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Baidu continues to accelerate AI launch "accelerator" to support the developer ecology

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Text / Tencent Han Yimin

Baidu is continuing to speed up AI's opening up and landing.

In DuerOs and Apollo continue to expand partners, landing scenes at the same time, December 7, Baidu announced that "AI Accelerator" officially opened.

"AI Accelerator" launched by Baidu's AI Technology and Platform System (AIG) as part of its support of AI developer "Prairie Lao PDR" at the opening ceremony of today's opening ceremony by Wang Haifeng, Vice President of Baidu and Chief Executive of AIG Said that in addition to open technology, Baidu AI will provide more comprehensive support, so that more entrepreneurs and developers benefit from it.

In the past two months, Baidu AIG held more than 100 Baidu AI developer actual combat camps in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Guangzhou on a weekly basis. More than 30 AI engineers from Baidu attended the event. Baidu AI open capacity to introduce, and developers to communicate.

On October 19, Shenzhen Station, Baidu AI Technology Ecology Department General Manager Yu Youping introduced "Prairie Fire Plan" (Baidu AI Ecosystem Partner Program) at the scene.

According to the introduction, "prairie fire plan" includes two levels. First of all, solution providers and industry chain vendors in the AI ​​sector can sign up as Baidu AI eco-partners to fulfill their obligations and receive support from Baidu for technology, customer and marketing resources valued at 100,000 to 10 million. Second, Partners will have the opportunity to be selected as the Baidu AI Accelerator and enjoy the core rights of Top Tutor Customization Courses, Eco Partner Samsung, Baidu Investment Stocks and Directional Support Partners.

More than just a prairie fire plan, in the past two months, Baidu also announced a number of consecutive news: face recognition interface to QPS monthly subscription mode and voice technology, a full range of free and open interface news.

For the domestic artificial intelligence industry, Baidu this time "combination" is of great significance. Only a full range of audio technology interface permanently free, Baidu move or will be veteran voice service providers such as the formation of the Department of flight more pressure.

Such a crowded launch of new technical services AI strategy, from Baidu to accelerate the urgent need for AI landing.

Since last year, Baidu has established artificial intelligence as its new core strategy. After Lu Qi joined this year, Baidu's path to artificial intelligence has become clear: platform-based and eco-friendly. Under this path, Baidu's business return through artificial intelligence technology model is: data + algorithm + software + hardware, to achieve user value and then generate commercial value.

Since the beginning of this year, Baidu has stepped up its investment in and promotion of DuerOs and Apollo. Both of these platforms focus on voice interaction and smart driving respectively, aiming at landing Baidu's AI technology through cooperation with third parties. On the enterprise side, Baidu started this year with Baidu Cloud as the carrier, starting around ABC strategy to accelerate the expansion of corporate customers.

In Baidu's overall AI layout, AIG is a provider of basic technologies for Baidu's AI technology. Unlike DuerOs and Apollo that provide complete solutions in the vertical area, AIG's UNIT (Understanding and Interactivity) platform can be used by developers Provide more in-depth, more customized technical services.

While DuerOs, Apollo and Baidu Cloud are both accelerating their landing, AIG also promotes Baidu AI technology and accelerates its landing through AI developer's actual camp, Liaoyuan Plan and AI Accelerator Camp.

In the AI ​​developer's actual combat operation in Shenzhen Station, Yu Youping said that "Liaoyuan Plan" hopes to achieve cooperation with more than 500 ecological partners in 2018 and cultivate more than 5,000 deep-learning high-end talents for the industry, while selecting 60 Home-based start-up companies into the AI ​​accelerator, and invest more than 10 AI start-up companies to promote the development of the industry.

At present, Baidu has opened up more than 80 AI capabilities, while at the same time speeding up the pace of opening up such different levels of solutions (DuerOs and Apollo), enterprise services (Baidu Cloud) and technical capabilities (such as the UNIT platform) will help Baidu Take the market faster, and lay the groundwork for profitability.

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