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Behind the "chicken war," possession of these secrets Tencent and Netease

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When all manufacturers regard "eating chicken" as the next "king of glory", the most intense competition in the Chinese game industry is inevitable.

In the past month, you can see all the "players" - Including Tencent, Netease, Heroes and mutual entertainment, millet, Longyuan, electric soul and other manufacturers have begun to enter this market. The formation of the "chicken war". But in just two weeks, the market quickly concentrated to the head, the main players have become the two head companies Tencent and Netease.

With the "glorious mission" will be officially launched on November 29 and Tencent announced "Jedi survival" genuine mobile tour, the two head manufacturers of "eating chicken" battle to its climax. Prior to this, the two sides have long aimed at each other and set up their guns - in terms of products, promotion, public opinion and so on, both sides have obvious secrets.

Behind this is the determination of Tencent to continue the advantage and NetEase trying to overtake the wild.

Netease Tencent, respectively, how much out of "arms"?

In early November, when many companies were still worried about policy risks and hesitated to press the F key to enter the market, NetEase took the lead in cabin parachuting and took out two "chicken" players, "Wilderness Action" and "Terminator 2" Tour, occupied the "time window" advantage, and even the "king glory" squeezed AppStore free top position. It is also relying on these two products, NetEase inNet incomeLess than the previous quarter 1 billion caseContinue to be favored by the capital markets.


(November 16 NetEase earnings release, the trend of the stock price)

However, Netease soon feel the pressure from Tencent.

On November 8, when Tencent's chicken posters appeared, people were still wondering whether the "Jedi survival" service was on the line but soon after the "glorious mission" test. After that, the "Cross Fire" Desert Island Training Version Also announced on the line.

More exciting news is that November 22 Tencent announced the agency "PUBG" - which means that "eat chicken" on the terminal, Tencent has taken the upper hand advantage.


NetEase's response is the rapid release of "Wilderness Action" PC version, trying to gain the upper hand by the speed advantage. As we all know, "Jedi survival" is a phenomenal level and there are many problems of the product. Tencent agent, you need a lot of time on product bugs, servers, networks and other places affecting the basic experience to be optimized. It takes more time to adjust the many settings and dramas that affect the "socialist values" in the game.

NetEase apparently hoped to quickly occupy the "PC" market for chickens in the long "time window" before "Jedi Survival" went on-line after being represented by Tencent. However, Tencent did not let NetEase do so, "Wilderness Action" PC version released two days after Tencent self-study "eating chicken" terminal "unlimited law" announced.

Then, Tencent yesterday announced the joint development of Blue Hole "Jedi survival" genuine mobile tour.

"Eat chicken tour" imitate "Jedi survival," the competition is still in its infancy

Those who are interested in "Eating Chicken" are all willing to try the related products of Tencent and Netease.

But the final player left in the phone, there may be only one product.

Whether a game can conquer the game player, the first is whether the product is "fun", and the other is whether the team can keep changing the content that users stay behind and the initial mind and ability of long-term operation. NetEase for the fast one step and Tencent users are sitting on the resources are so.

Netease launched two products are not long time. From the product point of view, we can conclude from the current comparison that the Battle of the Hundred Chickens is still in its infancy. The reason is simple, at present, the most influential of these several "eating chicken tour" completely no difference, saying straightforward point is - everyone is imitating "Jedi survival."

In the copy, "Wilderness Action" is "a hundred athletics shooter tour", while "Terminator 2" is a "fast-pace shooter athletics tour."


("Wilderness action" game pictures)

Of course, they all have quite different worldviews. The world view of Wilderness Action is based on the peacekeeping context. The battle in the game is the process of selecting peacekeepers. "Terminator 2" as a Hollywood licensed movie hand tour, it continues this grand IP world view.

But now you open any one of them, skydiving, item pick-up, safe area, poison circle. These familiar settings have led to these chicken-eating trips that are very similar in style and style to Jedi's survival.

It is not difficult to see that at present, "eating chicken" is only a variant of the terminal tour, and not through subtraction and optimization make it easy to get started and operate. It still meets the needs of hardcore users, not mass users.

This means that there is still no differentiation between eating and drinking hand-held games and the competition at the product level has just begun.

"Glorious Mission" came, "chicken" war officially opened

The current battle situation is that NetEase with "hand speed" rush in front of Tencent rapid suction, in time to gain advantage. However, with the "glorious mission" formally launched and "Jedi survival" genuine hand tour announcement, Netease may be under pressure.

Although the online expressive package of "No More Money You Will Become More Powerful?" Is still being used at a high frequency, the concept of "Spurting Tencent is politically correct" has already begun to reverse. The "Mobile Games No.1 Factory" Out of the product, of course, players have expectations. There are three reasons - strong financial resources to support the quality of the product, and before the "King of Glory" and other hand-travel success also proved Tencent gaming products operating system matures. Coupled with the existence of "friends circle", there is another reason for choosing "glorious mission."

What's more, Tencent emphasis on the survival of products, but also to "glorious mission" to reduce the possibility of any chain out of the chain. Previously, Ai Fan children had "Tencent finally revealed on" eating chicken tour of these secrets, "one article, interviewed close to Tencent stakeholders that:

For "glorious mission", Tencent has set up a core project "tackling group." Correspondingly, the market, operations and other departments will be the highest priority to solve the "glorious mission" in a variety of issues before the market. IEG also has a team of employees based in Giants, working with them to optimize their products.

This product on the line tomorrow, which means Tencent, Netease's "chicken" war officially started.

"Glorious Mission" has been tested before, get a good score in the player community, especially the screen. According to Tencent, this product currently receives more than 38 million subscribers from various sources.


From the current performance point of view, this product as a "pioneer", undoubtedly can help Tencent hold the "chicken" basic disk. And then, its "friendly" will continue to attack NetEase.

Netease, Tencent advantage and weakness where?

Although the battle is in full swing, but Netease and Tencent's "chicken" battle is clearly a protracted war.

Take a look at the strength of both parties.

User level, Tencent's distribution capabilities and user base need not repeat them.

In terms of quantity, we now see NetEase's "quick action" out of the "desert island action", "Terminator 2: trial day", "desert island action" PC version. Tencent rapid response & mdash; "glorious mission", "desert island special training", "unlimited rules" and planning "Jedi survival" genuine mobile games. This is just the initial stage, according to industry sources:

Tencent and Netease will come up with 5 & mdash; & mdash; 6 products.

In terms of quantity, it was a draw. However, due to "Jedi survival" and mobile games are in the hands of Tencent, Tencent products compared to other products have a more "authentic" advantage.

Again, the quality, to ensure that the game product is & mdash; funds and talent, both Netease and Tencent are not missing, but the current products are in the early stages. This dimension, Tencent and Netease hard to win.

Comprehensive ability competition, each has its advantages and disadvantages. However, there is a "small news" worth noting, according to whichSina game reports:

Blue Hole also said recently that it will work with Tencent, which has just succeeded in holding hands, to defend several Chinese companies suspected of plagiarizing Jedi and will use legal weapons to protect its intellectual property.

At present, most of the "eating chicken tours" in the mobile game market are imitations of "Jedi's survival" and, of course, NetEase's products.

Intellectual property, this may be the "Hundreds of Chicken Wars", Tencent's hands another card.

Eat ChickenCrazy, but Tencent and NetEase's purpose is not the same

The industry believes that Tencent and NetEase so fancy "eat chicken", because this category of disputes for Netease and Tencent are very important. Tencent want to extend their own advantages, occupy new categories, new markets. Netease hopes to narrow the gap with Tencent.

Recalling the history of the development of Chinese games, determine the industrial pattern of the game categories from MMORPG to FPS and now to "DOTA" "League of Legends" as the representative of MOBA, NetEase Although the early MMORPG this category accumulated a lot of advantages, but after Almost all other sub-categories are occupied by Tencent.

FPS, Tencent in 2008 through the "FireWire" to open the market. MOBA, won the head product "League of Legends."


In fact, in addition to these two important products, Tencent also has "Frontline Warfare," "Antiwar," "Biochemical Battlefield," "Battlefield King," "Super God Heroes" (HON), "Gods Hegemony" As well as 3D MOBA "God's catastrophe."

Most of these games may not even have been heard by many people. But this does not matter, what's important is that Tencent builds its own "gilded wall" of the game with these large, medium and low-end products - allowing rivals to work seamlessly.

And now "eat chicken" is a breakthrough NetEase. The face of Tencent in the face of the three strokes, Netease can see the trick? Now it seems there is pressure, and these pressures may have affected the pace of their own NetEase.

Shortly after Tencent announced its acquisition of Jedi Survival: The Escape, the company announced the launch of its "Desert Island Action" PC version, with "Just Now Playable" as a promotional point. But after the player experienceConcluded:

The so-called PC version = hand tour quality + Jedi survival key operation + simulator feel.

Most players think this move means NetEase "urgent eye", and called NetEase "steady."

The key to winning or losing this battle may be, who is the first to commit fatal errors, Tencent or Netease?

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