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iPhone X four kinds of charging comparison evaluation

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Could it be that the iPhone using USB PD fast charge really can not let the charging speed faster? To do this, we tested the iPhone X using four different charging methods. Test also used the above four chargers, the test tool is still ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001 and POWER-Z power meter. Let's take a look at the test data.

First, Apple 29W USB PD charger

When using the PD charger to charge the iPhone X, the high-power charging interval is 45 minutes before the charging, and the rate is between 8 and 15W, and then charging continuously for 5 minutes at 5W for 30 minutes. The charging speed of the last hour gradually slows down.

About 45 minutes before and after charging, the power dropped sharply, some people say this is because the phone temperature is too high. But after Xiaobian validation, the decline in cell phone charging power has little to do with the temperature.

iPhone X half an hour to reach 51% charge, charge 45 minutes, the power can be increased to 74%. From the entire charging process point of view, users can enjoy the speed of the early charging experience. And this charging method in the phone out of power and rush to go out when there is a very good effect, in a short period of time so that the phone has enough battery life.

Although the previous experience is good, but the latter part of the small current charging duration is too long, 25% power consumption 1.5 hours, which inevitably lead to many users Tucao.

Second, Apple 5V / 2.4A charger

Said iPhone X support Apple 2.4A charging protocol, in fact, it will be so moment the power can reach 12W, the power is maintained above 10W only 20 minutes, while the phone's power is very low. So, Xiaobian think iPhone X charging speed should not be regarded as the real sense of that iPad is 12W fast charge.

Through the power curve can also be found, 12W charger to charge the iPhone X after a period of time, there will be a sharp decline in power situation; while the percentage of mobile phone power curve at this time, the phone is just around 75% of the electricity. This is basically the same as when using a PD charger.

By contrast, we can conclude that the iPhone X initiates a low-power charging mode when the phone's charge reaches about 75%, whether using a USB PD charger or a 5V / 2.4A charger. The specific performance of the USB PD charger is a voltage drop, while the Apple 5V / 2.4A charger shows a decrease in current.

Third, Apple 5W charger

Apple 5W table with charger charging power curve is still the most robust. 5W power lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes, completely worthy of the "years unchanged" this title.

Charging power is low, cell phone fever is small, playing the phone while charging side should have a good experience, but if it is used as a daily charging accessories, may be somewhat difficult; after all, 5W charging speed than the PD charger and 5V / 2.4A charger is much slower, at the same time node, cell phone battery can only reach half the fast charge.

Fourth, mophie wireless charging

Test the mophie wireless charger for iPhone X charging power changes using the ChargerLAB POWER-Z Power Meter. Early input power at about 8W, the latter will be slightly fluctuating. Compared to previous iPhone 8 wireless charging power, iPhone X overall charging power is relatively high and stable.

Because of the overall charging power of the iPhone X is relatively stable, so charging faster than the iPhone 8 an hour or so. Fully filled with mobile phone takes about 3 hours and 56 minutes, pre-charge speed of about 30% of the electricity per hour.

Through the comparison of the power curves of the four charging modes, we can clearly see that in the 45 minutes before charging, the charging power of the USB PD charger is higher than that of the 5V / 2.4A charger, and the charging speed is much faster. The wireless charging compared to wire charging, the high input power does not mean that the charging speed, such as mophie wireless charger power over the entire 5W wire charge, but the end of the charging time to be extended a lot.

In the short term, the charge rate of the USB PD charger occupies an absolute advantage. In particular, after charging for 45 minutes, it can reach 74%, while the 5V / 2.4A charger only consumes 56%, and the other two chargers have 30% Not enough electricity. However, the total charge from the point of view of charge, USB PD charger relatively 5V / 2.4A charger advantage is not too big, leading 15 minutes or so.

to sum up

In general, the four charging methods have their own use of the scene. USB PD fast charge can help iPhone X achieve enough power in a short time, and this charging method is needed for fast-paced people. Apple 5V / 2.4A charger is the most cost-effective charging method, it should be said that the most grounded charge solution, if there is no more other PD devices, it is recommended that users buy this charger. For Apple's standard 5W charger, Xiaobian can only be used occasionally used, there are as long as there is a second choice of charging do not use. The last to say that the wireless charger should be the hottest nowadays charging method, and since the iPhone equipped with wireless charging, ignited the wireless charging market, get out of hand. Even if the current charging speed has yet to be improved, but still with its unique advantages to attract manufacturers, users of the eye. With the current trend, there are already a number of handset manufacturers in China that are currently laying wireless chargers, which will usher in an explosive growth of wireless charging. As a user, you may want to experience something on the iPhone first.


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