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Tencent investment map: 2017 Ma Huitian buy an average of 10 companies per month

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Text / Hunfool | Source: IT Orange (ID: itjuzi521)

2017 is a harvest year for Tencent. November 21, Tencent shares approaching 440 Hong Kong dollars, to 435 Hong Kong dollars, the market value of 4.132032 trillion Hong Kong dollars, or about 528.8 billion US dollars, surpassing Facebook, becoming the world's fifth largest market capitalization, second only to Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon.

For this year's Tencent, the substantial increase in market capitalization is only part of the harvest year, the other piece is the harvest of its investment in several companies, including: Public Security Online, Reading Group, Yi Xin Capital and Sogou are outside Listing, and market performance are very good. According to incomplete statistics, Tencent's harvest season surpassed 40 billion yuan.

Like our last inventory of Alibaba, holding a lot of money Tencent Colt has been in the past few years to open the "buy and buy" mode, the momentum did not lose at Ma Dad. IT Orange tracks Tencent's investment events in 2017 even more than Alibaba more than 60%.

Tencent's investment events in 2017 are listed below:


Investment Profile

In recent three years, the investment in the active period in 2017 the largest number of investments


First of all, from Tencent investment in the past five years the number of distribution point of view, showing an upward trend. The slight drop in the number of investment incidents in 2016 compared with that in 2015 is in the climax of the venture capital market in 2015 and the winter of 2012 when capital has entered a cold winter. However, the impact on the investment layout of Tencent is not significant. Into 2017, Tencent's investment activity increased significantly. Until now, IT Orange tracked Tencent's number of investment events in 2017 to more than 120, and investment activity absolutely spiked most front-line investment institutions and even ranked TOP1 or TOP2.

Best investment partner

Sequoia and the relationship between the most closely with Baidu partner 8 times


Tencent from the best investment partner point of view, both the number of co-investment, or the next round of cooperation, the Chinese capital of Sequoia is undoubtedly the closest relationship with Tencent. Interestingly, Sequoia Capital China is also Alibaba's closest investment partner. It seems that investment institutions and "AT" is also very necessary to do a good job, ah, this will not be Sequoia Capital can become "the best Chinese Unicorn Catcher" one of the secrets?

In addition to Sequoia Capital, Tencent co-investment with the most of China and the Chinese culture, Chinese Cultural Industry Fund, Baidu, and innovative workshops; and Tencent the next round of cooperation there are the most real funds, Jingwei China, IDG Capital, Vote; and most of the previous round of cooperation with Tencent Wanda Group, Takatsuki capital, DST, and Jingdong.

Interestingly, Tencent and Baidu go even further in investment than the "pro-brother" Jingdong also close. In partner with Tencent co-vote, Baidu's activity actually ranked fourth. For example: Tencent and Baidu only in 2017 co-investment companies have Wei to cars, trucks help, easy car, China Unicom and chain home network.

Whether it is co-investment or as a follower, "CVC" have become a powerful force in the capital markets. Whether it is start-up companies or professional VC agencies, and these "CVC" how to get along, is still worth pondering.

Interpretation of Round Distribution

Early investment accounted for 40% Strategic investment accounted for 17%


From Tencent's investment rounds in 2017, 40% of investment events took place in the early stages (Seed / Angel round, Round A), 28% in the development phase (rounds B and C), D Rounds and subsequent events accounted for up to 12%. In addition, Tencent's strategic investment in a large number of events, accounting for 17%.

Investment track interpretation

Culture and entertainment, business services, hardware TOP3 industry accounted for nearly 50%


Create Tencent Entertainment Empire: animation investment company in the field of ultra-10, comparable to the field of the game to make money "Drug trafficking"

Culture and entertainment As the track of Tencent's key layout, it launched a total of 34 shots in 2017. Its investment segments include animation, short video, media / self-media, and knowledge-based payment.

In the field of animation, Tencent invested in the comic content creation and related derivatives development and licensing company "lofty culture", the original domestic 3D animators "Founding dream animation", original comic producer "Cong Xiao Animation ", comic studio" Sugar man animation "animation movie and television creation service provider" Super Shen Yingye "(on behalf of the work:" Theological Seminary "), the domestic original comic company" animation hall "& rdquo; ;, Original comic IP producer "Wu Man Tin", animation company "dream painting animation" (on behalf of the work: "that year those rabbits those things"), comic content provider "Cross star" & rdquo; Wait. Tencent investment animation company to content-based producers, the main purpose is to enrich the content on the Tencent animation platform.


In the short video field, Tencent led the $ 350 million D round of financing for the short-video head of the company. In addition, Tencent has also invested in the original gourmet short video content producer "US beans love the kitchen" & rdquo ;.

In the field of media / self-media and knowledge-based payment, Tencent invested in the knowledge-based quiz platform "Knowing", focusing on mobile Internet knowledge paid business get, new media content business service platform "New List", the original film from the media "toxic tongue movie", focus on the middle of the night to collect and share emotional stories from the media platform "Storybook information", the first men's fashion and lifestyle from the media "Du Shafei", focus on sports industry media services Platform "lazy bear sports", a one-stop provider of self-media content realization and community economy solutions "Bread Lesson", "WeChat Light Education Platform" "Light Lesson", and WeChat based voice graphic Live tools and WeChat knowledge realization tools "thousands of chat" and so on.

In addition, Tencent typical examples of investment in the field of entertainment include: 1 billion yuan investment in online ticket platform "cat's eye movie", the latest valuation of cat's eye movie has more than 200 billion yuan, and Tencent has also been cat's eye and lithography era Behind the merger push hands. Tencent also invested in Reading Group early this year, which is the last round of reading before the Listing Group financing. And Tencent participated in the well-known television dramas and network production and distribution companies "Yaomei media".

Similarly, the game as Tencent's main business, this year also has a great breakthrough. In particular, Tencent's strong hand tour "King of Glory" on the line but 20 months, it has become the world's iOS handset revenue list first, daily active users reached 50 million, creating the history of the Chinese game. In the first three quarters of 2017, Tencent's online game revenue reached 73.52 billion yuan. Tencent 2017 online game revenue is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. In the field of mobile games, Tencent's product line revenue will account for more than 33% of the total market share of water. According to PacificEpoch, a research firm, the king alone earned about 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in the first three quarters of this year.


Recalling Tencent's investment in the gaming space in 2016, Tencent has been shot many times, though not as generous as last year's $ 8.6 billion acquisition of Supercell. For example: Tencent strategic stake in 143 million US dollars Jinshan Software's game development studio "Xishanju"; strategic stake in gaming companies "Palm Technology" investment of 490 million yuan transferee 2% stake in hand-travel development in San Francisco With a $ 90 million investment in PocketGems and a $ 60 million investment by Tencent in 2015, Tencent held 38% of PocketGems in total and acquired a 9% stake in UK game developer FrontierDevelopments with a transaction value of 17.7 million Pound; and invest about 4 billion yuan into "Bluehole", followed by Bluehole's hot "eat chicken" game "Playerunknown" sBattlegrounds exclusive rights in China, called Tencent this year's most crucial strategic cooperation.

Tencent in the field of cultural entertainment and games investment layout can be seen, Ma is using the rapid expansion of the Internet, step by step to create his Tencent entertainment Empire.

Enterprise services and hardware: 14 cases of corporate service investment events, hard-loving investment in hardware "Robot"

In the field of business services, Tencent has invested in the mobile Internet CRM platform focusing on retail, fast-canceling and living services. "Station Krypton Technology", based on container technology, serves as a cloud computing platform for developers and enterprises. Cloud & rdquo; event registration and booking platform & ldquo; activity line & rdquo; big data technology companies & rdquo; Star Ring Technology & rdquo; legal services platform & rdquo ;, and mobile CRM service providers & rdquo; Wait.

In the field of hardware, Tencent to invest 40 million US dollars artificial intelligence humanoid robot startup company "must be selected" to tens of millions of yuan investment in competitive robotics R & D companies, "50 million yuan in strategic investment Focusing on the research and development of humanoid robot "Le poly robot", also invested in a business focused on intelligent mobile services and robotics mobile applications and technology companies "music poly robot" and children's robotics education technology startups "Fantasy Studio & rdquo ;. It seems, Tencent layout for the robot field is still very valued. In addition, Tencent also 450 million yuan strategic investment in the LED controller products manufacturer "Thunderbird Technology" to 300 million yuan investment in the Internet smart TV brand "cool open" and retro radio manufacturers " Elvis Radio & rdquo ;.

Internet repairer: AI-enabled traditional car prices, buy & buy "r

In the field of automotive transportation, Tencent has also invested in quite a few well-known companies in the industry. For example, Tencent led the donation of 215 million U.S. dollars in round D and 600 million U.S. dollars in round E respectively. Tencent is also online automotive financial products and services platform "Yi Xin Group" listed its investment of 505 million U.S. dollars of C-round financing, also participated in the easy car's 1 billion U.S. dollars of strategic financing, as well as the country's largest vertical vehicle new class Media Group "has a car after" 200 million yuan B round of financing.


Made in the Internet, Tencent also have the layout. Tencent announced at this year's global partner conference "AIinAll" AI enabling plan, fully open the AI-based connectivity and ecological resources, and launched Tencent car joint "AIinCar" system. Then, Tencent at the same time with Guangzhou Automobile, Changan, Geely, BYD, Dongfeng Liuzhou five auto companies together to build "AlinCar" ecosystem.

In terms of investment, Tencent invested twice in this year's high-performance smart electric vehicle research and development enterprises "Wei to the car", respectively, 600 million US dollars strategic financing and 1 billion US dollars C round of financing. In addition, Tencent is also in March to spend 1.778 billion US dollars acquisition of the United States leading electric car company "Tesla" 5% stake; in October, Tencent was exposed through its Singapore subsidiary registered Copper investment Indian taxi giant "Ola" ; 400 million US dollars, the new financing is mainly used for research and development of electric vehicles; December, Tencent shares of emerging domestic new energy automotive products and travel solutions provider "Wima Motors" B + round of financing.

④ new retail and e-commerce dream: in conjunction with other e-commerce platform against Ali, heavily invested in the discovery of new super-species retail


In the new retail and e-commerce areas, Tencent is also way to compete with Ali through investment and cooperation. Not long ago, Tencent, Jingdong, Vipshop jointly announced that the three reached a definitive agreement, Tencent and Jingdong will be the only way to invest in Vipshop, a total of 863 million US dollars cash subscription for the latter's newly issued Class A shares. According to the publicly disclosed equity subscription agreement, JD.com subscribed a total amount of USD259 million and Tencent reached USD604 million. In addition, Tencent to 58 Group's second-hand trading platform, invest 200 million US dollars and gradually open up the resources of both sides to promote the development of rotation, to fight against Ali's "idle fish". Tencent also invested in the third consecutive round of fresh electricity business platform "Daily Yum" 100 million USdollars C round of financing, the daily fresh also unmanned shelves this year to facilitate the purchase business, marking the entry Tencent Department The field. Especially in December of this year, Tencent won 4% of the shares of Yonghui Supermarket with RMB4.215 billion, and the heavily-invested shares of Yonghui's fresh supermarket "Super Species" Super, experimental retail solutions Tencent.

Other classic large-scale investment case:

Tencent typical examples of investment in 2017 include: In March, led the Internet medical company "Good doctor online" 200 million US dollars of D round of financing; May, the Senate voted specifically for the driver side of the professional logistics and distribution platform "ldquo; Truck bail-out "of 156 million U.S. dollars of B2 round of financing, as well as the online K12 field Unicorn" ape counseling "120 million U.S. dollars E round of financing; in June, the leading Hong Kong stocks US stocks Internet brokerages" Fortune Securities " 1.455 billion C round of financing; in August, involved in Unicom mixed transformation, a strategic investment of 11 billion yuan, accounting for 5.21% of the shares, and in the month also strategic investment online education Unicorn "VIPKID" 200 million US dollars of the D round of financing; 9 Month, to 28.64 billion Hong Kong dollar strategic stake in Sino-foreign joint venture investment bank "in October", led by the United States delegation comment 40 billion dollars in a new round of financing.

Interpretation of the location

Tier-1 cities accounted for 66% of overseas investment accounted for 22%


According to the distribution of investment by Tencent in 2017, first-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou) account for more than 60%, while non-first-tier cities make up only 12%. In addition, Tencent investment in overseas layout is also very active, accounting for up to 22%.

Tencent investment in overseas layout is also a strategic focus of 2017, so let's take a specific look.

Tencent in 2017 overseas investment event number is 28, of which 13 in the United States, India 4, Britain 3, Indonesia 2 and so on.

In addition to the aforementioned mentioned Tencent investment in overseas game companies and Tesla and Indian taxi giant "Ola" and other companies, Tencent typical examples of overseas investment are: Tencent spending huge sums of money "Reading after burning" video Social AppSnapChat parent more than 12% stake in Snap, became "non-voting" shareholders, the shares to the day market value of 169 billion Hong Kong dollars; Tencent participation in India's largest electricity supplier Flipkart a record 1.4 billion US dollars Financing; Tencent led the Indonesian market Uber and Grab's competitor & mdash; Go-Jek (Indonesian taxi giant), a new round of financing was 1.2 billion US dollars; Tencent led the Canada online story reading and writing sharing platform & ldquo; Wattpad "D round of financing 40 million US dollars; Tencent and Amazon AlexaFund Fund and other joint investment" Andy's father "Andy Rubin (AndyRubin) founded the Essential mobile phone company 300 million US dollars financing; Tencent participation in artificial intelligence ( AI) Incubator Incubator ElementAI's $ 102 million Series A round of financing.

Tencent in 2017 by continuing to "buy and buy" mode of investment in the global 120 companies, to become a full "local tyrant". Through open and connected, Ma's Tencent empire is also expanding its territory, extending to all walks of life. In particular, WeChat, as a super App, is forming an ecosystem based on WeChat and has a huge imagination space in the future. Of course, with the continuous expansion of the border, the contradictions and frictions between the two major factions of the Internet arena are also increasing, and the two factions Doorman & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; & rdquo; & quot; horse & dad & rdquo; And how the showdown.

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