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How little is it now?

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Kabasiji Norton, good times don't last long, with the manufacturers in the next few years the marketing hype and a free trial of the offensive, rising lost a lot of customers began to go downhill.

And in 2008, under the banner of the name of free antivirus 360, is by virtue of bundling and marketing strategy, to seize the market quickly, at the same time rising, Jinshan, Jiangmin antivirpremium soft kill completely lost market competitiveness.

In 2011, she also gave up the charge strategy for personal products. Since then, red star has not returned to the glory of the past, in the media reports, in recent years, there has been less news of the Swiss star. What does Swiss star make to make money today? Is personal soft still doing? What are you going to do in the future? After the December 12th press conference, Tang Wei, the vice president of rising star and Ye Chao, President of rising star research, interviewed several media and talked about the status quo and future of rising star.

Enterprise customers come from the government, people still do soft kill

This conference is called "2017 rising new technology sharing Partner Conference", at the site of the first row seat is rising to the top, second row for rising customers (partners),It comes from the government and the state-owned enterprises.

In subsequent media interviews, vice president Tang Wei introduction, the main business is rising corporate security, user focused on military and political fields.

Compared to small and micro enterprises, our customers in terms of security personnel equipped with more adequate emphasis on safety is higher, for example, many units will have the information center, there is a little more practical, customers in terms of security budget is relatively high.

When asked about the specific profitability of the business security service in 2017, Tang Wei did not respond.

December should be the best month of our performance. The specific revenue figures need to be known in January. At present, it has achieved steady growth over the same period last year, and the number of single bills this year is much higher than that of last year.

For reasons, Tang Wei thought that part of the reason is the frequent occurrence of network security incidents and the introduction of network security law. Some customers pay more attention to safety, so the budget is also higher.

What is the situation of the personal product of Swiss star at the moment of the 360 one? Tang Wei responded,At present, the personal user market has tried to use cash to cash in before the ten million level market, but it has suspended the mode after finding the user experience. At present, the personal product is not profitable, and it is exploring new business mode.

What are you doing at the moment? What are the plans for the future?

"Get the lead out, still can not rice". When a media colleague sent a photo of the conference site to a friend circle, there were several questions in his comments. Some asked if the old technology company was still there. Some are curious about what it is doing at the moment.

AI, large data, next generation terminal, virtualization, situational awareness... These key words, which are often mentioned in other security enterprise conferences, are also mentioned repeatedly at the press conference.In order to prove that he still has a strong ability in the network security, the site also shows the accreditation of the evaluation institutions and customers.

One is the international third party evaluation and certification institution, the global Chinese PC antivirus software proficiency assessment report released by Sai labs.tencentThe killing rate of computer housekeepers is the top of the list. The test uses Windows 10 simplified Chinese Version (64 bits) as the test platform, and 10000 commonly used virus samples in China.

In the field of killing the virus, Ye Chao, the dean of the Academy, introduced the use of artificial intelligence in it.

In order to improve the accuracy, engineers need to describe the characteristics of the virus that AI wants to recognize in detail, which is called the "feature dimension" in the AI field. The higher the dimension, the more detailed the description is, the more accurate the judgement is. For example, for example, the feature dimension of the virus has reached 4778 dimensions, and our recognition of ordinary objects is usually only a few hundred dimensions. At present, the artificial intelligence virus detection system needs to learn more than 100 million typical programs, all "learning" takes 120 hours.

The other is a thank-you letter from the Ministry of public security, thanks to its emergency response team dispatched during the outbreak of the worm, and the support for safety protection during the nineteen periods.

In an interview with Zheng Bin, director of its cloud security business department, he explainedAt present, the operation system of some departments is made in China. Compared with other security vendors, rising has good compatibility in this area, and is one of its advantages.

In addition, at the conference, Tang Wei saidThe future will focus on safety educationIt is mainly aimed at the current situation of the lack of network security talents. It is oriented to the training system of engineering education, and requires a certain computer knowledge to become a student.

Write in the end

Tang Wei, who entered the post in 2004, is now the vice president of the Swiss star. He has witnessed the history of the decline.

In his first entry, heyday coincided with the rising market, only a handful of the anti-virus vendors; and now, network security domain has not only BAT3 and other giants to participate, there are various stunt security start-up companies, the market competition already cannot be mention in the same breath.

When asked about the different feelings of the two period, Tang Wei's answer was a little unexpected. He said he liked the present team and the working state. In the face of the heyday of the individual user, a product launch if the response is good sitting to be able to make money, is not conducive to go forward, and now the service enterprise users, it is a state of fear, to do fine, who are not to offend, this attitude change, may burst not the same strength.

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