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Apple cheap for the official VS folk: iPhone 6 / 6S do not suffer

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According to our measurement, change the battery before and after the difference is indeed great

Through the test, Apple iOS 10.2.1 for the iPhone 6 / 6S series models coupled with "If the battery is down to CPU frequency down" rumors can be considered a real hammer.

Subsequently, Apple also released a statement acknowledging this fact, but also said that this feature will appear in the follow-up iPhone models. The incident brought a number of collective litigation for Apple, many media also issued a disclaimer apples, unable to withstand the pressure of Apple finally issued a new statement today, hope that by temporarily reducing battery maintenance prices to quell the anger of users and the media .

Battery repair costs, the problem really solved?

In the latest statement, Apple will change the warranty period the battery price dropped 390 yuan, down from 608 yuan to 218 yuan. The move for the use of iPhone 6 and subsequent models need to replace the battery users in the world from the end of January 2018 until December.

And, in the beginning of 2018, Apple will release an iOS software update that will give users a clearer picture of the health of the iPhone's battery, allowing users to see if their condition has compromised performance.

Although the cost of replacing the battery next year has declined, but after next year, I am afraid that the situation is still not improved, the battery aging iPhone will still change the card, and maintenance costs, such as price cuts before pit father.

Apple choose to discard the performance to ensure product life, the United States said its name to improve the user experience, but the iPhone did not smooth operation of the new system can not run smoothly, the user is still facing the need to replace or replace the battery these two difficult choices.

In addition, iPhone 7 and subsequent models have increased IP67 waterproof function, the user if you disassemble to replace the battery, the great possibility of deterioration of the watertightness of the machine, thereby affecting the waterproof performance of the iPhone. If you want to retain the convenience of waterproof, after all, only the official maintenance of a road can go.

Therefore, the cost of battery maintenance seems conscientious, but in fact it is only Apple's self-defense move, this is only a short-term activities only, saying that the current crisis of PR at this time is not an exaggeration. The phone card or card, change the machine or change the battery, 2018 still have to face.

Battery repair price period, official repair or DIY?

In fact, for the iPhone 6 / 6S series models, some batches of battery problems are officially recognized by Apple, but in fact many affected users can only eat bitter fruit pocket replacement battery, which is obviously very unreasonable, but the total days To be, the official replacement of the battery or buy their own for better?

iPhone 6 / 6S, iPhone SE

For this part of the model, the two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. This time we replace the iPhone 6 domestic battery priced at 100 yuan, and Apple's 216 yuan replacement costs to compare the difference from the original absolute advantage has become only a few dozen advantages. However, because the election of the domestic battery is a large-capacity version, compared to the original battery capacity has an advantage.

Official replacement battery is like peace of mind, eliminating the fear of failure for their own battery, recommended white users and mobile phones are still under warranty users.

Buy your own battery on Taobao, you can buy a higher capacity third-party battery for better performance. If you do not have confidence in your ability to do something and you do not want to waste money, you can change it through third-party merchants. The price is also quite affordable.

Of course, either yourself or to third-party businesses, have to take the time to identify the battery and the business is good or bad, the time cost will be higher, the risk there, be self-financing.

iPhone 7 and follow-up models

For this part of the model, if the warranty period, the official channel is the best choice, the reason is also said earlier, iPhone 7 and later models have waterproof, disassemble their own does not necessarily ensure that the waterproof performance will be like repair So normal before, so the official channels will be better.

If you are not in the warranty period, the most important thing is the official replacement battery, unless the water features do not mind, it touches you can buy a higher capacity battery to change, in order to obtain better performance. (To the trust of third-party businesses is also possible)

Currently, the main affected iPhone 6 / 6S models, follow-up models at this point in time, the normal use of battery health should be good. However, handheld iPhone 7 and follow-up models of users if the machine is not released after next year's new plan, it can seize the official battery maintenance discount period, by 2019 for the phone to change a battery, then you can fight 2 Years.

To sum up, their own for a third-party battery compared to Apple's current activities, the price is still some advantages, but also for mobile phones to replace the larger capacity battery.

Insufficient to disassemble their own risk; when buying a battery to have the ability to identify; the other with a waterproof cell phone itself may lose the waterproof function.

Truth laboratory suggest that we first determine whether your cell phone battery has been a problem, to avoid joining the fun. During the event if the model of the mobile phone third-party battery replacement cost with the original battery only a few dozen differences, decisive choice of original service; otherwise, according to the above advantages and disadvantages of their own ability to combine consideration to choose.


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