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Visit the birthplace of Samsung: Bixby landed in China by the end of November

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Text / Tencent technology Guo Xiaofeng

Because the Chinese version is about to go public in China, Samsung Electronics temporarily canceled Bixby's media communications. In a recent visit to Samsung, South Korea's Suwon headquarters, Tencent technology was informed of the news.

What is Bixby? We have seen it in this year's flagship Galaxy S8, Note 8, the latest release of Samsung. It is the fist product of Samsung Electronics on AI & mdash; Artificial Intelligence Assistant. According to Samsung's plan, Bixby will not only be used in smart phones, the future will be applied to other products such as flat-panel TVs, refrigerators and even non-Samsung products.

Of course, the outside world is more concerned about the next generation of smart phones Samsung will be like? What new technology will be introduced? Whether as the outside world will launch a folding screen, flexible screen phone? Tencent technology and Samsung mobile phone appearance, music, camera, antenna and other business contacts briefly after, and did not get a clear answer, but also glimpse into some context.

Bixby landed in China by the end of November

Into the Samsung Korea Suwon headquarters, here is like a town. There are more than 30,000 employees working here, mostly research and development personnel, the proportion reached 70%. Samsung many high-quality products are from here, so here is also known as the digital city.

Bixby was the focus of the discussion after the official launch of the wearable device at the Samsung Innovation Museum.

Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google Assistant, Samsung will not give up their own voice assistant.

Bixby's debut at the time of the Galaxy S8 release in March this year. According to Samsung Electronics, as long as the touch screen can do things, users command Bixby voice, almost all can do. But Bixby biggest bright spot is that it can be adjusted according to the user's habits of self-learning, which may be beyond the intelligent voice assistant.

Due to the language adaptation problems, Bixby takes a long time to develop learning, until recently launched English version, while the Chinese version just started beta in early November. However, it should be noted that, during this period, Bixby in addition to finishing S8, Note 8 and other smart phones to run, but also with other products to complete the adaptation.


Han Xiang-yu, who specializes in wearable products at Samsung Electronics, told Tencent Technologies that the recently released wireless earbud Gear Icon X already supports Bixby and will soon be available in China.

In June of this year, Samsung Electronics released the Gear Icon X in the United States for $ 199.99. It uses a split earplug design, comes with a capsule-style storage box, but it is also a mobile power headset, headphones can be fully charged twice.

In addition to the usual Bluetooth headset features, it inherits the exercise / heart rate monitoring module, you can monitor sports fitness data in real time. Gear Icon X also built-in 4GB of storage capacity, you can put the music files directly into the headset to get rid of mobile phones and other equipment to play. Life, the case of using Bluetooth connection can be used continuously for 1.5 hours, direct play built-in track probably can use 3.5 hours. Simple operation, just tap the earplugs or slide to perform cutting songs or adjust the volume and other operations.

Of course, the most critical is that it can run Bixby. Click and hold the earplugs, you can access the Galaxy phone voice control, which is much more powerful than the Apple AirPods feature.

It is reported that Samsung plans to launch Gear Icon X in the Chinese market before the end of this year, officially released Bixby Chinese version by the end of November.


Samsung Suwon headquarters Innovation Museum

In addition, Bixby will open up interface and development tools to developers like Alexa and Google Assistant, adding more applications and features to it. For example, you can post any message to WeChat's friends circle via voice command Bixby, provided you have the option of matching with WeChat. I believe when the Chinese version is introduced, Samsung will consider developing more native applications to support Bixby.

Han Xiang-yu in one sentence describes the future of Bixby's plan, that all smart home devices will join Bixby in the future. At a recent Samsung Developer Conference, Li Renzhong, CTO of the Samsung Electronics Wireless Division, released Bixby 2.0 and said Samsung will create a more personalized and open artificial intelligence ecosystem. Li Renzhong said, "1.0 version of the voice assistant Bixby is committed to understanding the smartphone user's operating environment and before and after the language communication environment. As for the 2.0 version of Bixby, will become Samsung's smart TVs, refrigerators and other appliances on the common IoT intelligent function system. & rdquo;

While visiting the Samsung Innovation Museum, Tencent Technology saw a smart refrigerator that joined Bixby, which currently only supports Korean. Obviously, compared to the current smartphone voice assistant, Samsung Bixby has more powerful features and better interaction.

Note 9 will be lighter thinner or folding screen?

In Seoul's R & D center, we learned about Samsung's mobile phone product design ideas and future ideas.

For the Galaxy series of product design, Samsung Electronics is usually used by different designers, Jin Guokuan just released not long Note 8 designers. In his opinion, the design of a mobile phone product at the beginning, in line with market demand and user habits of the most important design.


Samsung Electronics Seoul Research Center

The first generation of the Galaxy Note, which was launched in 2011, is a product designed by Samsung Electronics between smartphones and tablets, and its biggest feature is the big screen. Remember at the time, smart phones focus on portable, 4.3 inches can be called a giant screen. The 5.3-inch Note came out, the sensation of the entire market, Note fame, handset manufacturers have followed suit, smart phones have entered the era of big screen.

Note 8 is the eighth generation Galaxy Note series products, from the product design point of view, is still a big screen, but did not extend the previous hypertrophy Note appearance. The biggest change is the use of a full screen, compared with the previous generation was significantly more slender.

Jin Guohuan Tencent Technology said: "This narrower than the previous note because our investigation found that it is more suitable for users with one hand operation, the feel will be the most comfortable, full screen when the application is the best screen ratio . & rdquo;

Unlike previous design products that focused on technology, Samsung phones now pay more attention to market needs and user habits. "A mobile phone is a technology-intensive product, designers have many ideas, but according to consumer habits and combined with the latest technology is the design of the first issue to consider. "Kim Gu Hwan said.

For example, in the Chinese market for many years, Samsung Electronics launched clamshell design W heart world series, priced over 10,000 yuan, but the Chinese market demand for clamshell design. It is reported early December, Samsung W2018 will be released in Xiamen.

There is news that online Samsung is developing a folding screen called Galaxy X smartphone, Jin Guohuan did not positively answer. However, he said that mobile phone design should return to the nature of the future, technology should be integrated into the life and operation should be simplified, so the phone will be lighter and thinner.

The same idea in the Samsung mobile phone camera design is also true. Note 8 uses a double camera configuration, but with other brands of smart phones dual camera programs are different. First of all, sensors are used to support full dual-core 12 million pixel sensor, and wide-angle telephoto lens program, and both lenses support OIS optical image stabilization technology.

The advantage of this is that thanks to the bistability of dual optical anti-shake technology, the overall picture quality of Note8 is very high when shooting in a dynamic environment, which can effectively prevent the problem of "paste" caused by hand shaking. It also makes it the world's first smart phone with two optical image stabilization cameras,

Li Yong, vice president of camera research at Samsung Electronics Mobile Division, said to Tencent Technologies that no matter how the camera is designed, it must first meet the high-quality needs of the basic shooting. He does not think this will be the future trend in the face of the multi-shot approach nowadays. As for the artificial intelligence in the camera algorithm, Samsung said still under study.

It is reported that Galaxy X will pass the Samsung flexible OLED screen, and 100% full screen, which has screen technology advantages of Samsung is not impossible. However, these antenna design and safety requirements for Samsung mobile phones are a new challenge.

When visiting the Samsung mobile antenna design laboratory, Tencent Technology undoubtedly found that it is studying MIMO 8x8 antenna design, the specific application to which a product-related persons did not disclose. At present, the MIMO 2x2 is common on smartphones, and the MIMO 4x4 has only a few models, including the Galaxy Note. Different MIMO antenna technologies represent the different capabilities of handsets to receive data. Be aware that with the advent of 5G and future higher speed networks, smartphones that are first equipped with multi-antenna designs will be faster when transferring data over the Internet.

Samsung eyes Huawei, millet and OV

In the latest third-quarter earnings report, Samsung Electronics delivered a good result, achieving an operating profit of about 12.81 billion US dollars, up 179% year-on-year, setting a quarterly record. Performance generally believe that, in addition to the continuation of the previous quarter, storage, screen growth, from the Galaxy S8, Note 8 series of sales contributed. This also means that Samsung is beginning to pick up in the high-end smartphone market.

However, it should be noted that Samsung mobile phones are still facing strong competitors, China's Huawei is one of them.

During the visit, Tencent Technologies and Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Division had many high-level contacts, talk between, they admitted that the rapid development of China's mobile phone brands in recent years, especially the impact of Huawei's mobile phone to Samsung.

Market research firm Strategy Analytics latest report shows that Samsung Electronics 2017 third quarter of China's smart phone market share of only 2%, ranked ninth, and the agency expects Samsung smart phones in China in the fourth quarter of this year's share will be further Fell to 1.6%. This means that in less than five years, Samsung's market share in China has shrunk by more than 90%. In 2013, Samsung's market share in China reached the peak of 20% in the second quarter of 2013, ranking No.1.

Behind the reasons The industry knows that the fierce market competition, Huawei, millet, OPPO, vivo, Jinli and other domestic brands rise, is an important reason for the Samsung mobile phone slide.

In addition, the share of Samsung mobile phones in overseas markets is also being eroded. According to foreign media reports, AppBrain latest data show that Huawei's sales in Europe continued to grow. In the past few years, Huawei has been vigorously promoting the European market, the effect is remarkable. Some areas even surpass Samsung's market share. However, Samsung is still dominant in this competition. For example, in the Czech Republic, Samsung has a market share of 33.2%, which is the lowest in Europe as a whole. In spite of this, this figure is still twice Huawei.

However, it is undeniable that Huawei is already the most powerful competitor to Samsung in handset business. Samsung executives told Tencent Technologies: "It is a good thing to have competitors. Huawei's impact on Samsung will also stimulate Samsung to make better products." & rdquo;

There is also a bad news for Samsung and Apple are: Some foreign media said Huawei Mate 10 is about to visit the United States market, and AT & T cooperation. Huawei terminal official did not comment.

For another Chinese mobile phone brand Xiaomi, Samsung believes that the pace of development is staggering, especially this year in overseas markets. IDC latest data show that Samsung and Xiaomi in the third quarter of this year with 23.5% share of India's smart phone market tied for first.

Like the Chinese market, Xiaomi's aggressive online pricing strategy has made it a temporary winner in the Indian market. Of course, Samsung did not sit still. It is understood that Samsung Galaxy S Galaxy and Galaxy ON series of mobile phones, hoping to better performance and more competitive prices and millet. As Samsung Electronics executives said, millet in India, although the rapid development, but mostly low-end products, the performance is not as good as Samsung.

In evaluating OPPO, vivo, Samsung praised its channel and marketing capabilities, but Samsung will not consider such a move for the time being, find celebrities for the phone endorsement.

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