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50 yuan to get down the iPhone iPhone 6s full blood revival

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Apple stuck in the old iPhone down problem

Not long ago, foreign technology executives shared detailed test results on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 (? 4299), he studied the iPhone device performance degradation and battery aging in one step, the connection between the foreign forum caused a sensation.

According to the tests given, it shows that Apple has taken certain iOS upgrades to ensure aging battery life and stable protection mechanism. When the system detects that the battery of the device can not guarantee the stable operation of the new system, it will proactively reduce the performance of the device. Initially, the researchers thought it was because of the degradation of the processor performance caused by the degradation of the lithium battery. However, as the research progressed further, the performance of the old iPhone rose linearly after the battery was replaced. In addition, the researchers also found that the performance of mobile phones of older iPhone users would decline more rapidly each time Apple upgraded the iOS system.

The incident back to China immediately caused a huge sensation, because the Chinese market is one of Apple's major markets, many users called Apple's largest overseas market, many users have issued a document denounced the hooliganism Apple. The next Apple could not sit still, under the last resort statement that the old battery will reduce the performance of the iPhone, which usually appears in heavy use or the old equipment. In addition, Apple claims that performance and battery life are part of the user experience, and lithium-ion batteries reduce their charge when it is cold or with natural aging, causing the iPhone to shut down for hardware protection. This is the current hub-and-spoke "down-door" issue.

This is not the first time for Apple to "play". As early as last October, Apple Computer was named CCTV because of "shutting down the door." After the incident of "frequency reduction door" this year, the People's Daily also expressed its own views on Apple. It is the listed company with the largest market capitalization in the world and the brand with the most influence in the technology industry. Apple has always taken "experiencing the supremacy" as its purpose, This is also the biggest reason why Chinese consumers trust the Apple brand. However, the "gatekeeper" in the past two years in winter and now the "frequency-reduction gateway" and the former "consumer-led" apple have become more and more "shrewd" and "overbearing." In the end should be "experience first" or "business first", perhaps this is where Apple should really reflect.

Indeed, if in accordance with the current trajectory to continue, is not follow-up may also have "chip gate" "screen door" and so many problems? A listed company with the largest market capitalization in the world has actually made such a gangster's behavior. However, this has given "a good start" to many technology companies both at home and abroad.

However, since things have taken place, there is currently no official solution, and the best solution we can think of now is to replace the battery, but I probably saw Apple's official battery repair (replacement) price, the whole department iPhone needs 608 yuan! To be honest, not bad money, but at the thought of 608 yuan in exchange for a 2000mAh battery, always feel a little pit ah you.

Today, in line with the spirit of serving the people, I have found a simpler, more convenient and more affordable solution for everyone. That is, "Do It Yourself, Eat, Eat and Clothing." Do not want to tear down the phone This is hard to think of this year, Han Snow goddess can do it yourself battery, you can hardly be worse than the goddess ability?

Ten minutes to get Apple 6 replacement battery is very simple

First of all, before the tutorial is released, please be sure to believe that "it is not difficult is not difficult really difficult" "Really will not be so easy to repair the broken" "Goddess can do it yourself, what is the difference?", Concluded In fact, so three steps done, pull open the screen, unplug the battery cable and battery, install a new battery button on the lid. The light that does not practice fake style, let's take a look at the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 replacement battery in the end how simple.

About the tools Here to say to you, the current sale of the iPhone online battery, almost all have tools attached, so there is no need to worry about this, what type of mobile phone battery comes with the tool diameter are different, and almost all have a piece of paper Tutorial, even if your ability is weak, follow this article, or go online tutorial will not go wrong.

iPhone 6 generation battery replacement tutorial

Bottom two screws position

The easiest step, screw it down directly, do not be too hard, after all, is a high-end electronic products.

Use a suction cup or use a tool to pry up

It does not matter if there is no suction cup, and the skid plate that comes with the battery can also be done. Although the pry plate is simpler and more professional, as far as I know, the average maintenance worker will not use the suction cup because if the suction cup is not good enough Excessive force, the screen may be separated. The use of pry is different, a small gap can be the perfect screen removed.

Pry up the screen

Here you need to pay attention: do not force the screen pry up after the lift, because the appeal of the screen cable and so on are also connected with the fuselage.

Battery cable location

The figure is the location of the battery cable, screw down will see. Unscrew the battery with a plastic crowbar from the motherboard pry down the battery cable connector. Note that only the cable interface on the hard, do not hurt the interface socket on the motherboard. If you pry into the interface socket, you may directly damage the interface.

Screen cable

Can choose not to disassemble, but do not disassemble easy to damage the motherboard or screen improperly. Here are the five screws of different sizes, please remove the memorize the location of each, the installation process, the wrong place the screws will cause permanent damage to the iPhone motherboard. Clean the bottom of the cable and the same battery cable.

Replacement battery

Back to the point, this is a plastic battery, pull it up with your fingers or blunt tweezers, and be careful when working near the battery - piercing lithium-ion batteries can cause dangerous chemical reactions and cause a fire.

Pull up the battery

Pull out the battery gel and try to keep the strip flat during the operation. Curving the strip causes the strips to stick together and break instead of being pulled completely out. In order to avoid pulling the tape off, care must be taken not to get the tape stuck by the vibrator or under the battery. Pull out the time be sure to be stable, uniform speed. Batteries can be used out of scrap cards after the battery is fully pulled out.

New battery glue on the new battery

Remove the new iPhone 6 battery and attach the new battery glue, and the top of the battery plastic part of the empty charge on the battery, so that the new battery is even better.

Install the battery

Finally installed the battery, we must pay attention to the location of the battery cable, do not install anti-Austrian. Then fasten the cable cover screwed on the screw, restore can be.

A total of steps down, skilled should be done within 10 minutes, not familiar with the small partners should be used for 20 minutes, a good sense of success burst! Battery full of blood revival, the phone can battles a lot of time. During this period, everyone just needs to step by step do not worry, everything is good to say.

iPhone 6s battery replacement steps generally consistent with the iPhone 6, so here is not too much to say, you look at the tutorial is good. It is worth mentioning that the top of the screen after the open cable is only four, five less than the iPhone 6 cable one.

More long-winded one, before the battery replacement, be sure to turn off the phone.

7 for the simplest battery easily save 800 yuan

Compared to the previous two generations, iPhone 7 battery replacement will be more troublesome, because after opening the iPhone display will damage the waterproof sealant. This plastic cleaning is very troublesome, this sealant I suggest you carefully with a small scissors to lose, if you use professional tools you need to spend 800 yuan to buy an iOpener, completely worthless, and after the repair is complete, please exception Be careful, do not let the iPhone touch the liquid.

In addition, there are many more steps to replace the battery, such as replacing the battery to remove the barometer, etc., so please be careful, do not ignore the tutorial steps, otherwise, for a bad little thing, if broken Mobile phone that is a big deal.

iPhone 7 bottom screw position

Still familiar recipe or the original taste, the location did not change, but still have to be careful, excessive force may damage the bottom border, what is more, once pierced the battery.

Leverage the screen

Before we mentioned the problem of sealant, pry open the screen you can see the border and the screen at the junction of a jellyfish, in general, the machine used for a long time, the sealant itself will be lost due to lack of viscosity Effect, but because the iPhone 7 is a new machine, there will be no temporary loss of sealant viscosity, it is recommended that you use small scissors or sharp objects to break. In addition, do not try to remove the screen completely, as several frail cables are still attached to the iPhone motherboard.


Battery cable location

Compared to previous generations, iPhone 7 battery cable location has been upgraded, the cover screw upgrade from two to four, so we have to mark the location of the respective screws, do not go wrong after the battery is replaced.


iPhone 7 battery cable location

Use the tip of the pry plate pry up the battery cable, be careful not to straight up the pry, you need to carry, or your cell phone cable interface may be damaged, repair time may be a big trouble.


iPhone 7 top cable

The top of the iPhone 7 cable also has been upgraded, unlike the previous looks messy, only two screws to fix the dismantling is very simple, directly unscrew and put it on the line. Be careful when removing the cable.


iPhone 7 barometer position

After the above steps, the screen and the fuselage as a formal separation, the next step is to remove the battery. Before removing the battery, remove the barometer first, which may cause damage if skipped.


Taptic Engine location for iPhone 7

This is the location of the iPhone 7's Taptic Engine module. The Taptic Engine module is actually a vibration module. This is the first time Apple has used a feature on a mobile phone and needs to be removed and put away.


iPhone 7 battery plastic

After all the steps finished to the protagonist of our battery, or the first plastic battery opened, and then pulled out, it should be noted here, due to the age of the iPhone 7 is relatively new, so pull the plastic when the resistance may be a little fight, When you pull out, be sure to light a little, uniform.


Install the battery adhesive


Install the battery adhesive


Install the battery adhesive


Install the battery adhesive

I believe this step for everyone without any technical pressure, as long as the heart is careful not to go wrong. And then restore the phone, the details can refer to the disassembly tutorial above.

Today, these three teardown tutorials as pure dry goods to everyone, do not complain about Apple's "inhuman", complain to come to the people or not to give you a solution, if you want to solve, either you go to the sale, or you On the other hand, choosing a third party that is "a bit overkill" is nothing more than doing it yourself. Compared to the official and third parties, their own hands-on solution is not only affordable but also to develop hands-on ability, the most important thing is the pleasure after the change, it is the average human body will not.

Do not blindly change the battery to choose the fly method

Having said that, why not allow professional repair staff to help repair it? I summed up two points.

First, the official after-sale battery replacement price of 608 yuan, expensive, cost is not high. You think ah, want to change the battery is nothing more than iPhone 8 (? 5888) The following products need to be replaced, the price of their own phones are worth a few money, calls 600 + to change a battery, do you think fit?

Second, third-party counterfeit goods too much. Last week I wrote an article called accidental access to Apple's WeChat group for the bottom of the screen for the article, you can go to understand the little partners do not understand. In short, too few third parties to fly. I have an Apple repair friend to talk about himself, unscrupulous third-party repair shop will be less than 80% of the battery (which is the old battery) with the tool to write back the battery power 100%, the general detection tools can not detect, but With one or two months or six months, the "problem battery" will lapse, never give up, others will not control your sale.

In addition to this "problem battery", there are many shops to play "original battery" to sell, remember, in addition to the official retail stores without any "Apple original" accessories is true. These so-called "original battery" if the old machine is removed, the most terrible is that unscrupulous hawkers homemade batteries, improper use and the danger of explosion, this is not alarmist.

When you buy batteries you want to replace yourself, not just looking for a treasure on the line, be sure to choose a big factory, a quality assurance of third-party batteries. For example, not advertising Kazakhstan. Scud, PISEN two cell manufacturers are filtered after the time, have a certain quality assurance, so do not be too tangled.

Of course, fly the iPhone battery manufacturers there are many, not only the two, did not say that there is no good except the two outside. I am not a maintenance staff, so the contact is not particularly large, but these three brands is now the market maker this is for sure.

In addition to fly mobile phone battery retail stores, I believe we will be interested in reliable third-party repair shop. Currently I know, fairly reliable few stores for everyone: Kazakhstan myself maintenance, hi maintenance, Jingdong maintenance are more good third-party options. The price is not particularly expensive, but also a good word of mouth shop, sincerely recommended.

Apple cell phone battery for the past two years to optimize and focus on the proportion of small, I believe this point we can see it. But that sentence, since now things have happened, can not change their own Apple to change themselves, Apple regardless of me to control, I believe you can successfully save your love machine.


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