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The halo is as shattered as a joke Essential cell phone

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Andy Rubin is best known for its creation of Android company in 2003. Two years later, Android was bought by Google, Andy Rubin joined Google, and in the following years, the Android team was built to become the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In 2014, Andy Rubin quit from Google, then founded Playground venture capital fund and design studio, and Essential Products is a project incubated inside Playgound.

Essential Products did not play, eventually made Essential Phone and several other Essential products. In the first half of 2017, Essential Phone is a more colorful product, and the design concept is also enough to advance, enough to have a sense of future.


Essential Phone uses a full screen design with a very high screen occupation ratio, and the same shaped screen.IPhoneBefore X, the bangs were different. Essential Phone showed only a small part on the forehead. It's the first attempt in mobile phone design to integrate the front camera into the screen. Under the black screen, the front camera and the screen are integrated, and the front panel with black is very nice. You can see the bright screen after screen above the front camera is reserved for a small.

On the front, side and back of the cell phone, Essential Phone uses three different materials. The front is a common Corelle gorilla 5 generation glass, the side is titanium alloy, and the back is ceramic. The mobile phone with titanium alloy in the middle frame is very rare, but it is also the case that Essential Phone is very resistant to fall.

The third highlight of the design of Essential Phone is its scalable module. The camera right reserved two metal contacts, through the magnetic function module of the different adsorption to the mobile phone, until now Essential Phone shows two modules, a 360 degree panoramic camera is known as the world's smallest, is a wireless charging base.

These two contacts are used only for adsorption and power supply for modules, and data transmission is achieved through a wireless transmitter inside the fuselage and a receiver within the module. Andy Rubin said that the modular design of the cell phone is like a wireless form of USB. This design can undoubtedly make a simple cell phone easy to cooperate with various peripherals, showing rich possibilities.

The Essential project's ambition is not just to do in the mobile phone, mobile phone released at the same time, Andy Rubin also announced "later this year" to meet with the Home, Home is similar to Amazon Echo smart home audio (smart-home hub), of course, here at Rubin, his wish is to be a networking platform standard.

The Home platform is carrying the Ambient OS open source operating system, which will be able to control all the smart home devices in the home. And Ambient OS can control a number of different products, such as SmartThings, HomeKit, Nest, and so on, and it also supportsAmazonThe Alexa, the Siri of the apple and the Google Assistant.

This is both a smart sound and a family entrance to the Internet of things, which has been widely discussed. A series of products announced by Essential, from mobile phones to peripherals, to intelligent audio, have been highly homogenized. Everyone is waiting for their competitors to go ahead and follow the smart phone market. As for the cell phone itself, the appearance of the Sao, the flexible modular design and the super high screen share are enough to capture a number of fans.

But Essential Phone is not scenery long, although the conference promised to deliver within one month, but due to the lack of capacity at the end of August, the mobile phone is officially shipped. Delay before shipment so long, no longer because of fresh market new Diechu early move everyone's attention, so the mobile phone sales volume is very bleak.

BayStreet, the market research company, said the sale of its mobile phone was only 5000 in the first two weeks, compared with the 13 million sales of Apple's iPhone 6S series on the first weekend.

Under the helplessness, the government has to cut the price from $699 to $350.4, that is, Ren Min Bi 2329 yuan. In just two months, the price is half reduced. There is no impression that the new flagship machine is so miserable.

It's not just the lack of capacity, but the most important thing is Essential's actions, or Andy Rubin's own mistakes. After the release of Essential Phone, there was an immediate skepticism about its success.

Essential has attracted a lot of talented people from the industry, but Andy Rubin lacks enough understanding of the current mobile world. In Code Conference 2017 on an interview, Rubin did not have a good grasp to the interviewer and the public Essential Phone highlights the opportunity, but to talk about the software, Android system and in the future, the interview atmosphere embarrassed, once people feel incomprehensible.

Essential Phone continuous bouncing enough disappointing, even more disappointing that the letters Essential to users in the official book not sincere apology, but still hard to boast, own goal just said mobile phone operator Sprint (exclusive delivery test and Sprint contract is also a big test).

The whole world knows Essential took out a not complete the semi-finished products in the past, the sale of a few months, they may still improve the design, delivery time test, it is no wonder that the conference did not invite anyone to try, there is no special display of what the software, because it is only one time prototype.

In mid July, Essential began the "rift", including the responsible manufacturing operations of Brian Wallace (Brian Wallace), PR Andy Force (Andy Fouch) and several other company executives have left. Now, Andy Rubin himself away.

The day before, according to a number of foreign media reports, Andy Rubin has been due to "personal reasons" left hand to create Essential company. He himself told the staff the decision on Monday. The message Andy Rubin did not say when he will come back, we can be seen as Essential Phone has been his father to give up, a series of subsequent ambitions, including members of the peripheral component module, and Home, who give a person infinite daydream heard so far, perhaps will be dropped.

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