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Jingdong Ali cross-border battlefield data behind the Internet traffic bonus period has passed

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Beijing News (Reporter Yang Li) at 12:00 on November 12, 2017 "double 11" officially came to an end. In the end, Alibaba announced a big boost in turnover of 168.2 billion yuan; Jingdong also announced the first double-11 sales data this year, placing an order amount of 127.1 billion yuan. In addition to Lynx, Jingdong announced transaction data, Suning, Gome and other e-commerce platform did not disclose specific figures, but all said significant improvement over last year.

In this e-commerce platform's "Harvest Festival", the first release of double 11 "battlefield" data of Jingdong, when the double 11 was not ended on the opponent Alibaba Group Chairman Wang Shuai market public relations commentary "JD.com Very good "refers to Jingdong statistics is 11 days of data; then Jingdong Group CMO Xu Lei is back in the circle of friends 为: Why your home can be pre-sale more than 20 days, and then count the day's sales.

Behind billions of sales data: growth pressures appear

At 0:00 on November 12, Alibaba unaudited data show that on November 11 all day, 2017 Lynx dual 11 Global Carnival total turnover (GMV) reached 168.2 billion yuan, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for 90% , The turnover of 168.2 billion yuan, an increase of 39% compared with last year, more than double the volume of transactions in 2009 increased by more than 3000 times.

At the same time, Lynx double 11 "billion-dollar club" debut, 167 brand businesses to become members this year. Apple accounted for the top of the turnover, the United States, millet single-day turnover exceeded 2 billion yuan.

Jingdong also began to disclose transaction data this year. At 0:00 on November 12, Jingdong announced that the transaction volume of Jingdong Global Goodwill Festival reached 127.1 billion yuan at November 24 and from November 1 to November 11, and 85% of the orders on that day had been delivered on the same day.

Due to different statistical caliber, Ali executives said Jingdong "play digital games", while Jingdong counterattack Ali "to engage in reservoir sales".

Behind the bickering, is the two major electricity supplier giants contain each other. Double 11, some brands began to face the need to have a second choice between Jingdong and Ali's decision.

At the end of September, Only, Vero Moda, JACK & JONES, SELECTED of AstraZeneca Group closed Jingdong Store and sent text messages to consumers that Jingdong Store could not continue its service due to business adjustment. Then, Han clothing, Jiangnan commoner, Pacific peace, Jeanswest, GXG and other apparel brands have also announced the withdrawal from the Jingdong. According to industry sources, a number of apparel brands to exit Jingdong with the pressure from Lynx is not unrelated.

Behind each other is the slowdown in the growth of e-commerce, data from China's National Bureau of Statistics in 2016 shows that the scale of online shopping transactions increased by only 1.8% year-on-year.

Even if the annual electricity flow ebb climax is also abating, according to the calendar year Alibaba double 11 transaction data show that although the total scale of platform trading increased slightly this year, but had been for 4 years in a row Sustained slowdown. At the same time, "double 11" keyword Baidu search index fell for two consecutive years.

"Whether it is a large platform or a small platform, are facing a crisis of depletion of flow. "A domestic first-tier e-commerce executives said that the Internet traffic bonus period has passed.

Institutional data: Ali Jingdong market share declined slightly

On the 12th, the chart data monitored the 20 B2C e-commerce platforms. In 2017, the total net sales of Double 11 reached 253.97 billion yuan, generating 1.38 billion parcels. In double 11 sales, Lynx sales accounted for 66.23% of the total network, accounting for 21.41% Jingdong.

The 2016 chart data show that "double 11" the day the whole network sales finally 177.04 billion yuan, Lynx / Taobao accounted for 68.2%, Jingdong accounted for 22.7%.

Therefore, according to the chart data, compared with the data in 2016, the size of the entire network double-11 transaction volume increased by 43.45% over the same period of last year. Of which, Lynx 168.8 billion, an increase of 39.35%, the market share dropped 2 percentage points. Jingdong increased 35.4% over the same period of last year, and its market share dropped 1.3%.

Reporter observation

& ldquo; Black technology & rdquo; Change double 11

Pay peak 256,000 / second, peak database processing 42 million / sec, which is early morning of November 11, Lynx double 11 just started the world carnival 5 minutes 22 seconds generated data.

Behind the double 11 large orders, are on the pre-stock reserves, logistics, and backstage support the higher technical requirements. For the e-commerce business, it's more like a stress test than selling a product.

Stress Test: Alipay from Alipay

From the optimal cost point of view, the Double 11 Shopping Festival is not the best selling choice for e-commerce, but now, why the initiator Ali, later Jingdong, as well as the previous good at offline Suning, Gome are war? An explanation of the point of view Yes, this is a stress test initiated by the e-commerce system.

Tmall, for example, the shopping end of the Lynx is just an appearance behind the Alipay, rookie, Ali, a stress test.

After the user orders, the first test is Alipay.

In the early morning of November 11, 2017, Lynx Double 11 Global Carnival just opened 5 minutes 22 seconds, the new payment peak was born: 256,000 / second, an increase of more than 1 times last year, once again set a new record in the world. At the same time the birth of the database processing peak, 42 ​​million times / second.

42 million times / second means that Alibi processed 42 million requests smoothly in the second of the payment peak.

And all the network transactions, payments, logistics exchanges, will eventually converge to Aliyun, Ali cloud is the ultimate system pressure.

In 2017, when machine intelligence is in full swing, chief technology officer Zhang Jianfeng of Alibaba Group has issued a very fresh KPI to its human commanders under his command. "For 11 nights, everyone's main task is to drink tea." Behind this is Ali's early layout in black technology. This year's double 11, massive orders behind the smart customer service, smart shopping guide, smart picking officer, intelligent delivery staff and other functions of the depth layout.

Kung Fu turned to the line: the use of black technology line under the diversion

Suning has 4,000 stores, Gome has more than 1,600 stores. Suning, the United States, the two major retail stores under the line stores, Ali, Jingdong represented by online offensive, had to catch the car supplier. However, history is inevitable reincarnation. Suning, the United States struggled to turn the line, the flow of battle presents a trend of the Red Sea, and then look back, Ali has diverted the line has been diverted.

In the double 11 night outside the venue, Ali demonstrated Lynx magic mirror, virtual shopping cloud.

Reporters on the scene saw the Lynx magic mirror is a combination of face recognition technology such as virtual test equipment, you can choose from the toolbar on the right side of the screen orange, nude, pink and other colors of lipstick, and then Lynx mirror You can put the makeup of your lips corresponding color, if you like this product, you can put a key into the shopping cart, the direct purchase.

In fact, this function can actually be achieved on the phone screen, why engage in a bulky machine to the line? An Alibaba booth staff explained that this is actually to help the next mall diversion.

Similar shopping cloud platform, Ali and Casio cooperation, offline counter can display the limited style, customers can browse more models on the cloud platform, these machines can be seen in Intime.

With increasingly scarce online traffic and high costs, Suning and Gome are busy online, but they ignore the depth of offline value mining.

In the new retail battlefield in 2017, the major companies have also laid the line, so it seems Suning also saw the value of the line. Reporters noted that Suning double pre-11 layout this year, frequent moves. Will be double the eleven fronts, launched 11 days carnival activities, the use of resources manufacturers, playing the whole network the lowest price card. Suning is also synergistic with the Group's six major industries, holding a football friendly match, Suning Tesco evening activities such as hair double XI. In the industry have unmanned stores, robotics and other black technology delivery, Suning also follow the pace of the industry.

Express outlets life and death racing

The other end of the double 11 big promotion, is working overnight and double the income of couriers.

busy with no time on the toilet, "a front-line courier told reporters that during the double 11, courier volume will be usually three to five times the speed of delivery outlets can not keep up the express mail one after another to reach the network speed," in order to reduce The toilet did not dare to drink more water. & rdquo;

"Double 11" for the courier, means overnight work and double the income. For courier outlets boss, it is a matter of life and death of the network challenges.

"Stay in the past is alive, but the past is dead. "Beijing a" Mastery Department "Express outlets boss said that if the outlets due to lack of personnel or vehicles led to the backlog of goods, that is, warehouse explosion, will make outlets face a huge amount of fines from headquarters.

With the "double 11" during the sharp increase in volume, warehousing, human cost is more geometric growth. Earlier, a lot of express delivery end of the network began to recruit workers one month in advance. Some outlets even hit the "literacy come" recruitment slogan. Press survey found that SF, Zhongtong, tact, rhyme, STO outlets are there new direct training without training.

State Post Bureau on its official website on the 10th issued a "courier service on peak season consumer spending tips," pointed out that with a number of electric providers to focus on "double 11" promotional activities, courier traffic will peak in the near future. It is estimated that from November 11 to November 16, the whole industry will process over 1.5 billion mail and express mail services. Network pressure spikes will occur on the 11th and the maximum daily throughput may reach 3 times of daily throughput.

Consumer said

Fancy promotions Tu Tuo

Consumers lamented "IQ is not enough unworthy double 11" rdquo;

"I see I want to fall mobile phone", a consumer circle of friends so lamented this year, "double 11" during the tricks, complicated rules difficult to understand rules. "Deposit dilapidated", "cross-store coupons", "torch red envelopes" compared to the previous direct and simple discount, this year's "double 11" opened the week before, Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce platform launched The "tricks" play drew a lot of puffs.

At the same time, some merchants introduced pre-sale model there are more restrictions on vouchers, does not indicate non-refundable, opaque and other issues.

IQ is not enough unworthy double 11. "One consumer laughed and said that the complicated discount rules during his stay" gave him the option of giving up buying goods. "Half a day and finally did not cheaper a few dollars," he said, compared to previous years a lot of direct half-price discount, this year's double 11 discount does not count down, most are eighty percent discount, half the price of the basic Is to stock. & rdquo;

Insiders pointed out that the complex rules on the one hand to increase consumer enthusiasm for participation; the other hand, is to create barriers to parity between consumers on different platforms.

It can be seen that during this year's double 11, many consumers showed a more rational attitude toward online shopping. "discount do not want, do not want to discount", consumer Guo pointed out that even if the double 11 also escape "the penny goods" reason, so to buy more discounts discount Products are often impulsive.

During the double 11, hoarding just became a commodity consumer choice. This is a good way to save money.

Another consumer turned to offline. More and more offline stores are also introducing various discounts. "Shopping mall (experience better), but also eat and drink," she said, in order to discount the behavior of stay up all orders have been out of the shopping of the essence.

Edition writing / Beijing News reporter Liu Suhong, Yang Li, Chen Weicheng

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