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Google Assistant will be able to open your eyes soon. Will Pixel 2/XL sell better?

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In May 17, 2017, the Google I/O conference once a year, the technology giant released a vision of artificial intelligence new product Google based on Lens; in addition to simply introduces its new features, Google has not announced it can put into use in real time.


Now, here comes the Google Lens.

Google Lens will be pushed to all Pixel models

In November 21st, Google's official blog announced that Google Lens will be the next few weeks to push all Google Pixel mobile phone, including the Google Pixel/XL released last October 4th and October 4th this year released Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2.


Google Lens is first based on Google powerful image recognition function, but the difference is that Google Lens can deal with different image types and corresponding processing, and further cooperation with Google Assistant, in order to complete the corresponding function.

Lei Feng net understands, at present the function that Google Lens has has:

  • Text recognition. You can recognize business cards, save the message easily, access links, make phone calls, and navigate directly to the information shown above.

  • Address identification. You can identify landmarks through Google Lens and Google Assistant in a new city, and learn about the history of the landmark.

  • The identification of works of art, books and films. A poster can be used to know the trailers and reviews of a movie; through the cover photos of a book, you can learn the score and outline of the book; you can also quickly find the artist's information in the museum through the work. In addition, users can even add the day of release or the opening day of the art exhibition through the Google Lens in the Google calendar.

  • Barcode recognition. For example, through the bar code to directly query the information of goods, you can also directly scan two-dimensional code information.

Google says that Google Lens will be sent to English speaking countries in the next few weeks, including the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, India and singapore. Once the user receives the notification and updates it, you will see a Google Lens icon at the bottom right of the Google Assistant interface.

What's worth mentioning is that Google Lens can also be used in Google Photos.

Google Assistant eyes

Although highlighted, Google Lens is not an independent app; it's more like a part of Google Assistant, or the eyes of Google Assistant.

As introduced in the Google I/O conference, in the case of Google Assisant and Google Lens cooperation, the two can actually achieve more functions. For example, when you go abroad to meet the unknown text, you only need to let Google Assistant


If, before Google Lens appears, Google Assistant can be considered as a voice assistant; then, with the former, the latter is actually closer to an assistant (as Assistant's Chinese translation results) itself. Don't forget, in addition to voice input and image recognition, Google Assistant also has the ability to directly input text, allowing users to communicate instructions more clearly.

That is to say, Goolgle Assistant is more diversified in the I (Input) among the two of I/O.

However, Google Assistant also has a great improvement in Output. Net (public No.: Lei Feng Lei Feng) reported that, also in May of this year's Google I/O conference, Google also for developers resorted to another killer: Actions On Google will support

That is to say, Google Assistant is not just as simple as voice assistant, and its more important attributes are based on Google's powerful artificial intelligence technology and data application ecology.


Another selling point of Google Pixel 2/XL

Relative to apple, Samsung, such senior players, the only launch of the second generation of products Google Pixel series can be described as a rookie. Even if there are a small part of fans to join in, but to do hardware Google overweeningly ambitious, want to continue to ascend from other enemy hands grab the market, make attractive selling point for Pixel mobile phone.

In the first generation of Pixel, the selling point of Google for this product was the first rated photo ability, unlimited photo storage space, and the Nexus series Pixel Launcher. Of course, based on the Google CEO Sandar Pichai mouth said AI Fisrt, the first generation of Pixel core selling point, is in 2016 Google I/O conference appeared artificial intelligence assistant Google Assistant. It was monopolized by the first generation Pixel for half a year before it was pushed to Nexus 5X/6P users.

This year's Pixel 2 selling point, in addition to the continuation of the first generation of Pixel existing things, but also includes a more easily perceived on the hardware Pixel Visual Core; it can be used to speed up the processing speed of HDR, and used for machine learning development


Now, it's been more than a month since the release of Pixel 2, and Google Lens has finally arrived. Like Google Assistant first appeared on Pixel phones, Google Lens is also deployed on Pixel mobile phones, not including Nexus. Google may be through the Pixel user to small range test ideas on Google Lens, but Lei Feng believes that from the time the rhythm, then push Google Lens more important reason is: Google hopes Google Lens function and exclusive priority for Pixel 2 to create another selling point, so as to enhance sales of the Pixel 2.

Just don't know, Google Lens's blessing will have a big impact on the sales promotion of Google Pixel 2 series, and Lei Feng net will keep a close eye on it.

The author of this paper: 308, long-term follow-up Google, apple, Microsoft and other large companies, concerned about the development of artificial intelligence, Internet, chips, smart phones and other industries, welcomed the addition of WeChat (ID:ifly308) for communication.

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