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[Evaluation] iPhone 8 four charging posture

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However, the problem came again, facing the original 5W charging, wireless charging, USB PD charging and many other charging methods, many fruit powder seems to have suffered from the selection of difficulties, confused that is more suitable for themselves. However, there are also Tyrant powder said: all kinds of charging all received! Is not money?

Xiaobian understanding of this approach, after all, for ordinary users, in addition to the original 5W charger, USB PD fast charge and wireless charge are all belong to the new stuff, used to try it beyond reproach. Xiao Bian to chat with you today is aboutiPhone8 charging things.

1, 5 years unchanged 5W standard charger

Today, this should be the most controversial and Tucao a cell phone charger. Although the cell phone technology updates iterative every year, the charger of the same specification (the power is still so low) can be used for five years. For generations, models like Apple and No.2 should be dared to do so . ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001 measured the original charger power is only 4.88W.

Although years unchanged, but I have to say, this is a very classic charger, with stature compact, easy to carry, cell phone charging less heat, the most important point is cheap ah, standard parts do not spend money, As charging speed thing, but also decent, after all, small cell phone battery.

2, USB PD fast charger

Carefully figured out that Apple should be the earliest in the product application USB PD fast charge agreement company. USB PD fast charge future is now a good, fast charging to the phone using USB PDD is also reasonable. However, Apple has never been a company that relied on charging speed to win users, so for the phone to support fast charging, Cook did not mention at the press conference, using only one of the official website specifications. ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001 measured iPhone 8 supports USB PD fast charge, charging power can reach about 11.9W.

This experience is optimal for users with a faster pace of life. However, according to Apple's argument, the user must spend 576 yuan to buy the corresponding quick charge accessories to achieve. Therefore, the majority of users in the mobile phone can finally be used to fast charge and overjoyed, but also began to indulge in the practice of Apple is too kind, select third-party fast charge accessories is helpless move.

3, wireless charger

Add wireless charging on the phone, this should be the biggest surprise conference night. All three phones use the Qi wireless charging standard. Whether it is a restaurant, a shop, a car, or an airport, wireless charging can be achieved with the same standard wireless charging pad, and the degree of freedom is very high. However, due to Apple's own AirPower wireless charging base in the state of dystocia, the recommended brand of the price is very expensive, many users can only stop or choose third-party wireless charging accessories.

Compared to the previous 5W charge, after the iPhone 8 upgrade iOS11.2, indeed able to support 7.5W wireless fast charge, however, this charging power can only adhere to about 10min, the overall charging speed of the phone did not improve. For the current charging speed, most wireless chargers on the market can be achieved, so users who want to experience the wireless charging mode do not need to tangle in the end to buy Apple certification or to buy cheaper third-party products, Qi certification On the line.

4.iPad comes standard with 12W charger

As the old iPad standard charger, 5V / 2.4A 12W output can not say that to force, enough for everyday use needs. And as fruit powder, I believe we should know that, after iPhone 6S mobile phones can use this charger, and charge faster than the original. Although the standard charger has never been updated, but at least the phone still keep up fast-paced. So before the USB PD fast charge did not come out, in fact, many small partners have already experienced the iPhone's fast charge, but I do not know. According to the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001, the output power of the 12W charger approaches 10W when the remaining 47% of the charge on the iPhone 8 is reached.

Use 12W charger to charge iPhone 8, can be seen through the graph, in the first 15 minutes charging power is still quite high, are more than 10W, USB PD charger to achieve the effect, while the charge curve of the overall trend USB PD charger, but also for a lot of stability. In terms of charging speed, these two chargers and in fact, no big deal.

Finally, look at the four charging methods on the iPhone 8's specific performance.

"Xiao Bian, please tell me why there are only three curves in the picture?"

"Well ... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"My God! IPhone 8 is not on a fake PD fast charging? Obviously 12W charger (Taobao dozens of pieces) can solve the problem, have their name, and then let us dig a few hundred!"

"However, it seems that Apple has never said that PD fast charge must be the fastest charging method, you yourself misunderstood, blame Whose? Also, bought Apple's official PD fast charge accessory partners, there is no kind of crying Can not cry?

Pull away, back to the topic. In contrast, USB PD and 12W chargers have obvious advantages when charging from a single point of view, especially when charged up to 53% in an hour and up to 82% in an hour. The remaining two chargers are 27%, 14% (half an hour) and 54%, 25% (one hour).

Mophie wireless charging is like turtle speed, with roughly linear growth in charge and charge time, at about 20% charge per hour. May be many small partners will be scared of charging time of 5 hours, but Xiaobian want to say is that as a user, we can not always have to have a cell phone full every time they start using. Today's fragmented charging times are more and more likely to be overlooked, while wireless charging is the best carrier of fragmented charging time. Imagine, go out and eat with friends, the phone can be charged to the table a moment, there is more convenient than this charging it? A meal time enough to ensure that the phone has enough power.

In the comparison of these four chargers, the official standard 5W charger slightly pale, but this is not its fault, after all, as the standard accessories, sitting the title of the most affordable charger. 5W charger used to deal with this small capacity iPhone 8 fairly decent mobile phone, as Plus or X users, have a good trade-off look.


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