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Lei Jun said that the next ten years belong to China: all domestic products will rise

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Regarding the global market, Lei Jun said that he now has a deep feeling that the more he sees the global market and industrial changes, the more he feels that the next ten years belong to China. "In another decade or two, all Chinese domestic products Will rise. "

Lei Jun shared his understanding of millet industry innovation and his own views on the global market.

Millet is a pig in the tuyere, the subject falls on the "pig"

Double 11 has just passed, Lei Jun introduction, this year's Millet 11 is the fifth win in double 11, the results compared to last year doubled. "I sent a staff letter today (November 12), and I said I still have to remain calm and humble. Because the entire millet business has just started, after all, only seven years or a very small company, and A lot of difficulties and problems. "

The "calmness" and "humility" that Lei Jun emphasized in the staff letter above have been reflected at the very beginning of his speech. He thinks millet is a pig in the tuyere, the subject falls on "pig".

What is the definition of "pig" in the eyes of Lei Jun? That is, people lying on the floor. He said that if he kept millet from beginning to end have the pig mentality, the company can not be defeated. Because a person lying on the floor, can not be knocked down again.

The past two years have been emphasized in the company a word: make up classes

Not long ago, Lei Jun said publicly that in the past two years, there was a lot of pressure on millet. When millet dropped out of the world five years ago, he once wanted to change the company's name from millet to others and later was told that the establishment would not allow registration.

The above paragraphs like the general content, also mentioned in Lei Jun's speech. He said the reason for wanting to change the company name from millet to others is that only others in the world rankings have the highest performance. This also reflects to some extent Lei Jun sensitive to fluctuations in the performance of millet.

Lei Jun pointed out that in the past two years, the biggest difficulty encountered by the company was its ability to lag behind its own thinking. His ability to emphasize refers to traditional industrial capabilities.

In his view, the phased leadership should match the core competencies, that is, the traditional industrial capabilities. "It is a mentality that leads, but it is a matter of multiplication that ability can not be close to or surpassed by others."

For example, he said that when the sales of millet products are often queues are hundreds of people, thousands of people, many products seem to need to buy, but because there has been snapped up, the industry is that the sound of millet doing "hungry marketing." Lei Jun said this, "In fact, hunger marketing is the biggest misunderstanding of millet, in essence, our traditional industrial capacity is not enough, the ability to deliver a gap with others."

Therefore, in the past two years of great pressure, Lei Jun emphasized in his company a word of "make-up" - slow down and enhance efficiency, lay a solid foundation, improve core competitiveness, conscientiously study with traditional industries, make up the remedial class .

However, according to him, millet is still growing even in 2015-2016. "We may all say that the number of mobile phones has only dropped, but I would say that there is not a certain relationship between turnover and turnover."

Lei Jun said that in October this year, millet has completed 100 billion, 70 million mobile phones. This has completed the year-end millet executives made full-year target. At that time, even millet executives believe that the above objectives are exaggerated.

Lei Jun said that in the first quarter, millet phone is out of stock, the entire supply capacity, performance is not good. In the second quarter, shipments reached 23.16 million units, an increase of 70% over the first quarter, an increase of 100% over the previous year, returning to the top five in the world; the third quarter's growth rate reached 102.6%. Xiaomi has returned to the trend of rapid growth.

Lei Jun share millet industry innovation awareness.

"Do not want to do into a luxury"

Lei Jun said that Millet is facing a problem, that is, the traditional Chinese thinking: cheap no good goods. "Millet sold so cheap, can only say that your product Low, coupled with brutal commercial competition, the elite less aware of the millet, their perception of millet is a very cheap product."

Lei Jun on the status quo have their own judgments and thinking. He believes that this shows that to do something innovative, but also to subvert the public awareness, but also change a lot of things, "At this point, I think Xiaomi do this thing is definitely not a day or two to do, you may need Ten years, twenty years to change. "

Lei Jun said he always insisted on doing things is getting better and better things to do more and more cheap things, "getting things more and more expensive is not what I want, I want to be a public Brand, a company that really benefits the public, I do not want to be a luxury. "

Lei Jun even said that at present, the traditional Chinese companies sell more and more expensive prices, giving users a misunderstanding is expensive, this path is no return, "the electronics market is mainly innovative competition, there is no In truly competitive efficiency, if innovation and efficiency are both considered as core competencies for the company, I think such companies have a long life and a long life. "

Do not pursue short-term valuation, will be more comfortable when the business IPO

Lei Jun at the scene to answer guest questions "when there is a chance to buy milletstock"I said that I do business more time, not the pursuit of short-term valuation." I think we will be more comfortable when the business IPO. "

Lei Jun view, millet is still the focus of this stage innovation.

"Innovation is two things, one is doing what others did not do, and the second is doing what others do." He said innovation means 99% of all deaths are the result of nine deaths. The most difficult innovation, the failure rate. "Because failure rate, no one is willing to spend a lot of money, many people start a business copy, the core copy, because the cost of innovation is too high, but even those who fail to innovate are respected by the community, because only the losers will create innovation By."

Lei Jun said an example of millet after the innovation effect said that in the millet home, many customers just like in the supermarket, carrying a basket to buy products; different brands of a product is not clear, it would be considered the best to buy millet ... " Is millet's "terrorist" place. Lei Jun also released a number saying that "after 7 years, there have been 50,000 people activating more than 140 networked devices in the background of millet", which means that these 50,000 people have bought at least 140 millet devices and above and used Phone management.

Asked about the next phase of millet will be how to innovate, Lei Jun said that at present only want to pursue efficient revolution every day, the efficiency of the limit, "Every day forcing us to try every day." For example, he said today, Xiaomi shops, the next step how to efficiently spread to the township market is a greater revolution.

"Calibrating a goal, that is, to do the e-commerce efficiency, the traditional efficiency of all formats with the electricity supplier balance, we set a goal, do everything we have to find a trick." Lei Jun said the source of innovation is millet The pursuit of efficiency and how to break consumer demand.

"Belong to China in the next ten years"

Lei Jun found that reviewing the past two years, the proportion of Chinese people using domestic mobile phones has risen sharply, the cottage has almost disappeared, and the entire Chinese mobile phone industry has risen in all aspects. In this regard, he judged that in the future, not only the mobile phone industry, the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry led by Xiaomi will soon change one industry after another. "In another 10 or 20 years, all Chinese domestic products will rise "

In his opinion, the current domestic products need to do three aspects of reform: First, design, and second, user experience interaction, and third, the hard quality.

Taking millet as an example, Xiaomi won many German Red Dot Award awards this year. In terms of user experience interaction, he proposed the concept of "new retail" almost at the same time with Ali. He believes that the key lies in the offline sales of electricity suppliers The same price with the electricity supplier, the core is to improve efficiency. At present, according to him, millet's house has reached 270,000 yuan a year, equivalent to 10 times the peer, ranking second in the world, the world's first apple in cost is 6 times more expensive than millet; hard quality In terms of mobile phone development, millet took out the profits, channel costs, marketing and advertising costs, focused on research and development and raw materials and manufacturing, cite a more specific example is that last year, Xiaomi applied for a global patent for inventions 7071 items, light application fee reached 230 million yuan.

Lei Jun said that with the rise of China's mobile phone, he believes that all walks of life of consumer electronics products in the world market will form a wave that the Chinese-made products not only good quality, pretty price also kind. "I have a very deep feeling for myself and the more I think the more global markets and industries change, the more I feel that the next decade will belong to China. I think there will be a batch of Chinese brands that will emerge in the world in the future. This is overwhelming."

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