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Drive investors: This once China's largest balance car prices die in internal battle

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Author: Cheng Wei

Editor's note: A young man who once boarded the Forbes China cover, an investor who once saw the opportunities in the industry, a Chinese company that had "rid the world's first" and finally, "insiders" Dictatorial dispute, dying.

This is the fate of YiBu, once the largest two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer in China. The attack on the insider's battle, due to five years ago, the company's technical team leader Zhou Wei once failed unsuccessful "drive" company investors Wu Xiaolong action. After the technical team failed to gain a controlling stake, they left and set up another company. As a result, a protracted attack on the battle kicked off, so far no break.

Five years, the industrial pattern of change, the competitive situation of Starbucks. This determines that there is no winner for this huge and costly infighting. Now, the attractive prospect of the past is no longer concerned by both sides. Investors are concerned about how they can get the most out of stop-loss while leaving the technology team concerned about how they can get out of the hassles of the attack.

First-line investigation

Five years of attack involving criminal liability, China's largest car-level soldiers and mutants "deadly"

Once the largest two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer in China Dongguan easy step robot company (hereinafter referred to as "easy step company"), quickly get rid of the world's largest car company after the balance, caught in a "mutiny" & rdquo ;

Easy to step the company's technical team in the company good things in sight, the hope of gaining control of the position was rejected by the employers, the technical team then find another investor "separate portal" and took away the R & D, technology and marketing team. Since then, both parties have plunged into the battle between you and me. The battle is no less exciting than a spy war drama. This war, which lasted five years, in July this year, the two sides finally met at the "Shenzhen negotiations".

"I can only out of 500 million, Wu can not be a big mouth lion, a mouth is 60 million yuan. "Shenzhen Happy World Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" happy world ") chairman and general manager Zhou Wei July 25 in the Shenzhen Museum of the restaurant, said to the middleman, Wu total asking price is too high. Wu named Wu Xiaolong, is the chairman of Easy Step.

Zhou Wei tried to 5000000 yuan, to quell an incident. He was the cover of the Chinese version of Forbes magazine.

But the middleman told Zhou Wei: "This is a criminal responsibility, not a question of money. "To alleviate the atmosphere of the conversation, the middleman immediately added a sentence: I just took the words, I hope you will deal with them well, after all, we are friends.

At present, the source code of the last core evidence in the case has been locked. According to the information provided by Wu Xiaolong, Chairman of Easy Step, the relevant parties commissioned an independent third party to compare the source code extracted by the trusted party with the source code of Yibu Company. The results showed that the music industry The core source code of the world and easy step company has more than one directory name, indicating that the source files of both parties have a certain relevance, and there are some function codes in the source code of the world, there is the same or substantive similar. Most of these functions are derived from the underlying functions of EMG's program control hardware objects.

For the sake of safety, the accreditation body also compared the source codes of the two companies that were not provided by the consignor with the same conclusion as above.

On November 30 and December 1, Zhou Wei did not answer the phone call made by a reporter of China Business News, nor did he reply the text message about confirming Wu Sailong's allegations and allegations. Zhou Wei team several other members, did not comment on this.

Behind the 5-year hard case this case underscores the plight of intellectual property protection that the robot industry in China is emerging from.

Regrettably, after five years of disputes, both sides have missed opportunities and no longer have a dominant position in the field of balancing cars. The dispute has not yet been effectively resolved.

Wu Zhou talks

On July 22, 2017, Zhou Wei finally agreed to meet with Wu Xiaolong and Zhou Wei volunteered.

Zhou Wei, former general manager of Yi Bu, Wu Xiaolong is the chairman of the company, is also a major investor and controlling shareholder. After the two sides competed for the control of YiBu Corporation in 2012, Zhou Wei later left for another venture. The members of YiBu Corporation's R & D, technology and marketing team have subsequently resigned and headed for Zhou Wei's startup company. Wu Xiaolong immediately reported the case to the police and the police eventually filed a case on February 16, 2016 after obtaining a set of key evidence.

After five years of infighting, the two sides decided to come for the first time in less than five years at Shenzhen, a city not far from Dongguan.

However, Wu Xiaolong still refuses to meet directly. Wu Xiaolong decided to choose a highly trusted, but also can be trusted by Zhou Wei middleman, instead of himself and Zhou Wei met.

Two days before the meeting, Wu Xiaolong team in the hotel, a detailed study of the various possibilities of this meeting, and according to Zhou Wei's personality and behavioral characteristics, which cards may be out on how to make a variety of deduction In the end, it established the basic principles and direction, the main line of attack and defense, and other major steps. In short, the "battle plan" is established.

As for why you want to do this, Wu said: "They are software, and there are strategic and step-by-step ways of doing things. There are more interlocking steps and step-by-step steps and division of labor as well as refinement to each head by time On the responsibility and goals, the last time they "soldiers mutiny", have already learned before. & rdquo;

Miss Slender said the day before the meeting, Zhou Wei call back, because something can not walk, time was too late, Wu Xiaolong's agent needs to meet him in Shenzhen.

Zhou Wei designated meeting place in Shenzhen Museum. To avoid traffic accidents, middlemen and followers drove to Shenzhen at noon on July 25. According to the participants who participated in the negotiations, the talks started with a total of three people being negotiated, namely, Zhou Wei, Wu's appointed middleman, and his entourage.

Mutual touch card

Informed sources to the "China Business" reporter described and confirmed by reporters show that Zhou Wei in the negotiations that the opening that "led the team to run away, but also a last resort, because Wu Xiaolong initially promised investment funds are not in place, and development The idea of ​​too much divergence "means.

Wu assigned "middleman" did not respond directly to Zhou Wei's statement, but to bring the main meaning of Wu Xiaolong: First, Zhou Wei et al in the conflict with the Easy Step, guilty of Second, the public security organ has already put on record. Third, according to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, Zhou Wei and others will be sentenced to 3 to 7 years' imprisonment and the principal offender will be severely punished.

At the same time, the middleman also brought Wu Xiaolong's most important sentence: Wu Xiaolong has now mastered the organization ZhouWei et al., Planning and ultimately the implementation of the Yi Bu company caused the company's business invasion of the collapse of the core evidence, and has been submitted to police.

Informed sources told reporters that Zhou Wei responded: filing does not mean guilty, whether the guilty court decision needs to be determined, the public security organ for this is only a routine investigation after the filing it. "We have also submitted the relevant evidence to the public security organ. "Zhou Wei said.

Zhou Wei said that this has been going on for years. Nowadays, when people are young and impulsive, they have done some harm to Mr. Wu. Although these injuries are mainly spiritual, he himself is willing to give Wu Always make some compensation. The compensation amount is 5 million yuan.

The middleman victorious chase, saying that listen to Wu Xiaolong say, Zhou Wei team led the team to leave Yi Bu in 2012, not only took away all the company's R & D results and intellectual property rights, but also took just developed a major new product M2 . Even more inexplicable is Wu Xiaolong, Zhou Wei, who are still leaving, the Yi Bu company server delete all the content, resulting in the company immediately paralyzed Yi Bu, unable to write into the balance of the car, can not continue to produce products.

Zhou Wei immediately denied the matter about emptying the server. He said that this may be Wu Slimong deleted, and then planted on his head, the "black" pot "can not back.

Intermediate follow-up, easy step before the company sold more than 100 million yuan, product marketing dozens of countries, after this torment, sales immediately zero, the market, the customer lost, only a year of loss is tens of millions.

Zhou Wei know that this is the asking price, then replied: "He can not always open a large lion Wu ah, a mouth is to 60 million yuan, where I come so much money? & rdquo;

Wu Xiaolong's middleman told China Business News reporter that three people in the teahouse each took two mobile phones and neither side was able to confirm whether the other party was using a mobile phone to record or not. For example, it is absolutely impossible for the middleman to clearly specify the asking price of Wu Ssu-Long. Once a pro-government figure is available, it may be reported to the other party as a report of extortion. Zhou Wei either sidesteps or denies all allegations made by the middleman about Wu Sailong, Become further evidence of lock-in guilt.

Two days later, on July 26, the two sides talked about each other at Shenzhen Airport. This time they chose to talk at the airport because the middleman from Hunan Province left for the flight. The reporter of China Business newspaper learned that the talks did not yield results.

The incident originated

A murderous secret talks started back five years or earlier.

Zhou Wei and his team, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, cooperated with a Lin surnamed investor in Wuhan in 2008. After the Wuhan company's capital was exhausted, he found a company owner in Shenzhen, Wu Xiaolong reinvested. Wuhan company and Shenzhen, the company set up a joint venture Yi Bu company, Zhou Wei and his team led Yi Bu company's research and development, technology, marketing and marketing business. Two years later, Zhou Wei and his team members asked the controlling shareholder of Easy Steps, Wu Xiaolong disagreed, so Zhou Wei and his team members left.

Wu Xiaolong reported to the police that Zhou Wei and his team members had taken away more than 20 core employees when they left. They violated the non-compete clauses and confidentiality agreements signed by the two parties and the other was that the other party ruined the server when it left All the technical documents on the website led to the instant paralysis of YiBu, the largest smart balance car company in China.

However, Zhou Wei, who denied the destruction of the file on the server, allegedly destroyed by the Ngoc-Lung camp.

July 2017, at least four former company Easy Step squad exodus of employees "China Business" reporter, said, November 5, 2012 morning, Li Bin (a pseudonym) was called Zhou Wei, general manager of the company's office Easy Step Talk, the conversation is brief, but things are not easy.

The conversation was that because of the disagreement with the investor and controlling shareholder, Ng Soo-lung, the team of R & D, technology and marketing of the company was scheduled to leave overall on November 5 and move to the Shenzhen downtown one hour away. At present, the three The core team of the business has found a new investor and has another company incorporated.

Business registration files show that Zhou Wei, who registered in November 4, 2012 in Shenzhen Harvard Technology Co., Ltd., July 1, 2013 changed its name to Shenzhen Music World Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "music companies" & rdquo; ). Outbound team registered outside the company approved, and departure time difference of only one day.

But this does not mean that most of the people on the move are aware of it.

& ldquo; We did not know it before. On the morning of November 5, 2012, Zhou Wei and several other management personnel from Wuhan came to talk with you one by one. The content of the conversation was very simple. All the teams such as R & D, technology and marketing were all gone. "4 original easy-to-go company to the world of music staff around July 27, respectively," China Business "reporter said, all these departments have gone, only to follow.

For smart products or robotic products, once there is no control software support, just like people without a brain, just a bunch of scrap iron. For robotic companies, once the key links such as R & D, technology and marketing all leave, it means that this company will surely collapse. Therefore, everyone will follow this path.

Several former Yi Bu company employees interviewed by China Business News reporter said that their respective departments received instructions that they should unload their unfinished work and corresponding work pieces or research and development products together take away. Wu Xiaolong said that easy to step the company has developed a prototype of the second generation M2 prototype, was also taken away team.

This reporter has learned that Chairman Wu Xiaolong informed, returned to the company headquarters, not to approve the resignation, but to no avail. At the same time, several of these key personnel also removed the terms of the clauses from the executive branch "borrowed" the confidentiality agreement and the noncompete restrictions (note: limit and prohibit employees from engaging in business competition with their own after leaving the company) text.

The destination of departure, is more than an hour's drive from Dongguan, Shenzhen city.

After arriving in Shenzhen, the departing staff stayed at the hotel for two days before entering the newly rented dormitory. The four interviewees interviewed by China Business Daily reported that they involved in a few key positions in R & D and technology respectively. The four staff members admitted that they were required to take away all the information and related materials of the forthcoming M2 when they left Yi-Bu and they should be taken out of their vehicles and shipped to Shenzhen. "At that point, as before, Do the hands of the project and work is done, but according to the requirements of the leadership, make some changes to the project & rdquo ;.

Approximately 10 months later, the world's first music player R1, which is based on several core members such as Zhou Wei, left the company. Wu Xiaolong alleges that R1 is actually a modified version of the second-generation M2 product, YiBu.

Task list

In the nearly four years since then, the police did not file a case because of lack of core evidence or convincing evidence. Until February 16, 2016, Dongguan City Public Security Bureau put this case on file. The filing notice said that "Dongguan Easy Step Robot Co., Ltd. was a case of commercial secrets, I think the Bureau has committed a criminal act, under the jurisdiction of our bureau, to inform you that the first criminal investigation. & rdquo;

The reporter of China Business newspaper learned and obtained the relevant materials through various means. On November 4, 2012, Zhou Wei may issue orders to Guo, Hua-Chen, Yan-Kai, Li Yipeng and Xu Cheng via related channels and request execution on time and at any time Feedback the implementation of the results.

This is actually a "task list" that points to a few days before and after November 4, 2012 when some of the Ebisu employees left.

Relevant materials show that the 16 tasks are divided into two types of defense and offensive, defensive, including the appearance of patent applications; code Monday to go back and process; remove all office YB related information and document properties, hand in charge of inspection; M2 to R1; Go home; redo a fixture as soon as possible Reporter Note: A tool that helps to control a position or action (or both), throwing it out after it's done; what's coming, temporarily unneeded , Put away, the need to order as soon as possible, buy their own; machinery should be optimized as soon as possible, for two weeks and the current larger changes.

Offensive include: delete information, do not transfer; the new day (Reporter Note: easy step of the cooperative enterprises) pressure; individual agents return as soon as possible; to inform the agent YB recent situation; after-sales fell, serious injury, 5; As soon as possible dunning; disclosure of information to major suppliers, management team, the technical team has left, will make new products, the company recently contacted Wu; financial detailed financial statements, distributed to investors.

The other two tasks, not included in the above two categories, respectively, by Xiao Wu and Lin (Reporter Note: Zhou Wei et al previously partner in Wuhan surnamed Lin) exert repurchase pressure, and the new company registration.

Other materials obtained by China Business News correspondents show that some of the directives also have a clear timetable for their specific counterparts and tasks:

Such as Guo Gaihua, Yan Xuekai assigned task is, November 5 to 7, the new choice of patent agents; November 5, pay attention to safety; November 5 to 6, Guo is responsible for the work by the inspection and supervision by the Yan responsible . Among them, Guo Gaihua "to delay the main fight for the time to reduce the recent pressure"; Yan Xuekai Do not say too much for the total words of Wu, speaking from the direction of good agents.

Chen's mission from November 5 to November 12 was to arrange for different times to dispatch accident reports from different regions. But then added a sentence, this approach can be used, can not play a significant role ".

Zhou Wei's mission from November 6 to November 7 was "to arrange the words and phrases and be responsible for Zhou Wenming. "Zhou Wei's mission on November 7 was to arrange for Zhao Xiuli to initially make it and issue it after deep processing.

At the same time, the relevant materials also show: "No matter what to do, not too for Wu, do not reveal is what we do, fight for our time, please remember! ! & rdquo;

Yan Xuekai received the above instructions on November 4, Reply "It is recommended that you download this file after encryption, and then delete this information completely! & rdquo;

Li Yipeng reply on November 5, "received, has been deleted stub. & rdquo;

Reporters understand and related materials show the situation, is it true?

On November 30 and December 1, Zhou Wei did not answer the phone call made by a reporter of China Business News, nor did he reply the text message asking whether the accusation or accusation of confirming Wu Xiaolong party was true.

The team of Chen Zhifa, Li Yipeng answered the phone, but declined to November 4, 2011, in the case of the company to make an assessment of Yi Bu. Li Yipeng said, "without authorization, you need to consult with the leadership," but as of this reporter's press time, did not reply.

Chen Zhifa claimed that on the matter "Without knowledge. "China Business" reporter asked, as the event participants and experience, why not know? Chen Zhifa added: "It is something that Li Yipeng wants to give you a reply before, without knowing it. & rdquo;

Li Yipeng November 30, said "college students venture is not easy, I hope the media can understand. & rdquo;

Yan Xuehai cell phone in the team shut down, the micro-channel information shows that at present in the United States. Guo Gaihua did not answer the phone.

Cover figure

The main characters involved in the above directives are: Zhou Wei and General Manager in the original Easy Company; Gai Xiong, Guo Gaihua, Director of R & D; Yan Xuekai, Sales Director; Chen Zhifa, Marketing Director; Li Yipeng, Hardware Engineer.

Zhou Wei was the cover page of Forbes magazine's Chinese version.

His time to board the magazine cover is March 2015. This issue of the magazine's theme is: "Defining the Future: Forbes China 2015 30 Under-30 Entrepreneurs".

The magazine's website still holds a list of Zhou Wei, because by surname stroke order, was 29-year-old Shenzhen World Technology Co., Ltd. general manager of World Week, listed in the last one. Currently, the magazine website has deleted the article "Happy World Weekly: Subversion of Personal Traffic Scene", but other portals still retain the article reproduced at that time.

This article said, "This year's 29-year-old musician founder, CEO Zhou Wei, looks like a 30-year-old IT engineers, not ordinary people think that kind of cool and maverick young entrepreneurs . He has a solid look, just like the role of the drama on the mainstream television channel. Although he is more willing to provide opinions than to tell stories, this does not mean that he is reluctant to say that he speaks of the robot industry and speaks of scenes of life that he hopes will be overturned in the future. Growth experience and personal business history will be a passing. Perhaps, at this stage, he is still a little uncomfortable with becoming an observed and interpreted object. & rdquo;

The reporter of the magazine noticed Zhou Wei's withdrawal of entrepreneurial experience, but did not dig further.

The article said that in 2007, Zhou Hu, who was also a sophomore at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, took part in the China Robot Contest and won the first prize. Later, with the other five friends he met at the competition, he established a team devoted to developing industrial robots . In 2012, Zhou Wei and his companions founded the world of music. In January 2013, the music festival completed the financing of the Angel Wheel. In the autumn of 2013, the first musician balanced the car off the assembly line. On December 5, 2014, In 2 years, the music scene with just 12 months of listing on the market announced the completion of a B-round financing of 100 million yuan.

Wu Xiaolong said that Zhou Wei was the general manager of E-St, the founder of E-St Co., whose work at E-Buch was in sharp contrast with his image as the cover of Forbes.

In the past five years, Wu Xiaolong bought the righteous R1 in the process of defending his rights to the departing team and gave it to a forensic institute to identify the differences between the software of the product and the YiBu products. As a result of the appraisal, ; The same or similar functions and the same constants exist in the B program submitted by the client for authentication. Among them, there are at least 16 functions in B program which have the same (or similar) function as M1 program in A side, and 8 same constants. & rdquo;

In addition, there are at least 65 identical or similar functions in the B program with the M2 programs in the A side, and 9 of the same constants, and these functions and constants are important in the A software M1 and M2 for customizing the derivative and core functions Parameters, in the A software is called by multiple files and programs. & rdquo;

Another forensic examination shows that the schematics of SCH circuits on both products have "substantial identity".

Previously, the case still lacks the last core piece of evidence: the source code comparison. However, some of the original easy-to-go employees who interviewed by the "China Business" reporter said that if the source code needs to be completely rewritten, it is basically impossible because the project volume is too large. However, Yi Bu still claims that when checking the source code of Yi Bu Company and the world of music, the police should give reference to the source code of R1 at the time when it was launched, because in the next few years, the other party may do more to the source code Big change.

Lose both lose

On July 25, when Zhou Wei met with Wu Xiaolong's middleman, he said: "We have not made any money in these years."

Is it really not profitable?

Wu Xiaolong to the "China Business" reporter confirmed that, according to cost estimates, music world really make little money, the reason is that the world music company was established roughly 10 months after the introduction of the product R1, the terminal price of only 9,980 yuan, the price only Easy step similar products 59% of the price. The price of a Yi Bu company priced at 16,800 yuan M1 and M2 in the market immediately die.

Easy step of the company's M1 and M2 each cost area, roughly 9980 yuan. In other words, happy world in product pricing, one step will die Yi step company.

This result, like the previous Step by Step, will die Global Balance Car starter American Segway (Chinese translation). Segway's product size, large wheels, priced at up to 80,000 yuan each. Following the development of easy to step the company's M1 volume far contest Gwew small, excellent performance, such as driving 20 km and 40-foot steep climb, etc., the price is only 21% of Segway, so easy to step M1, Segway basically came to an end.

M1 was not only in the domestic sales, but also immediately open the market more than 100 countries and regions.

M1 best-selling balance of the car immediately led to a number of venture capital investment and frequent stockholders to discuss matters such as investment or shares, Yi Bu's technical team and investors clash in this detonation: Wu Xiaolong and its enterprises can only produce precision devices, but by Pre-investment holds the largest stake in easy steps; Zhou Wei, who holds a balance of car control technology and R & D, see the huge market prospects but not directly in the easy to step, the proportion of indirect holding is also very low.

Wu Xiaolong directly holds 70.56% of the shares of Easy Step, and Wuhan Rabbit Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Ruby") holds 17.64% of Easy Step. If the bit of registered capital of 2 million yuan, Zhou Wei holding 16.9%, Chen Zhifa holding 11%, Yan Xuekai, Guo Gaihua, Li Yipeng, respectively, 9.1% stake.

Zhou Wei and others before the outbreak of conflict between the two sides, had proposed to Wu Xiaolong a "buy-back equity" program, that is, Wu let out control of the company, from Wuhan if the bit over Zhou Wei and other research and development team directly into a step 70 % Of the shares, Wu Xiaolong back to small shareholders. Wu Xiaolong think he continued to invest tens of millions of dollars in this project, have not seen the proceeds, the company was captured by the technical team, and therefore refused to agree to this program.

October 4, 2012, which is the key evidence of the aforementioned evidence sent on the day, Zhou Wei, who registered the world of music technology in Shenzhen Co., Ltd., the registered capital of 12.04 million yuan, of which 18.38% stake Zhou Wei, Guo Gaihua 7.59 %, Yan Xuekai, Chen Zhi Fa and Li Yipeng respectively hold 6.65%, Yang Huajun holds 5.42%, Xu Cheng holds 4.6%, Wang Jinglan holds 1.8% and Pan Guozhang holds 0.72%. NetQin was previously one of the company's venture capital shareholders. Now, the remaining three corporate shareholders of the company are Chengdu Wuyue Tianxia Yinke Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), 17.4% of the shares, Suzhou Tiutushangshao Equity Investment Center (Limited Partnership) 13.99% stake, Tianjin point Eye Venture Capital Co., Ltd. holds 10.11%.

In the equity structure of the world of music, the technology team and other individuals holding about 59% stake in venture capital and private equity accounted for only 41%.

The technical team through another hilltop, the technical team to achieve the goal of holding. However, the victory of the local battlefield is not the decisive factor. Before Wu Xiaolong failed to fight back successfully through the judicial channels, the two companies were soon eliminated by "later".

Since then the market development, not as optimistic as expected world as ideal.

Although Shenzhen, Dongguan, the electronics manufacturing industry in the field of local areas can quickly lead the world, but the imitation here has reached world-class level - any company as long as the development of a competitive intelligence innovation products, some local clone hardware And professional software companies, the fastest in a few days, through the IC pin voltage detection, you can roll out the type of chip worn out, and then quickly copied the circuit board; software companies can be quickly decompile, and the same design Function of the software module, the original software in the core module "wrapped up" or replaced.

Then, the software company specializes in selling clone software, and all the hardware manufacturers buy the software. Then, a batch of components are assembled from the market and written into the intelligent control software, which becomes a robot product or an intelligent robot product. In this model, the factory does not need any R & D costs, and really engage in research and development of enterprises, millions or tens of millions into the cost of amortization will lead to its price can not compete with the cloning of enterprises, eventually in trouble.

"China Business" reporter learned that millet Technology Co., Ltd. had previously wanted to enter the shares easy to step the company, turned around and cast a balance after another star car, by reducing some of the performance indicators, the price of 1999 yuan, in millet The brand's strong appeal, quickly took the position of the leader of the balance car.

At present, Shenzhen and Dongguan, other balance car companies, the basic transformation of the production of children's toy-type intelligent "Twisted car", some of which enterprises can export tens of millions of dollars a year of twisted car.

After a "mutiny", the country is long gone.

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