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12.10 employees jumped employees: the victim of internal conflicts?

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Hunting cloud Note: Netizens cold night visitors December 14 made in the United States on an article said her husband Ou Jianxin on December 10 jumped to his death at ZTE, and accused the company of dismissal caused the dispute. This article transferred from Wugang talent network, the text from the content of the user cold night visitors. Hunting cloud afterwards also immediately confirmed to the official ZTE, but did not give a reply.

The following is from the author Cold Night guest writing in the United States full text:


I used to have a happy family, my husband loyal and kind-hearted son and daughter obediently. My husband, Ou Jianxin, originally worked for ZTE Netcom, a subsidiary of ZTE, and a director of a R & D team. It is also the spiritual and economic pillar of our family of four. However, on December 10, he unexpectedly died on the spot in the fall of ZTE R & D Building. Our family prop upside down, leaving me and my 9-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, four elderly people at a loss, let me collapses! ! I do not know what to do in the future? How to do?


My husband & mdash; Ou Xin was born in Shaogang City, Hunan Province Wugang County, a rural family, excellent academic achievement, undergraduate admitted to Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, after graduating in Shenzhen Huawei Company for 8 years, during which they passed Their own efforts to obtain a master's degree from Nankai University.

This is Shenzhen ZTE Communications Co., Ltd.


2011 switched to ZTE Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., signed the labor contract from 2011.4.18 to 2019.8.18. Specific work in R & D department engaged in research and development work. From 2011 onwards in the ZTE network letter more than six years he has been working diligently, hard working. When the department upgrades many times, he often works day and night with overtime work. Sometimes things that can not be done often bring home all night long after the completion of the second day they continue to go to work. He devoted himself to this work, his honest and honest man, never man-made difficulties, but also colleagues in the eyes of good employees, good eyes of family members, good husband, good father. Through his hard work and our simple daily life, two of our ordinary families have also been able to settle down in Shenzhen and live a prosperous life.

This is the office of Ou Jianxin's work


However, who knows that family harmony, we are actually involved in the contradictions and restructuring within ZTE Netcom. And my husband, Ou Jianxin, unfortunately, became the victim of a contest of power between them.

On December 1, 2017, Wang Mou-ming, the new direct leader of the European construction community, talked to him for the purpose of excuse me. At that time my husband did not foresee this situation at all, and for some time can not accept the decision to be dismissed by the company. Plus he has been working diligent, business ability is not bad, he instinctively proposed to the company if there is still room for redemption, can not internal replacement positions? Wang Moumou direct reply: "The above leaders have decided that there is no room for maneuver. "My husband was hard to accept this sudden blow, back after the muffled, his face is very ugly. I found out after asking him what happened, he simply described the process with me on the noisy.

A few days later, HR (HR) and Zhang (HR and Planning Dept.) asked my husband, Ou Jianxin, for his blunt proposal of N + 1 compensation. On December 7, Guo Moumou, head of department, also found my husband talking to him about the transfer of shares. Originally the company dismissed the program has been dissatisfied with the irrefutable husband, can only hope that the company read its hard-working share price to be compensated. He had previously learned that the share transfer price of employees who left last year was more than 4, and he hoped that the company could repurchase this company at a higher price. Who knows the day Kwak Moumou cold and tough attitude, not only do not agree to buy back the equity price last year, but also forced down to 2 yuan a share repurchase. We do not have much equity, under which almost no additional compensation. Very surprised and angry, my husband can only insist that not to sell. Kwak Moumou rhetoric said: "You have to resign this stake must also be sold, otherwise the consequences. "The leadership of the company was so cold and indifferent that the attitude was extremely poor and completely changed from retiring to forcing back.

At 9 o'clock in the morning on December 10, Europe built a new to me and said: "The leader wants me to go to the company." Before leaving, said: "Our company has internal conflicts, I am very likely to become a victim." I said: "You are almost leaving the company, what is the impact on you? "He said," It is because of their contradictions, it affects me to go. "I said:" You are so good, Master of Nankai, Huawei made eight years, ZTE made six years and then replaced a better. nodded his acquiescence!




This is my husband & mdash; Ou Jianxin falls a week ago our family of four in children's paradise fun photo.

The 42-year-old employee building of a subsidiary of ZTE fell and died, the police said he was killed

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Southern Metropolitan News trainee Qiu Mo Hill, Yan Peng

On the morning of December 10, a man, Ou Mouxin, died in a ZTE building at South Fourth High-tech Zone, Nanshan District. According to Nanshan police introduced by the scene of the initial exploration, identified as high fall death, excluding him killed.

According to Europe's new wife Miss Ding introduction, when someone called to tell her, my husband jumped to the building, I rushed a taxi to the scene and saw my husband collapsed on the steps of ZTE R & D Building office. Around the blood is everywhere, I instantly paralyzed sitting on the ground. & rdquo;

Miss Ding told reporters in the South, Europe and a new Shenzhen Zhongxing Network Technology Co., Ltd. employees. "My husband once told me that his direct leadership had talked to him and offered to leave him. & rdquo;

According to business registration information shows that Shenzhen Zhongxing Wang Xin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 25, 2009, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZTE Corporation holding the investment.

According to the working contract provided by Ms. Ding, the contract period between Ou Mou Xin and Shenzhen Zhongxing Wang Xin Technology Co., Ltd. is from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2019, and is the renewal after the first contract.

Ms. Ding told reporters in Southern China that Ou Mouxin, 42, was born in a rural family in Wugang County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. After getting married, the couple have two sons and daughters, her son is 9 years old and her daughter is 2 years old.

December 10, Europe and a new fall, Miss Ding has repeatedly posted on the Internet for help. "There are also four elderly seniors above, my husband is a spiritual and economic pillars of our family of four, and now our family pillars fell. "Ms. Ding said.

Nanshan police said the scene investigation, the police initially identified as high fall death, killing him, the specific situation is still a step in the investigation.

On the evening of December 14, ZTE replied that it was confirmed that the deceitor was an employee of ZTE Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ZTE. ZTE Netcom will make a formal response recently.

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