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Do you rent yourself on App? The survey found that eating and chatting played games all the way.

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So, is this renter App reliable? Who is renting himself? Are there any illegal transactions? The reporter had a survey experience.

The journalist and the rented female college students eat together

A high class lessor is nearly 300 yuan per hour

The reporter greets the lessor

Renting platform

The phone number can be registered and a red packet can be greeted with more people

The reporter searches for the key word "rents" in the software mall, and it immediately shows a lot of App. The reporter downloaded a "rent me" with more than 800 thousand downloads.

The reporter opens the App, prompting the need to register before using, only fill in the cell phone number when registration, then carry on the face registration, can log in and use. After the completion of the registration, the reporter entered the "recommended" interface, and many of the "lessors" recommended by the system were mostly women. Most of the occupations were written by students, and there were electric providers, administrative clerks and entrepreneurs.

The reporter observed that every lessor's main page has detailed information. Besides the basic height, weight, constellation, hobbies, and the distance between the lessor and you, the time limit and the credit value. The so-called grade is the free time of the lessor.

Under the homepage, there are 3 options: chat, red envelopes and renting TA. The system restricts every user to chat with 5 lessors everyday. If you want to chat with more lessors, they will send red packets, the amount will be at least 2 yuan. If the other side opens the red packet, it shows that it can chat, if the other party has not been answered, then the red packet will be returned after 24 hours.

Rental business

The service range is clearly marked, the higher the level, the higher the charge, and 300 yuan per hour.

On the home page, the Lessor will own service can provide the price tag displayed, such as "City Guide 188 yuan / hour, 100 yuan / hour Gaming Guide". In addition, the lessor has a grade point, which is proportional to the amount of the fee. The highest level of the lessor searched by reporters is 11 level, the rental service is generally 300 yuan / hour, while the lower level is generally between 50 yuan and 200 yuan.

The reporter consulted most of the lessor's data and found that the "Gaming Guide" and "fitness" and "beauty" and "cooking" and other popular. In the process of chatting, most of the lessors prefer to play games, such as the king's glory and the hero alliance.

Journalist experience

Successful rent to a female college student, claiming that 2000 yuan a month is not enough to spend the cost of living

About two days, the reporter sent a few yuan red, before and after contact with more than 10 rental, rent to the ultimate success of a called "orange" (a pseudonym) of the lessor. Cheng Cheng said, she can provide service is cooking, music and beauty, the price is 100 yuan / hour. Orange, she is a Hainan college student, just play the App not long, the reporter is her first customer. Subsequently, the reporter with Chengcheng for WeChat friends, through the circle of friends, basically can determine the "college students" identity.

The reporter paid 6 yuan of intent by App, and in accordance with the agreed time, on the evening of 8 and the orange in the school entrance to meet, and then to a restaurant near her school dinner. Cheng Cheng said, a friend introduced the App in WeChat, she saw, just try holding the mentality of registration, "at the end of it, can make some extra money."

Cheng Cheng said, she is completely in order to make money for their. But the reporter found from the conversation, the orange family is fairly well off each month, parents will give her 2000 yuan living expenses. Chengcheng admitted that it was not enough for her to spend almost every month I have to spend 4000 yuan, so usually do micro business, earn barely enough money to spend."

The reporter asked, is not afraid to meet the bad people? "Certainly afraid, so I saw you in the dark when I met, and if you think you are a bad man, I'll call the police immediately." Cheng Cheng said.

"One night, more than 20 people were greeted, all men, most of the purpose is not pure."

Although the reporter is Chengcheng the first customer, but is not the first to rent her. Cheng Cheng said, she is just registered on the day before the reporter contacted her, "what did not contact me, the second day wake up in the morning, I have more than 20 person to greet me."

"These more than 20 men are all male, 20 to 40 years old, not just just want to rent me, someone is more than 2000 yuan." Orange said, this "hello" harbour evil designs, is not without reason. "Although on the platform can not see, but some of the lessors, do provide some 'special services', as for the price, that is not clear."

At the end of the day, Cheng Cheng told reporters, not through the checkout platform, because the platform will charge a fee for her. In the end, the reporter paid the rent to her with WeChat.

Number of taxi person "hooking up" a lot of people, difficult to guarantee the safety of the line activities

The reporter learned that, although the location rent platform is personal rental idle time, but in fact, use the platform to "hooking up", not a few. Chat with a number of reporters the lessor, they also revealed that he was the other "cues", even "frankly speaking".

"Maybe it's not just hooking up so simple." Tang lawyer of Hainan Dahong law firm believes that if there is a regulatory gap, it is difficult for the lessor to get personal safety online. "The lessor contacts strangers, and may go to some strange environments, which is very dangerous for women."

So, does the renting platform provide a guarantee for the lessor's offline activities? Chengcheng answer: No. "I haven't heard of it, that is, we are registered on the platform, and then chat with the user, and the business platform under the line is not in charge." Cheng Cheng said.

To this end, the reporter for 3 days dialed the renter App on the customer service phone, but no one has been answered.


The lack of supervision, or be criminals take advantage of a weak point proposed to strengthen the third party supervision.

As the Internet platform, if not given certain norms and restrictions, so the user's personal safety can not be guaranteed, even let the criminals take advantage of a weak point." Tang lawyer thinks.

It is understood that in 2016, the national network office issued the "App information service management regulations". It explicitly demanded that mobile Internet application providers should strictly implement the responsibility of information security management, and establish a sound user information security protection mechanism. It is not allowed to use an application to engage in activities that do harm to the security of the state, to disrupt the social order, to infringe on the lawful rights and interests of others and other laws and regulations.

Tang lawyers also believe that when strangers meet on the next line of software, once a crime occurs, the injured party is hard to get justice. "Software is just a platform. As for what happens offline, software is not responsible for it." Tang lawyer said, in addition, the platform "rented" wording is also somewhat inappropriate, "natural persons can not be rental commodities, the use of the term" rented "is not illegal, but it does not conform to the social order and good morals.

Nowadays, some criminals use illegal friends to engage in illegal activities. However, there is no special regulation in law, which makes some App walk in the "gray area" of social media and illegal trading platform. Tang lawyer said that this kind of platform needs third party supervision, users should also shine their eyes in the process of use, and beware of being up.

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