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Zhang Ying, vice president of Tencent: Moderate regulatory environment has become an important boost to the development of China's financial science and technology

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On December 7, at the Fortune Global Forum's "Global Financial Technology Outlook" sub-forum, Tencent vice president and general manager of WeChat Zhang Ying revealed the latest data, saying that in the past two years, more than 30,000 service providers have cooperated Partners join WeChat payment, co-integration to promote China's innovative financial development.

In the meantime, Zhang Ying said that the electronicization, traceability and big data of mobile payment transactions have become innovative technological means that jointly guarantee financial security.


Tencent vice president, general manager of WeChat Zhang Ying

Design & ldquo; Transfers & rdquo; as simple as sending messages technology to ensure financial security

6, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng at the "Fortune" Global Forum mentioned that China has 800 million users are using WeChat payment.

"In fact, the experience of social payment is only the first step in popularizing mobile payment. How to penetrate deeply into all fields, from small high-frequency scenes to exterminating life scenes? Year has been the direction of efforts, "Zhang Ying said that when the transaction volume even more than WeChat red envelopes, many people will worry about security," We designed the transfer function, allowing users to experience the same as sending a message, but the fact that On the back of us injected a lot of innovative technology to build security risk control system. & rdquo;

Zhang Ying said that because of the uniqueness of WeChat ID, the transactions generated by mobile payments are electronic and traceable, and the risks can also be discovered in time through big data. For example, the user's friend's picture is consistent, an account is often to chat with strangers, if he often do such things, and often frequently add friends, itself may be dishonest. "It is also our responsibility to ensure the safety of financial science and technology with technological innovation. & rdquo;

Good times and good people, and 30,000 + service providers to promote China's innovation and finance

Neither the innovation of mobile payment nor the payment of safe user education are done by WeChat payment. "We realized that even with such a big company as Tencent could not meet the needs of all offline scenarios, we have worked with branches of 400 banks over the past two years and we have more than 30,000 service providers & rdquo ;

Zhang Ying believes that the full penetration of mobile payments in China can not be separated from the "weather" promotion. In the past five years, China's moderate and reasonable regulatory environment has created a tolerant and open environment for the development of China's financial science and technology. Changes in Chinese attitudes have also become popular mobile payment acceleration "geography". In the recent five years, with the development of the mobile Internet, a new generation of Chinese people like the Internet natives are more willing to innovate and change. Even elders who travel abroad do not accept the code payment.

In the future, the development process of WeChat payment will also be a process of division of labor in the industrial chain. "WeChat is an account, and payment is a contact, hope that in the future we can share our data very well and be able to more extensively in the entire industry chain and more partners to form a very good integration and cooperation to jointly Create financial technology development opportunities. & rdquo;

Tencent Technology interview QA

1, What are the unique conditions for financial innovation in China?

A: Innovative technology and technology + A wide range of applications, "Dual-wheel drive" has become the root cause of China's rapid growth. China has led the way in the area of ​​financial science and technology. This has benefited from the social and economic environment that encourages innovation and encourages entrepreneurship. Coupled with the government support and regulatory support, China has also promoted the mutual cooperation between traditional financial institutions and technology enterprises.

At the same time, consumers in China tend to adopt electronic consumption. China has an alarming "digital natives" attitude of opening up to the electronic and mobile Internet.

2, which cutting-edge technology can be applied to financial technology innovation?

A: A new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and other cutting-edge technologies can be applied to financial technology innovation.

For example, innovative technology applications such as WeChat Urban Services, WeChat Applets, Face Recognition, and Location Big Data are helping Guangzhou create a smart city in Guangzhou. We work with many partners to create "WeChat Smart Living Solutions", which integrates the research and development of innovative technologies in the digital era and opens up a wealth of scenario applications. We can increase revenue for the traditional industries and achieve internal management and external production Even the intelligent transformation of the industrial mode, coupled with the blessing of big data and cloud computing, many industries can provide more personalized and deeper value-added services in the future.

These cutting-edge technologies have also been applied to innovations in the field of financial technology security. For example, WeChat has a well-established risk control system. First, because of the interoperability of Internet finance, mobile payments can be traced back after consumption, which is the underlying basis of this risk control system. We can deploy an integrated property / account protection mechanism based on the anti-fraud mechanism of products designed based on leading-edge technologies such as transactional big data, artificial intelligence, and biometrics.

In the field of payment, WeChat payment also exerts force and bank cooperation mode, the WeChat payment ability and banking services combined to provide users with a richer gameplay and experience. Previously, WeChat payment and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's credit card jointly launched WeChat payment card spending multiple points and points redemption activities, not only fit well with the payment habits of cardholders, but also to meet the different levels of user experience using a variety of points , Optimize the user's credit card experience, promote the user's good sense of loyalty, upgrade, and further activate the credit card value.

3, can cite some financial technology applications? To the user's daily behavior what impact?

A: Take Fortune Forum's Guangzhou as an example. Last month, we launched a ride code service with Guangzhou Metro Group. We can take the subway directly by using the mobile phone to scan the code. The same smart way of traveling is also in more than a dozen cities across the country Bus scene landing. More and more traditional industries, in order to enhance the service experience, take the initiative to embrace financial technology innovation, and we work together to solve the pain points in offline scenarios, but also greatly enhance their operational efficiency.

Recently, many people are discussing a topic, at what moment make you think mobile payment has really changed the life? Some people say that suddenly found himself a month did not get the money, only three dollars in the wallet; Some people say that the roadside to sell roasted sweet potato uncle or even a beggar are using micro letter to collect money; Some people say the company downstairs convenience Shop morning peak pay no longer line up. We are working with partners to change the habits of consumer groups, the Chinese gradually getting used to "just take a cell phone to go out".

4, WeChat payment in China's financial innovation, what role played?

A: Mobile payment has benchmarking in China's financial technology innovation. As of 2016, 95% of Chinese Internet users access the Internet through their mobile devices, and 68% of them use mobile payments in their daily lives. In 2016, China Mobile has paid 70 times the volume of its U.S. counterparts. As of December 2016, WeChat payment only launched in more than three years, with monthly active accounts and daily average of over 600 million transactions.

There are two landmark events that China entered the age of mobile payment in China. One is that WeChat envelopes change the traditional way of blessing; the other is the combination of dropping a taxi and WeChat to change the traditional mode of travel. Both of these events reflect the concept of "social payment" pioneered by WeChat.

The popularization of mobile payment has also directly led to China's first emergence of a mobile payment smart lifestyle that affects hundreds of millions of people, which is closely linked to the new momentum of China's economy. Smart life has become the engine of new economy. It connects banks, developers and merchants to form ecological synergies and help offline traditional industries to enhance their commercial efficiency and promote social and economic efficiency. Because of reduced financial costs, this intelligent life is quietly eliminating the urban-rural gap. Our partners in the ecological roles of businesses, banks, service providers and others continue to develop rich application scenarios. At present, WeChat payment has covered more than 30 industries and millions of stores.

5, WeChat payment in the financial layout of overseas, made what achievements?

A: With the tide of economic and financial globalization hit, the trade between countries has been developing rapidly. Under the advocacy of China's "One Belt and One Road", WeChat payment is also accelerating the pace of overseas development. At present, WeChat cross-border payment services support compliance access from 19 foreign countries and regions. It lays in over 13 overseas countries and regions and supports direct settlement of 12 foreign currencies covering a wealth of scenarios including catering, retail and transportation. At the same time, WeChat payment also provides overseas merchants with an opportunity to engage with Chinese consumers and achieve long-term customer operations through rich WeChat ecologies such as public numbers and applets. Based on this, it also develops cross-border e-commerce platforms.

6, WeChat payment to the future of consumer upgrades brought what effect?

1) Big data operations will bring more opportunities for deep transformation for companies of all sizes; innovate service forms through innovative technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, improve service efficiency in all industries, reduce service costs and expand financial scenarios;

2) Scene-based operations will bring more intelligent life solutions, personal consumption will be more intelligent, personalized, automated; such as unattended retail, restaurant unattended, parking refueling scene free auto-payment ;

3) Platform Effect + Innovative Application will accelerate the globalization of mobile payment and the Chinese-style smart lifestyle will be globalized. Following the export of Chinese goods, China began exporting "China's model" and "China model" to the world in the area of ​​financial services. The smart life in the era of global value chain, connecting China's dream with the world's dream, is not only a sign of China's national soft power improvement but also an opportunity shared by all participants in the industry. For the first time, China's financial technology enterprises have gone global Forefront.

A few specific cases of the problem:

1, WeChat red envelopes can be said to some extent changed the way the Chinese New Year, can we say that the WeChat payment has changed several aspects of the Chinese tradition?

A: Before going out everyone will talk about "mobile phones, wallets, keys," and now even go around the world with a cell phone and a key are becoming a reality, this habit of "invincible, forage ahead of" Chinese people, change the traditional payment habits is a big change.

Launched WeChat red envelopes to create a social payment experience is just the first step in popularizing mobile payment. Starting from changing the mode of payment, it is the direction in which we have been striving hard in recent years that how to thoroughly penetrate into all fields, including basic necessities of life, small-scaled high-frequency scenes and the elimination of all inconveniences in life scenes. From smart hospitals, smart scenic spots, smart catering, smart retail to smart gas stations, it is not until the full realization of the city's intelligence that changes in the traditional way of life is gradually being realized.

2, Tencent recently launched in the subway, bus, cable car code, and also reached a cooperation with the 12,306, why take the lead in the travel area come up with so many innovations? In the field of travel test financial innovation, what are the advantages?

A: We have introduced so many innovations in the area of ​​public travel as an extension of the traffic scenario that we launched "WeChat Smart Living Solution" since 2013. Traffic travel is a direct manifestation of the urban development context, but also the decisive factor in the flow of production factors.

But in actual implementation, the hardest part is the traffic-paying scene. It has the features of small, high-frequency and just-needed, but the payment methods are varied. High-speed tolls have Cantonese cartoon, e cartoon, cash and other means, the parking lot with the central payment, export payment and other forms. Public transport payments are mobile phones, bank cards, bus cards, cash and other means.

Therefore, the beginning of Tencent Wisdom Traffic to do is not just to solve the pain point of public transport, but the user travel all life scenes together, in simple terms is "0-1-3-5-7": User travel radius as a standard, 0 km parking lot to achieve no sense of payment; 1 km to achieve shared bicycle seamless connection; within 3 km by the Tencent car code in the bus network to solve; within 5 km from the drop hit car; 7 Km and above can use Tencent car code by metro; intercity by virtue of full access 12306 WeChat payment tickets travel.

WeChat test water financial innovation in the field of travel, because of separate access to payment links, first of all to enhance the efficiency of the transport system, allowing users to ride experience better and faster;

Second, the WeChat social system with a wide range of coverage, applet lightweight connection, so that "a cell phone + a WeChat" with the public trip is the optimal solution to upgrade, but also the most smooth series, fusion Kind of scene

Finally, cities are able to rapidly promote the intelligent transformation of their public transport systems. The data, intelligence and unified platform capabilities behind WeChat Payments can improve service levels, optimize user experience and make internal operations more efficient. Coupled with Tencent platform of social networking, big data, financial technology and other advantages, the traffic travel and smart cities seamless convergence.

3, can talk about WeChat payment will give the forefront of the unmanned shop to bring what help?

A: When we talked about unmanned shops in the past, we all talked about one word and the whole process of self-service. WeChat payment firstly brought together the capabilities of a series of products such as purchasing goods, payment and service notification, Closed shop wisdom. Effectively shortening the customer's consumption radius, increasing the frequency of consumption, and realizing the digitized interaction between people, goods and consumption scenarios. This brings a quick experience to customers and saves them time, and greatly enhances the brand's loyalty and favorability .

For these offline retail and catering industries, operating costs are reduced and service standardization and informationization levels are enhanced. At the same time, these enterprises themselves can spend more energy focusing on providing customers with better products, more comfortable experience and even more personalized and intelligent value-added services. Such an unmanned store from point to surface, in order to create an all-round urban convenience life experience. Applet "does not need to be installed at your fingertips, running out of use, no need to uninstall & rdquo; The characteristics of a good continuation of WeChat decentralized concept, small program code, store applets, applets and other nearby capabilities, Also further reduces the threshold of development and use of applets, and helps to expand the basic capabilities and offline service scenarios. We hope to empower retailers and developers to build their own applets by providing ground-floor infrastructure and solutions to create new retail opportunities based on applets to centralize ecology.

WeChat payment future will also introduce a variety of service capabilities such as ordering small programs, face recognition, personalized menus, dining evaluation system, and constantly optimize the convenience and intelligent experience of unattended restaurants.

4, before the WeChat payment for merchants open transaction data capabilities, the future will be open to businesses what ability? What will help?

A: In August, WeChat paid for opening up data to merchants and giving merchants greater autonomy in operation, allowing them to fully understand and utilize their own transaction data, and facilitating business decisions through timely and efficient analysis of business problems through visual and convenient operation.

By the end of October, WeChat paid to play the advantages of innovation chain relationship, on the line "red envelope store" activities. By scanning the code offline, paying the red envelope and appropriating the red envelope, the linkage between the social relationship chain and the commercial payment is increased, and more traffic and sales are brought to the merchants to better support the operation of the merchants.

In the past year, the overall transformation of Chinese society to "smart society" has obviously accelerated. WeChat payment has become an important promoter of this effect. In the "wisdom society" development process, WeChat payment constantly from the product capabilities, operational support, incentive development, compliance management, and other businesses and partners for the empowerment.

WeChat payment infrastructure and data openness, stable support policies and resources to make the ecosystem healthy development. Constantly optimize the experience and "ultimate open" strategy, but also to WeChat payment attracted a large number of third parties, businesses actively involved in the ecological construction. In the future, we will continue to uphold the strategy of "extreme openness" and do a good job in "connector" to help more industry partners to realize smart transformation through WeChat payment and promote the healthy development of smart ecological system.

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