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LG ran to China to build Samsung OLED panel factory you are stupid?

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Concerned about technology leaks, the plan was stranded

As early as July 25 this year, LG's display company announced that it will build a joint-venture plant in Guangzhou that will produce OLED large-size panels mainly for television and electronic billboards.

According to "Observer Network" reported that the joint venture plant is located in the Guangzhou Development Zone, with its 2014 formally put into operation 8.5 adjacent LCD panel factory adjacent to the current has officially started. According to LG's official website, the registered capital of the joint venture factory is about 15.7 billion yuan and LG will hold 70% of the shares. The other 30% of the shares by the Guangzhou Kai Technology Development (hereinafter referred to Kay Technology) holds.

It is close to Kai Tak technology sources, the total investment of this project is about 45 billion yuan, 15.7 billion only for the first phase of registered capital.

LG and Kay technology cooperation has long originated. KaiDe Technology was established in 1998 by the Guangzhou Kay Holdings Limited full investment, and Guangzhou Kay Holdings Limited is the Guangzhou Development Zone in support of high-tech development and asset management and the establishment of state-owned enterprises. When LG invested in the 8.5-generation LCD panel factory in Guangzhou in 2012, Cat Technology was one of LG's partners and held a 20% stake. Another partner of this LCD panel project is Skyworth, holding 10%.

However, due to many complicated reasons such as policy, fear of technology leakage, China-ROK relations and so on, this cooperation has always been dragged by the South Korean government.

In October this year, according to a report by South Korea's "Central Daily News", LG Display set up a factory plan in Guangzhou and it has been halted by the Korea Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry.

The report said that in the semiconductor, OLED and other core technology areas of South Korea, the company in South Korea to build production plants outside the country need to report to the Minister of Industry and obtain permission. The Ministry of Industry believes that the LG Display company plans to set up factories in Guangzhou, the company's cooperation with local governments in Guangzhou way of doing business, it is easy to cause LG Display's technology leaked to China. Therefore, LG Display's plan to set up factories in China was halted by the Ministry of Industry of Korea.

In addition, the Korean government provides that Samsung and SK Hynix and other memory factories will apply for a waiver only under urgent special circumstances in the future. Otherwise, they will not be able to set up new factories in China.

However, LG seems to have no choice but to stop the suspension of the South Korean government. In the second half of 2017, the cooperation between the two parties has been proceeding in an orderly manner. November 30, Guangzhou landmark building "Guangzhou Tower", on-line interactive experience project - "OLED Horizons", and behind the technology provider, is LGD.

According to LGD President Lv Xiangde, "OLED Horizons" not only shows the OLED has a high degree of design freedom, but also highlights the very good OLED image quality performance. "Inauguration ceremony, LGD President Lvxiang De also said that in the Guangzhou to build OLED TV factory, Guangzhou will be the future development of a hub for OLED.

Construction plans in China ran aground, LGD is also idle, turned his attention to Southeast Asia. In early December, LGD approved an investment of 1.19 trillion won (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars) in expansion of the company's OLED panel module factory in Vietnam, according to the report of the Korean media "THE INVESTER."

LGD decided to expand Vietnam panel module factory main reason is that the South Korean government because of concerns about the OLED panel technology outflow, and delay approval of LGD's first OLED panel investment in China. In addition, LGD also express their determination to build factories offshore, not to let me build in China, I went to Vietnam, anyway, I want to go out.

According to the China Electronics News, South Korea's Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy held a committee of private experts in the display industry just after the "OLED Experience Project" of Guangzhou Tower was just completed. Meeting to review LG plans to build OLED factory in Guangzhou.

"We will report to the minister at today's meeting and reach a consensus and finally decide whether to approve the investment plan is likely to be completed within this year." The Department's head of electronics said.

For the South Korean government concerned about the "technology leaks," LGD high awareness, table loyalty, LGD, an official said:

We have learned how to protect our technology by operating LCD factories in the same area. In addition, there will be no unemployment because we intend to hire experts from South Korea to bring them to China.

This is not the last week of 2017, South Korea's relevant departments did not relish, officially approved the LGD plan to build factories in China.

LG Display's technical level how?

According to the official introduction, LG Display (Chinese: LG Display) is a global leader in display technology innovation company, under the LG Group. The company is a research and development, production, sales AH-IPS, FPR 3D, OLED, Flexible Display technology products such as multinational corporations. Currently, LGK shows factories in Nanjing, Yantai and Guangzhou in China.

In our past impression, LG has a deep knowledge of screen technology, but only limited to the LCD screen, and the core technology of the OLED screen has always been Samsung mastered.

But this is limited to small-size screens, with LG Display dominating the large-size OLED display panels used in television sets. In the global OLED large-size panel market, LG Display is the only mass production manufacturers. LGD continue to increase the popularization of OLED large-screen display technology, before the company has been working with Suning, in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other cities set up OLED technology exhibition hall.

Not long ago, South Korean company LG Display released a notice, the data show that in the second quarter of 2017, LG Display's total revenue of 5838000000 US dollars, an increase of 13% over the same period last year. Among them, the TV panel business accounted for 46% of total revenue in 2017Q2.

The old rival Samsung in the field of large-size OLED screen is a bad fortune, according to "Nanfang Daily" reported that there was news that Japan Sharp Sharp LCD panel has been supplied to Samsung Electronics suddenly cut off the supply, Samsung Electronics TV core components - - LCD panel part of the supply pipe suddenly cut off, therefore, Samsung Electronics even plans to rival LG Display "help."

It can be said that in the face of misfortune in Samsung, Nissan micro, domestic manufacturers are still in its infancy now, LGD's large-size OLED technology is to occupy a leading position.

OLED era is approaching, the competition is inevitable

According to "Science and Technology News" report, industry sources pointed out that the South Korean government is willing to let one of the reasons may be a few days ago, China panel makers BOE mass production OLED panel. According to South Korea's Ministry of Trade, the South Korean government approved the LGD's OLED panel plant in China on the condition that LGD will make more use of South Korea's materials and equipment, increase its follow-up investment in South Korea and strengthen the security inspection process.

South Korean government's concern is justified, the market research firm IHS Markit data show that BOE beyond LG to become the world's largest maker of large-size panels (not limited to OLED), BOE Vice President Zhang Yu recently said in an interview, BOE will produce large-size OLED TV screen, mainly 55 inches. At the same time, Huaxing 11th generation line is also under construction.

At the beginning of 2016, there were only 5 OLED TV manufacturers in the world. By 2017, 13 TV manufacturers in the world have joined the OLED camp. Currently only in the Chinese market, LG TVs, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, Sony, Philips and other major TV manufacturers introduced OLED TV, OLED camp is expanding at an unprecedented rate, while Alvin cloud network data Display, OLED panel is expected in 2017 global shipments will reach 1.5 million, an increase of 78%.

Menacing LGD, domestic manufacturers Houtianfa, OLED war, it is inevitable.

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