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WeChat intends to pay a large amount of credit card fees and charges handling fees up to 16.5%

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Original title: WeChat intends to pay a large credit card fees and charges charged up to 16.5%

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In the bank transfer, repayments and other free services in the context of the popular

WeChat charges a large credit card repayment

Pay the penalty fee can be as high as 16.5%

Our reporter Liu Meng trainee

It is worth mentioning that, unlike with the withdrawal fee, credit card repayment amount is refreshed every month, so for the monthly repayment of credit card users less than 5,000 has no effect.

This news apparently makes "Double 11" just experienced "Buy and Buy" "chop hand" not happy. In addition to the fee adjustment, "SecuritiesDaily News "reporter found that some businesses such as WeChat pay tickets, but also because of overcharging users Tucao.

Fewer and fewer free lunches

From the credit card issued by WeChat repayment rules point of view, the monthly repayment of 5,000 yuan per month or less, does not charge any form of fees; the same ID card multiple WeChat account, 5,000 yuan per month to share a free limit; procedures When the user performs repayment operation, the payment is paid in conjunction with the repayment amount. In addition, when repaying for others, the repayment side takes up the repayment free amount and does not take up the repayment amount of the repayment side.

However, weChat also left a buffer period for users. According to WeChat's instructions, from December 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, fee remission activities will be carried out, with a monthly repayment of less than 20,000 yuan , All the relief fee. In addition, the use of scheduled financial repayments, or micro-credit card repayment platform for a continuous repayment 3 months and above, from time to time to enjoy a random fee reduction and discount services.

For the reasons for this adjustment,TencentIn response, each payment of the user will have to pay channel fees, Tencent TenPay has been put into the cost of processing fee subsidies. With the rapid development of credit card payment business, the rapid growth of subsidies paid channel fees also increased significantly, in order to properly balance the cost and sustainable development, so adjust the business rules.

According to the reporter from Securities Daily, WeChat announced last summer that when it raised charges, some media reported that WeChat had responded that "the WeChat payment team is actively communicating with the bank to fight for an early transfer of funds and a complete free transaction."

However, more than a year later, the user did not wait for free, but instead, WeChat further expanded the charging channels.

In fact, since WeChat announced the withdrawal of fees and charges, many users have come up with credit card repayments to achieve cash withdrawal. At present, a number of bank credit card overflow payment can be retrieved for free, overdraft credit card city free cash withdrawal function has become a capital "moving" tool. This time, WeChat announced that the cumulative monthly fee of 5,000 yuan per person per month limit, obviously make such users forget the wishful thinking.

For the fee adjustment, the user response varies. A user said "WeChat charged Alipay, if one day Alipay also charged, then the bank card also"; a user that will not be affected, "I also monthly credit card no more than 5,000 yuan, not in the range of fees" Some users said they did not care about the charges, "it does not matter, the fees are not high, and it is convenient." Some users also said, "Everyone knows that in the end will definitely be charged, it's only a matter of time."

In fact, in order to cultivate users' habits, most platforms adopt the strategy of free or high subsidy in the early stage of product appearance, and when using inertia, the product enters mature stage and begins to charge users again.

In the micro-credit card is about to pay the same time, the other payment platform will follow suit? Ant gold service relevant person in charge told the media recently that currently Alipay App credit card repayment fee, there is no similar credit card payment plan.

According to "Securities Daily" understand that at present by Alipay computer-side credit card repayment to be divided into two situations. Among them, for my own repayment free of charge, while the rate of repayment for others 0.2%, the minimum per 2 yuan, up to 25 yuan each.

Tu Tuo users charge d'affaires high fees

WeChat addition to a number of businesses began to charge, but also by many users Tucao "charge d'affaires" charge is too high.

A user in Beijing told the Securities Daily that he had been charged agency fees of RMB 33 when he paid a traffic violation ticket of 200 yuan through the life of a WeChat account, equivalent to 16.5% of the agency fee.

Securities Daily reporter consulting Tencent customer service learned that the amount of fines to be paid to the local traffic control department prevail, but through the traffic fines charge d'affaires need to charge a certain agency fee. Due to different provinces, agency fees vary according to the city, 15-40 per month. However, for the specific amount of fees, customer service staff said "not sure, to check the cost of the agency through the time of the order shall prevail."

In addition, customer service staff also told this reporter that the current mobile phone recharge cards to buy moving tickets also need to charge a fee. Mobile recharge card service charge rate of 5%. However, customer service staff said the charge charged by the recharging operator.

At the beginning of the development of mobile payment, free has always been the biggest "selling point". Wechat, Alipay and other platforms quickly occupied the market which belongs to the traditional financial institutions with free features. However, with WeChat payment frequently announced various services received a fee renewal formed a strong correspondence is that the vast majority of banks are currently implementing a free electronic channel transfer policy, the traditional banks have played a "free card." In fact, in recent years, bank charges have been continuously "downsizing", ranging from transfer and remittance fees charged for individual accounts, withdrawal of handling fees from other places, to financing services for small and micro enterprises, consultancy fees, and bank remission fees Increasingly.

Insiders also said that before WeChat and Alipay in order to compete for third-party paid market share, but now with the cake basically completed, the subsidy of this burning pattern will end. At present, WeChat owns a variety of application scenarios such as mobile phone recharging, wealth management and living payment, but its user stickiness was originally weaker. WeChat charges a certain fee on multiple links in an attempt to increase the cost for the user to transfer funds. Stay in the scene consumption and financial management.


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