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National dress version Jedi survival really came Tencent agent chicken is a blessing or a curse

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Tencent cloud

Recently, Tencent formally won the "Jedi survival: a large escape" national service proxy power, which means that "eat chicken" national costume horoscope has been a write-off, formally launched just around the corner.

Tencent has announced that it has obtained the right to serve as a national service agent for "Jedi Survival: The Great Escape."

In fact, "Jedi survival" by Tencent to represent the national dress, in many people's expectations, there are many things that happen. Not long ago, the news revealed that Tencent has a large number of stake in "Jedi survival" developer Blue Hole, there are even reports that Tencent will acquire Blue Hole. In addition, the blue hole CEO in an interview, also revealed Tencent will act as "eating chicken." But these are not important, Tencent agent "eat chicken" has become the established fact, players are more concerned about are, Tencent agent "Jedi survival", the game in the end what happens? Tencent agent "eat chicken" in the end is a blessing or a curse? Let's talk about it.

Tencent agent national dress "chicken" What are the benefits?

Although "Jedi survival" is fun, but have to admit that at present its operation for domestic players is really very unfriendly. This is mainly reflected in two aspects, one isserverDelay, the second is plug-in. Tencent agent "eating chicken" is expected to greatly improve these two aspects of the experience.

Let's talk about server latency. At present, "Jedi Survival: The Escape" in the Steam Chinese comments received the bad reviews, a large number of are due to server reasons. Because there is no national service, domestic players to play "eat chicken", usually choose the server performance is relatively good Asian service or Southeast Asian service, but even so the network did not pass the level. Delay high and not to mention that the server is often not catch up, "Connection Closed" and other errors as homely. Buy game with 98 yuan, three days to eat chicken and other networks for two days, it is no wonder players will BS-ing.

"Eating chicken" network services has always been a problem

Once Tencent started to operate "chicken" national dress, this issue will undoubtedly be greatly improved. Although Tencent's game has a lot of dots, but the reputation of network quality is relatively good - "King glory" was able to beat a vote of foreign manufacturers MOBA hand tour, is the network quality.

Let's talk about plug-ins. At present, "Jedi survival" plug-ins have frenzied to set up a degree of heavenly management, the server can be described as the Eight Immortals across the various supernatural powers, mortal players simply can not be inserted into the fairy fight among them. What arm extension of the road fly, ran faster than the speed of Western journalists linked to the bullets, mountains and mountains will be slugged to play the bullet hung, as well as the latest air space to hang, the other hang from the perspective linked to hang hanging is countless . If you did not open the hungry also ate the chicken, congratulations, you created a legend of Zhu Xian.


"Jedi survival of" One Piece plug-in, it is ironic

In order to improve the status of plug-in flooding, Blue Hole also think of many ways. For example, now more than 15 players kill or be reported by more than one person, it will automatically temporarily title, manual review whether cheating. However, this strategy is not based on the technical level, low efficiency and easy to mistake. If Tencent agent "Jedi survival" service, plug-in is expected to be improved.

Because of its operation of a large number of online games, so Tencent anti-plug experience may be among the best in the world. Although DNF, CF and other games there are still plug-in, but Tencent TP anti-plug-in system for all to see, we can be sure that the TP will be more powerful than the anti-plug-in technology now Blue Hole. In addition to technical aspects, Tencent anti-plug-in manpower input is also quite large, whether it is for players to report or the speed of feedback on the emergence of a new plug-in, should be higher than the blue hole.

Tencent TP performance should be better than now anti-cheat blue hole system

Tencent agent national dress "Jedi survival", in addition to bring the benefits of network and anti-plug-in, and perhaps also promote the development of domestic games. Tencent has released a product positioning similar to Steam WeGame platform, there is no accident, the national service "eating chicken" will be on the shelves WeGame, which can greatly promote WeGame installed rate, indirectly promote the ecology of the domestic genuine game - of course, this is just a hope, Will become a reality, there are many other factors.

Why players Tencent agent "eating chicken" worried?

Tencent to the news of a game, accompanied by a condemnation has always been. Why does it look like this? If Tencent to proxy "Jedi survival: a large escape", this game will have any unfriendly changes? Here to talk about some of the players worried about.

First of all, the most worrying, perhaps "Tencent-style operation." Tencent game slogan "intentions to create happiness" was spoofed as "no money to play you XX" is already well known, the official slogan even worse than popular version of the popular. Tencent operation of the game, it seems that and "recharge", "krypton gold" off the relationship, many foreign clean game, was Tencent agency, suddenly more than a lot of purpose-built charges, good end of the game suddenly Turn into business of buying and selling value. A typical example is the NBA 2K OL, when the hit rate can be used to buy the money, the star card can only be drawn to a level of recharge upgrade, the game what fun at all? In view of all the precedents, players are worried that "eating chicken" will be spoiled by Tencent agency, but also reasonable.

How to become stronger without charge, right?

Second, Tencent agent "eat chicken" national dress, is likely to lead to global version and Chinese players from this insulation. According to the past situation, when Tencent agent "Jedi survival" national service on-line, Steam will be off from the national "Jedi survival", and Steam version of "Jedi survival" may also be the domestic IP lock zone (IP lock zone only May not necessarily happen). For example, Tencent proxy Call of Duty OL, Call of Duty series games can not be purchased from the Steam State. Tencent agent national dress "eating chicken", although it can provide better network services, but the basic domestic players can not play online with foreign friends, and can only play each. If Tencent to "eat chicken," the magic change, an array of billing items, the domestic players will not have a Steam version of "eating chicken" This is another option, Tencent want to feed you what to eat, you have to eat what.

If the national service "eat chicken" on the line, Steam version may have to disappear

Moreover, the "chicken" national dress appears, some games will inevitably set changes. This has nothing to do with Tencent, mainly affected by the authorities. Competent authorities once said on the big escaped game that it is not conducive to young people's physical and mental health, it is recommended that domestic game companies should not arrange research and development, the introduction of such games, does not advocate the test of such games to attract users. Therefore, NetEase, millet and Tencent launch of the big escaped mobile games, have conducted a large degree of adaptation settings.

For example, the "millet shootout" put the game mode set for actual combat training, wounded after the withdrawal from the battlefield; "wilderness action" is set to face the threat of aliens, human survival training on desert islands; "Terminator 2 : Judgment Day "is set to manipulate the robot combat. In any case, these "eating chicken" mobile games have "evasion" content set to be circumvented, showing that the "Escape" mode is still more sensitive.

Netease version of "eating chicken" hand travel has hung up the red slogan

In fact, the "Jedi survival" ontology has been to some game settings to avoid sensitive content, such as blood color turns green, more than N "military exercises" in the recent version of the words. "Jedi survival" national service on-line, the content is likely to make further adjustments. In the end it will be adjusted to what extent? National dress of the official Chinese name will be very hard to pronounce? Will the adjusted elements affect the gaming experience? This also makes some players feel uneasy.

Recently, "Jedi survival" original If you choose Jane, will also appear in the "military exercise" characters

to sum up

"Jedi survival: a large escape" service by Tencent agent, can bring better network quality, more powerful anti-cheating system, the service will be more connected. However, Tencent in the end how to operate this game, this game will be made by the pressure of regulatory changes, are many players are worried about. National service "chicken" will have the charm of the current version? Let us wait Tencent agent "Jedi survival" on the line.

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