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Hand Q bomb competing ads, NetEase Tencent risk conflict yesterday: Tencent timely closing hand, the competition need to be fair and reasonable

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GameLook reported / fierce chicken market competition in recent days, can be described as the game industry and eating chicken every day to get on a roller coaster, a new situation every day, the mood really called that ups and downs.

Yesterday (November 24) midnight, a brewing two days of anomalous events, almost caused a direct conflict between Netease and Tencent, but Tencent choose the timely adjustment of the 24th of the same time, NetEase also maintained after the corresponding restraint , The final day of the 24th, the whole story did not like many onlookers as the fierce hope of development.

The whole process of this incident is this:

November 22, there are domestic Internet users found that QQ on the phone if QQ friends sent "Wilderness Action" words, mobile QQ will be "Wilderness Action" behind, accompanied by a friend to your QQ CF small Icon; click on the small icon, immediately in the chat interface will pop CF "desert island special training" ads; click on the ad, direct access to the QQ game center "through FireWire" page, the game download.

Currently in the domestic mobile game market, NetEase eat chicken tour "desert island special training" is Tencent CF "desert island special training" direct competitors.


November 23, the actual situation during the day

November 23, gamelook actual verification, this is true, but also confirmed by other media counterparts this situation.

Followed by the night of November 23 to early on the 24th, including gamelook, a number of game media coverage of this unexpected situation, after all, eating chicken in the domestic competition is intense competition, this competition The way in which products take unconventional interference is a very significant change.

Gamelook to determine the experience, if such a situation can not be effectively controlled, and taking into account this year's NetEase emphasis on force to eat chicken games, and MOBA Tencent are very concerned about the category may be the case of 3Q World War 3 in Netease, Tencent Repeat between the two companies.

On the early morning of the 24th, we continued to receive a series of feedbacks from Tencent and Netease on this event. NetEase expressed dissatisfaction with this approach of mobile QQ, which is completely understandable.

At the same time, gamelook midnight, but also get the corresponding feedback from Tencent, "mobile phone QQ bartering advertising" This is not a matter in Tencent internal by Tencent's decision on the Netease companies to take competitive means, Tencent 24 1:00 on the gamelook said it will investigate the specific circumstances and promised to make relevant adjustments.


On the morning of the 24th, QQ chat records have withdrawn advertisement information

Tencent's position has indeed had the result, at 8 am on the 24th, gamelook once again checked the phone QQ and found that "wilderness action" advertising situation has disappeared, and previously to verify the situation, previously left with the QQ friends chat history, the corresponding advertising information will automatically disappear, at the same time, other domestic Internet users also experienced the same change.

On the 24th, during the day, Tencent continued to make corresponding explanations for the gamelook. It said that "chatting is based on the keyword pop-up APP advertisement." This function is called "Smart Matching Application" in mobile QQ & rdquo ;.


Left: QQ version screenshot provided by Tencent, right: Q user manual version

Tencent said that this feature is the current mobile phone QQ is a new feature of the gray test, the test user is not a national mobile QQ users for a small area, which said that this feature does not involve monitoring Internet users in the mobile QQ chat, the user at Mobile QQ function settings can choose to turn off this feature.

From the mobile QQ new features of the situation, the mobile QQ is expanding mobile games, APP application distribution capabilities, and based on the behavior of Internet users to chat intelligent distribution of applications, which is the incident connected to the exposure of Tencent distribution means a new major Changes, although Internet users can set up, but it is clear that the domestic application store and distribution market will have a certain impact.

But back to the party Netease body, Internet users mentioned in the wilderness chat that encounter Tencent competing products advertising popsicles, the feelings are indeed unacceptable, but for the moment, on the 24th day, Netease's basic emotional stability, did not make a fierce reaction, Maintained a rational restraint.

Tencent timely make the appropriate adjustments can be considered timely closing, to avoid violent clashes with Netease immediately, but it also reminded Tencent, its products involving many netizens new functionality testing needs to remain highly sensitive, especially in this way Serious incidents that could lead to protests by industry players should be brought to the attention of the parties, taking into account the position of the companies involved and the netizen response.

Looking back to the Battle of 3Q five years ago, there are some netizens still remembering this year. If the incident is truly spectacular, students may enjoy the Internet. However, the companies of both sides really get involved. Industry is not a blessing.

Fair competition in reasonable and lawful business rules is a sign of maturity of the market. Even if NetEase launched a strong challenge to Tencent this year, all parties should abide by market rules.

Perhaps for the game industry, just crossed the dangerous day, but really Tencent, NetEase two companies in the end the harmony, all the way? gamelook does not think so, after all, at the business level, especially in the game business, the two companies have been little cooperation, the more the opponent's ingredients.

The brighter future may not be possible, but everyone still needs to maintain due reason.

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