone," and Apple will start a watch-like matching process. As a result, information such as Wi-Fi authentication information and Apple ID login information will be effortlessly migrated to your new iPhone.



A start iPhone X, my eyes immediately jump to the top of it "bangs" design. This site has a TrueDepth camera and other important Face ID sensors.

This bangs design caused a lot of people offensive, because it occupies a usable screen. However, my personal experience is: After using iPhone X for 15 minutes, I completely forgot the existence of bangs. I also know that I am not the only one who has this feeling.

I seldom feel bangs disrupting iPhone X display. The most obvious impact is probably video, but to be honest, I seldom watch videos on the iPhone. So that's not a big deal for me. Even in the white user interface, this bangs design does not make people feel too unexpected.

The main key


In my opinion, iPhone X biggest change is the cancellation of the primary key. Apple set the primary key on the iPhone 7 capacitive, but this is simply not comparable to the new keyless design.

Because there is no primary key, Apple lets you operate with new gestures. For example, you can screen up from the bottom of the screen, back to the main screen. This also means that you can get a whole new multi-tasking experience: you only need to screen to switch applications.

If there is any inconvenience to these new gestures, it's a bit complicated to use this card-style multitasking interface. Of course, this inconvenience is negligible.

I am very satisfied with Apple's iOS optimized for iPhone X. Although many Android manufacturers use capacitive software buttons, Apple goes one step further and replaces the primary key with gestures. This is a clear improvement.



When Apple uses LCD screens, and Android makers turn to OLEDs, I never think the iPhone's screens are poor quality. Apple's retinal screen basically make up for the lack of use of LCD.

The iPhone X's OLED screen did not surprise me at first. Because the iPhone screen has always been great, so to change the OLED is nothing big deal.

However, when I started using the iPhone X, the advantages of the OLED began to appear. It's darker, more vivid colors. This is especially true when you choose wallpaper. (By the way, the wallpaper on the iPhone X is awesome.)

Of course, OLED is not without defects. It will burn screen, Apple pointed out that there are some ways to prevent this from happening.


I am a Plus user. I have used iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. I am also willing to sacrifice the convenience of one-handed operation to use large-screen mobile phone. iPhone X equipped with 5.8-inch display. Digitally, it is larger than the 5.5-inch screen of the iPhone 8 Plus. However, in actual use, this display can make people feel relatively small.

The iPhone X is taller than its predecessor, and the extra parts are naturally dominated by the top bangs and the bottom horizontal lines. So, do not expect iPhone X's screen to be bigger than any Plus iPhone.

iPhone X screen size has brought some new changes. For example, tag support in Safari is gone, and the keyboard size has changed significantly. To me, the change in keyboard size is one of the biggest issues, I spent a week, still struggling to adapt to it.

Using iPhone X with one hand is not as easy as you think. Its fuselage size resembles a 4.7-inch iPhone, but do not forget it's full-screen, making it a challenge to touch the top with one hand. This is especially true when you visit the control center.

Rumor has it that Apple will introduce a 6-inch iPhone X next year. Personally think that such a size is more suitable for me. I like big-screen phones and would rather sacrifice the convenience of one-handed operations in exchange for larger keyboards.

Wireless charging

iPhone 8 and iPhone X are among Apple's first products to support Qi-sensing wireless charging, though Apple was shy away from it in the first place. Wireless charging is not revolutionary new technology, but it is undoubtedly very popular.

I've been using a $ 50 Mophie wireless charging pad. However, Amazon has a lot of lower prices of similar products. Anyway, wireless charging is really a handy feature.

Face ID

iPhone X is the biggest change Face ID facial recognition. In the iPhone X conference, Apple messed up the Face ID demo so that people are very worried about cancel Touch ID fingerprint recognition function is a mistake. In the past few months, despite repeated assurances from Apple, people are still worried about privacy issues.

For me, Face ID can be said to be almost perfect. Sometimes, I still miss the Touch ID, for example when my phone is flat on the desktop and I want to quickly browse notifications. All in all, however, I believe it is wise for Apple to launch Face ID.

Face ID setting process and Touch ID as simple. One of my suggestions is to try to set the Face ID in natural light. I initially set the Face ID on the car, which means that the face has some weird sun rays. Later, I reset it again and found that there was a significant change in recognition.

Apple integrates with Face IDs in certain iOS tasks (such as application logins). My favorite Face ID is that it is great convenience. When using Touch ID, you need to place your finger on the primary key; however, when using Face ID, it automatically recognizes your face and shows what you want to see.

I repeatedly activate and deactivate the Attention Detection feature, which is located in the Accessibility section of the iOS setup. Attention Detection requires that you look at iPhone X before it can be unlocked. After Attention Detection is turned off, you can look at your face, looking away or with your eyes closed.

Essentially, whether or not Attention Detection is activated depends on how much you value your security. If you activate it, others will not be able to unlock your phone with your face. But when you close it, things change.

I feel very satisfied when I use Face ID, but some of my other users report that wearing glasses is sometimes unrecognized. I think Apple will solve these problems in the near future.

phone case


iPhone X is a very beautiful phone, I opened the box, they never want to put it in the phone case. I do not want to cover such a beautiful design with any phone cover, whether it is $ 5 on the Amazon mobile phone case, or Apple's own phone case.

However, in September, I also bought the iPhone 8 Plus. Like the iPhone X, it uses glass on the back of the phone. I spent a month without a phone case. When I was preparing to sell the iPhone 8 Plus, I realized it had a lot of scratches on the back of the glass.

Because of this, I think the iPhone X is best to use the phone case, although it will cover its beauty. I was hesitating between Apple's leather phone case and Totalle's slim phone case. The former provides better protection; the latter retains the feeling of direct use of the iPhone.

in conclusion

In short, iPhone is a pretty good phone. The new design is the result of years of hard work by Apple. Face ID exceeded my expectations and provided a smoother and easier experience.

As Apple chief architect Jony Ive said in a recent interview, Apple may use the software update process to further improve the iPhone X. Therefore, in the coming months, we are expected to see some new changes in control centers and multitasking.

"I've been fascinated by these products for a wide range of uses. I think the most striking aspect of the iPhone X is that its functionality is software-driven. As the software continues to escalate, iPhone X will also continue to improve.

"In the next 12 months, iPhone X will be able to do a lot of things it can not do now. This is extraordinary. When we look back at it, we find it an important node in the development of our product. "he said.

Obviously, iPhone X is the future of the iPhone. Although it still has many places to be optimized, but I am looking forward to seeing the future development of Apple.

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